How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Company

Moving a car from one place to another because of relocation or any other personal or professional reasons is no easy task. Car owners look for a reliable auto shipping company like movecar order to experience a car shipping process that is free of hassles and comes with an affordable shipping quote.. However, they often fail to do so. The reason is quite simple, they don’t know the tips and tricks to search for a reliable and affordable auto shipping vendor. We have gathered some valuable tips to help you find a reliable auto transport company. These tips are given below:

Look for References:

The very first thing you need to do is look for references. We know it is a tricky task; however, if you want to ship your car safely then it is the need of the hour to find references. There will be a number of people in your social circle who have shipped their cars from one place to another one or more times. You need to contact them and ask them about their experience with the car shipping company they selected for the task of shipping their car. Try to know their general views about the company and ask them about various aspects like services, safety, and punctuality of the company who shipped their car. You will be able to know a lot about the services of the company your acquaintances have used in the past, and this information will definitely help you find the right option for the shipping of your car. Just make sure that you ask at least 5 people about their car shipping experience.

Browse the Web:

There is no need to rely on references only, you have a lot of sources these days to find the perfect car shipping company for safe and timely shipping of your valuable car. The most powerful source for you to find a reliable car shipping company is the web. Use the power of the web and search for the auto shipping companies offering their services in your area. The web will enable you to get knowledge of a majority of if not all the auto shipping companies offering services in your area. This will definitely help you find the right company for the shipping process of your valuable car without much effort.

Look for Reviews:

Another thing that you need to do in order to find a reliable auto shipping vendor is looking for reviews on different platforms. Many companies allow their customers to post reviews on Google. All you have to do is to find the company on Google and look for the reviews posted by its clients. There you will see honest opinions of customers who have actually experienced the services of a particular company. Additionally, this will help you get knowledge about the positive and negative aspects of the services of a company and the overall services of that company. Going through the reviews will definitely help you decide which company is a perfect fit for your needs.

Shipping Methods Offered By a Company:

Another thing that you need to look for is the number of car shipping types offered by a particular car shipping company. Generally, the leading auto shipping companies like Move Car Auto Transport offer 4 types of shipping methods to satisfy the needs of their customers. These four shipping methods include open car shipping, enclosed car shipping company, door to door auto transport, and expedited or express vehicle shipping method. We will describe all these methods shortly here to help you have an idea about all these auto shipping methods. Open car shipping method is about shipping cars using open auto shipping carriers, this method may help you ship your car earlier, but if you want a safer shipping process for your luxury, classic, or exotic cars then you need to look towards other shipping methods. Enclosed auto transport is the method for you if you want a safer shipping process for your valuable car, this will keep your car safe from damages, harsh weather, and other elements as well. Just keep in mind this may take a bit longer as compared to the open car shipping method. The door to door auto transport method is all about comfort. If you want to ship your car without spending a lot of time and effort, then this is definitely for you. In this method, the trucker will arrive at your doorstep or the nearest safe place like a parking plaza to pick up and drop off your car. Finally, the expedited car shipping method which is about shipping your car as quickly as possible, even if the driver has to alter the schedule and route, he will prioritize the delivery of your vehicle and make sure your car is delivered first, and then all other vehicles loaded on the truck will reach their destination.

Most Feasible Shipping Price Quote:

The most important factor that you need to look for is the shipping charges for your car. Make sure that you get the best and realistic deal from auto shipping vendors while considering all other important factors. You should provide each and every detail when an auto shipping company asks about your car. If you provide exact details about your vehicle you will get the most realistic auto shipping price quote from companies. Once you get the price quote from a particular company, make sure that you compare it with at least a couple of other auto shipping companies in order to check if the company is offering you a realistic price and not exploiting you in any way. There are various ways of getting the auto shipping price quotes from vendors, you can either visit their office, call their customer support, or visit their website to use their auto shipping fare estimator or calculator tool present on their website like that of Once you get the quote from all companies you are considering, make sure to compare the quotes in-depth with each other and go for the most realistic one.

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