What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Ship A Car Across The Country?

If this is your first time shipping your vehicle through an auto transport service, you must be curious to know how the shipping industry works. Several factors are considered to decide the cost structure, shipping process, and other factors for a particular shipment. Based on different shipping variables, the cost and delivery time-frame of transportation are determined during seasonal fluctuations.

What do we mean by seasonal fluctuations?


Seasonal fluctuations are the factors that determine the customer demands in a particular industry. Similar to other industries, the shipping industry also faces seasonal fluctuations all year round. These fluctuations can majorly affect the different aspects of your shipping services. Hence, it is vital to always stay updated with the latest shifts in the industry to save a significant amount of money and get the most out of your services.

In this article, we will walk you through everything that will expand your knowledge and understanding of the shipping industry. Additionally, we will also help you determine the best of the year to transport your vehicle across the country in the most cost-effective way.

So, without wasting any time further, let us dive straight into the article.

1. Winter season


Winter months are one of the most busiest times of the year. To celebrate festivals and new year’s eve, many people travel along with their loved ones across the country. From the year-end ( late December) to mid-January, it can be challenging to find shipping services at affordable rates. Most shipping staff take leaves during this period and the companies that agree to transport your car will charge double or more than the actual rates. Hence if you are looking to save some money during the process, you should avoid traveling during this period.

But, is February any better?

Comparatively, prices tend to fall dramatically during February. Most car shipping companies offer shipping services at affordable and reasonable rates this month. To be on the safer side, opt for open auto transport over other options to save a significant amount of money. Enclosed auto transport, door-to-door shipping, and more are some of the costliest shipping options offered by shipping companies across the nation.

2. Spring season


As the temperature begins to stabilize, the shipping industry gets back on track. Spring and summer seasons are considered the most pleasant times of the year to ship a car across the country. Shipping staff doesn’t face many difficulties in driving the shipping trucks for hours across the various locations. Sometimes, they also tend to make faster deliveries compared to other seasons. During the spring season, the industry witnesses fewer customer demands. It is the best time of the year to ship your vehicles at discounted rates.

However, in some places in the North, the demand for the shipping industry is quite high during this season. As it is extremely risky to move vehicles during winter seasons, several companies transporting vehicles from or to the North tend to charge higher amounts. Hence, location and distance play an important role in determining the cost of shipping services in the USA.’

3. Summer season


During the summer season, many people relocate to different places across the country. It is also the time of the year when car purchases are increased and eventually resulting in increased shipping demands. Hence, if you are planning to move out or travel along with your vehicle in this period, you should book your services in advance to enjoy services at discounted rates. Most shipping companies offer services at less prices for customers who opt for advance booking.

Advance booking can help you confirm your shipment in advance and avoid booking-related issues during peak customer demand. Having said that, beware of fraudulent and misleading shipping companies that offer services at unrealistic and extremely low rates to take advantage of their customers. Always use an instant online quote calculator to check the ongoing shipping rates in your area or for different shipping services. You can visit reliable and genuine shipping companies’ websites to instantly get accurate shipping estimates on your internet devices.

4. Fall


Undoubtedly, fall is one of the best times to ship your car across the country. During the fall season, temperatures are moderate and there are comparatively fewer vehicles to be transported by the shipping companies. Almost all schools and universities are resumed by this time and you can see a drastic fall in the shipping rates in the fall season. To be specific, you enjoy high-end shipping services at affordable prices without compromising your needs or requirements throughout the shipping process.

Additionally, to encourage customers to ship their vehicles, shipping companies offer attractive discounts for customers shipping more than one vehicle at a time. It is advisable to ship your vehicle before the festive season starts to enjoy the best shipping experience.

For international or interstate shipping services, you should consider investing in shipping insurance to avoid paying extra money in case of unwanted or uncertain road incidents. Shipping insurance can help you secure your money and interest throughout the transit.

Shipping a car across the country is not as expensive as one might think. Using a professional mover will save you money in the long run, especially instead of driving your vehicle cross-country yourself. Shipping a car across the country can be done relatively quickly and inexpensively. With a car shipping company, you have the convenience of a professional driving your vehicle instead of having to drive it yourself. Plus, you will almost still end up saving money by choosing auto transport over driving yourself.

Consumers who are informed about the costs of shipping across the country can develop a stronger understanding of their purchasing decisions, which can save them money in the long run.

In general, the off-season is the optimum time to send a car because demand is lower and costs are often lower. However, it’s crucial to be adaptable and work with your shipping provider to find the best solution for your needs if you need your automobile delivered quickly or if weather conditions are an issue.

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