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3 Best Chevy SUVs for Large Families to buy in 2024

Getting a new vehicle is always an exciting moment, however that has to be done carefully. Since you are not doing this purchase often, you need to inform yourself about the features that different Chevys offer. Compare these features to your needs, and you should come up with a match.

Vehicles for large families have one basic requirement, and that is to have enough seats for everyone. Many Chevy models have this option, along with many others that make the drive safer and more comfortable.

To make your vehicle selection process easier, we have created this article. We will list a couple of vehicles that you can choose from, depending on your needs, and aesthetic desires. But before that, we are going to see a few things that you should consider before you go out looking for the perfect SUV.

Consider the number of family members

Since we are talking about large families, you will need to know the exact number of seats that you will be needed. For example, if you and your wife have three kids at the moment, and you don’t plan on having any more in the future, a regular five-seat SUV should be sufficient. However, if you are having more children, or you plan on having more in the future, you should opt-out for the options that have seven or even nine seats.

On one hand, you have to think about the future so you can get a better vehicle at the moment since we are not getting one often. But, on the other hand, we can always replace our current SUV with another if we require a more spacious one.

Certain mandatory features

Every SUV has different features, but most of the vehicles are sharing the same options depending on the package. If you want to be able to use some features, you should never settle for less. Especially if they contribute to the comfortability or the safety during the drives.

How much can you spend

The biggest consideration should be the amount you can spend. The vehicles are a necessity, but you should be doing this with a well-calculated budget that will not hurt you financially.

You should be doing this calculation based on how much do you have left after separating finances for your necessary needs, like bills and food. The amount that gets left should be dived into a fond for emergencies and the parts that get left is for your monthly rate for your new SUV.

This does not mean that you need to get a brand-new vehicle. You should check all your options, and maybe you can find a used SUV that will suit you nicely. This will help you to save a lot since vehicles that have been made four or five years ago are not that old and they still have nice features you can use.

In case you can afford to get a completely new SUV, you are getting the best option possible. Since you will not have to worry about mechanical problems for a while, you will reduce your stresses and you will feel better behind the wheel. In addition, the newer models are usually polluting less, so if you are being conscious about that, your decision should be easy.

Look for a great dealership

The most important thing when looking for your next vehicle is getting it from the right place. Although you may find certain cheaper options from people who put their car in an advertisement, we still suggest you visit a local dealership.

Many of these dealerships offer guarantees that their vehicles are in proper shape and form. In addition, you need a dealership that can service your car regularly, so you don’t have to worry about finding other mechanics.

For the best results, consider visiting a brand-specific dealership similar to In this case, you’re looking for a Chevy, so look for a Chevy dealership.

Since we have seen some things that you have to consider before you go out and search for your next vehicle, it is time for the recommended Chevy SUVs that should be a nice fit for you and your large family.


One of the models that are meant for families that have up to three children so they can fit inside the Blazer. This five-seat option is modern and attracts everyone’s attention. With enough space in the cargo area, you will never have a problem fitting enough items, even in periods when you are going on vacation. This is a powerful model that starts with just a slim of two hundred HP up to an option with three hundred HP.

Like all other premium options, you have knowledge that you can use to select the right mode. It has a ton of power that can help you in towing activities as well. Safety is being a priority with many sensors and cameras that help you to predict and control the situation better. All the modern connections are being possible, so the Blazer should be an option that you should consider.


This is one of the larger options that Chevy has to offer. The nine seats should be sufficient for larger families even for long distances. There are many options that you can choose from to make your Tahoe fit your needs right. Depending on how powerful you want it, it can go to above four hundred horsepower, and that should contribute to the fun that driving this machine offers.

Many features make this model a highly safe choice, starting from noticing pedestrians, to many cameras that can help your maneuver in tight places.


The option has become a part of the future of automobiles. It runs on electricity, and it is one of the most affordable transportation choices that you can get.

This option is only suitable for you if you can fit everyone in the five seats that come with this SUV. Even if you put adults in the back, they should not have problems with fitting their knees. The power that this SUV has should be sufficient for every activity you plan on doing besides the regular drive. Many options come with this vehicle, such as easy connectivity with your mobile, ventilation on the seats, and many more.

Since these are just a few of the large Chevy collections, make sure that you visit the best dealership that you can find, and look at the other models as well. Although we have shown just an example of their models by option and size, that we of course think are the best, you should look at the others and get the model you truly like.

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