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Can You Put a Universal Muffler on Your Car? 6 Things to know

A car is something that should be a top priority for each of us. Why? Because it is the primary means of transportation that each of us uses daily. For greater safety and security, it is necessary to take care regularly, even for major repairs. Do you perhaps need to change an internal part or some of the external parts such as the muffler?

When it comes to the exhaust, many people wonder if they should put a universal muffler on their car. If you are also wondering if this is even doable, don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve listed six important things to know so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right project for you.

If you also need a new muffler for your car, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is the scale of the project – is it something that you can take on relatively easily or does it still require a little more time, effort, and investment? Does the muffler need to be replaced completely or just retrofitted? This is something you should ask yourself, but also see a mechanic about. The second question is prioritization – which components will need attention first? Finally, there are some general safety points that you should be aware of when dealing with car mufflers. So read on for all the information that you need before making your decision, and we bring you more information below.

1. In order for a universal muffler to work, your car must have an exhaust pipe that is larger in diameter than the muffler


Most of the time, service providers, especially those who are official service providers for a certain brand of car, say that it is best to install a muffler that is ideal for the car, and that is the one manufactured for that model. But you can still replace it with a universal one. Why? Because all you need to check is if the car has an exhaust pipe that is the same size as the muffler. It is the main thing that you check together with the mechanic and then if they match, you make a replacement with a universal element that the mechanic can install on your vehicle.

2. Calibrations are required to ensure the proper fitment of the muffler and ensure noise levels meet or exceed regulatory levels

There are certain regulations for the noise made by vehicle mufflers and that noise must not be exceeded. In that regard, it is necessary to find a replacement for your muffler that will be the most suitable, that is, it will comply with the levels, and in addition, it will release the exhaust gases correctly. For this again you need a professional auto mechanic who is familiar with all these important things and can help you make properly replacement of an existing muffler with a new universal one that will fit your car and fit correctly without making too much noise.

3. Universal mufflers require a professional installation and should not be replaced by anyone but a professional

When replacing any part of your car, even the smallest and simplest ones require the help and support of a professional. It is the same for the replacement of the muffler when it comes to the universal ones or those that are specially produced for a certain type of vehicle. Therefore, when you find and buy the universal muffler, try to find a professional who would like and know how to professionally complete this task and make a proper replacement for the muffler. Leave the task exclusively to an experienced mechanic who would know what needs to be done without doing any damage.

4. Many universal mufflers come with a one-year warranty and some offer lifetime warranties

When looking for a new replacement part, that is, when looking for a new universal muffler, you need to know that each one is different. How is it different? Each one differs in that it comes with a different warranty. Some of them come with a short-term warranty that lasts from one to a maximum of two years, and this is a period during which most of the time nothing happens to the muffler. But some manufacturers give a guarantee that lasts for several years (from 5 to 7) or a lifetime guarantee that nothing will happen in the future and you will not need a replacement in the next period.

5. Universal mufflers can make your car sound louder, reduce fuel efficiency, and decrease brake performance

Sometimes there is a chance that the muffler, which is universal for every vehicle, i.e. for all car models, makes a certain change in the driving of the car. The most common change witnessed by the majority of people is a change in the sound of the vehicle while driving, i.e. after replacing the muffler the vehicle is much louder than before, but on the other hand, there is also a change in fuel consumption and consumption efficiency, and also changes are also observed during braking. This is an important thing to know before doing the replacement because maybe some of these changes could be so pronounced on you that you will have to replace the muffler again.

6. Always consult a professional to determine whether or not a universal muffler is appropriate for your vehicle and take all necessary safety precautions before attempting installation yourself

The most important thing is to work and cooperate with professionals! First of all, we think of the cooperation with the professional car mechanic. However, not everyone can give you the help you need in terms of a muffler replacement. It is important that the part fits your car, is safe to fit, is safe to use, and then fit. Do not install a universal muffler at all costs!



Each part of the vehicle must be in accordance with the vehicle model and be safe to install and use. This also applies to the muffler which, although it is universal, may be compatible, but it may not be compatible. So be careful and make the right choice.

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