5 Engine Mods That Will Transform Your Toyota HiAce into a Beast

The Toyota HiAce series is a legendary model that stands the test of time. Starting in 1967 the HiAce has continued to improve in several key areas. To get the most out of this model, here are some ways to improve the engine.

Make The Diesel Efficient


A diesel powered by Enduroco is an effective beast on its own. To further improve its stature, consider making the diesel engine a bit more efficient. Parts of the engine are meant to be upgraded to improve mileage on long travels. A cold air intake system is the top mod for Toyota diesel engines, and is considered a must have install if you’re on the road a lot. With humidity and heat doubling in some areas of the world, this is the main upgrade that will keep your van out of the shop.

As a result of this modification, you can expect up to 30 percent better fuel economy. Even when paired against hybrids, a modified diesel engine manages to inch by with performance. As the technology improves, you can expect a modified enduroco diesel engine to perform at high levels on long trips.

A professional diesel modification won’t void the warranty of your vehicle. But if the work is not up to professional standards, then you may have to absorb the financial burden of any engine malfunctions. This only applies to major diesel modifications that don’t take current standards into consideration. If you’re doing the work yourself, take pictures and lock away your receipts.


Sometimes the best modifications to a Toyota HiAce engine comes from general maintenance. Wear and tear on any vehicle will degrade performance. With a normal checkup, the fuel injection delivery system will be optimized for high usage. Models of the HiAce that are over 20 years old maintain smooth acceleration and fuel efficiency thanks to regular maintenance. Before you add any other modification, consider a regular check-up the bare minimum.

This all comes into play when you’re trying to avoid major repair costs. A better way of putting it is that your lack of maintenance will cost you time, money and possibly a vehicle. There are horror stories where an unkept engine led to a complete breakdown. Although the Toyota HiAce is the last thing to need major repairs, you still should treat it with care. No matter what engine mod you settle on, maintenance will always be the foundation that matters the most.

Improve The Exhaust System

A lot of people don’t usually associate the exhaust system with an engine mod. But these are two kindred spirits that depend on one another for day-to-day smooth operation. A good exhaust system improves fuel efficiency and helps the engine to produce more power. You’ll use less fuel, and accelerating will no longer top out the power of the engine. In short, a good exhaust system is a light modification that prolongs the life of your engine.

The riders in your vehicle will also thank you for not blowing out their eardrums. A bad exhaust system can be as loud as a bad muffler. These parts tend to be the noisiest when they fall below average wear. Pay close attention to the exhaust system when purchasing a used Toyota HiAce. It will tell you a much better story than the gas mileage or exterior of the vehicle. Past owners usually do a good job of caring for the engine and its mods, but the exhaust system can be the forgotten piece on many models.

Change The Modules

Changing the modules is necessary if you want to improve torque capacity. There are multiple benefits to changing the modules, and you don’t have to reprogram the circuits on each change. Beyond torque capacity improvements, you can also expect a significant increase to the HiAce’s horsepower. Switching out modules can be done gradually so that you notice the improvements with each addition. This is not considered an extreme mod, and is fairly common for several models of the Toyota HiAce.

You can go as far back as 1990 to see the major improvements gained from changing out the engine control modules. An ECM change was one of the original upgrades that owners used to improve the engine of their vehicle. The year of 2015 is when this practice hit its peak and offered the most return on value. The technology evolved enough to become safe for normal consumers to do this upgrade themselves. Changing out the ECM on a Toyota HiAce engine is a great way to start out with mods. It’s one of the simplest upgrades you can perform without fear of damaging the entire system.

Upgrade The Diesel Fuel Injectors

Higher power and lower fuel consumption are possible with this upgrade. Diesel fuel injectors are already optimized on the original purchase, so consider this mod a way to put it back to its prime factory condition. If you have a lot of miles on your van, an upgraded diesel fuel injector can breathe new life into your vehicle. On the extreme, this is a modification that can add up to 150bhp of raw power.

Consumers that are thinking about engine mods will eventually decide to upgrade the diesel fuel injectors. This is considered one of the necessary engine mods if you transport a lot of people on a daily basis. Starting with this mod isn’t the most practical, but it makes sense when you combine it with other engine mods.

Using a 4WD system, the HiAce with upgraded fuel injectors will see great long-term gains. Financially, you will get better gas mileage. But just like any other mod that touches a diesel engine, it becomes an issue of professionalism. Consumers that aren’t proficient with mods should let a mechanic handle the upgrade. A badly done diesel fuel injector mod will decrease the engine power of any vehicle.

Keep The Legend Alive

One of the best parts of a Toyota van is its engine. By keeping up with its health, you prolong the life of the entire vehicle. Consumers can always vouch for the longevity of the HiAce by making sure the engine is in the best shape possible.

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