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Check out these amazing works of art made from auto parts

1. Car Henge

This stunning recreation of the famous monument in England is made out of 38 cars. The Carhenge was built in 1987 by an artist Jim Reinders and his family, and it is a memorial to his father who owned a farm at this place. Amazingly, this is a full-scale reproduction and is also replicates the astronomical alignments that the real Stonehenge has. It is located in Alliance, Nebraska, USA.

2. Auto Parts Animals and Faces

These pieces are just awesome, and it can be seen that people of great talent and vision made them.

These two cow models are works of Miina Akkijyrkka, an artist from Finland. They are truly special.

Swetsville Zoo in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, is a place of some of the best car part figurer and monuments. These two faces resemble totem poles. They are the work of Bill Swets.

The Volkswagen Beetle spider loos amazing, and a bit terrifying as well. Bill Swets is responsible for this one as well.

Here we have another Beetle by VW, this one turned into a dinosaur. This is a Mutoid Waste Co’ sculpture, located at the Beautiful Days festival in Devon, United Kingdom.

Here is something different, a robotic steampunk inspired cheetah in motion, made of recycled plumbing and auto parts. It is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and it is a design of Andrew Chase.

The last animal here is this beautiful sheep, made from spark plugs. It is an art piece by a car part sculptor Kames Corbet.

3. Other Amazing Car Parts Art

Remember the woman responsible for the cow sculptures? Here is her amazing self-portrait.

Way of Roses is a pattern on a vintage car door, made by a Lithuanian textile artist, curator, and teacher, Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene. It is a cross stitch embroidering.

Filigree Car Bombing is a form of plasma cut on steel car parts. It was made in 2007 by artist Cal Lane.

Made out of 5 VW beetles and a few bicycles, this art piece was assembled by Betsabee Romero in 2009.


Ayate Car is an old vehicle that lies on the border. It was also designed by Betsabee Romero.

The Line Up is dedicated to the Sarasota Police Department, and it is an art piece made form car parts by John Chamberlain, who made it in 1982.

In Berlin, you can come across this marvelous tower of car parts. It was made in 1995 by John Chamberlain, and it is called Der Turm von Klythie.

Remnant Gardens is another work of his, made in 1986.

Hedgegrow is made from bumpers, mufflers, tailpipes, springs, head and tail lights, and rotors. The artist is Lucy Slivinski.

Natural Rhythm was commissioned by the City of Saint Cloud, Minnesota, for their public library. It is made from steel tailpipes, and glass traffic lens. Lucy Slivinski signs it.

Home on the Range is a marvelous bull sculpture by artist Lou Wille, purchased by the City of Grand Junction, Colorado.
The Cadillac Ranch is located at Amarillo, Texas, USA, and it is a cool art piece with cars sticking out of the ground.

The Burial Mound made of cars is the work of an unknown artist.

ARMAN, the Long Term Parking, is a monument of 60 cars set in concrete. It is 19.5 meters tall, and it is located at Parc de sculpture Le Montcel, Jouy-en-Josas, France.


This horse is located on private property in Durant, Oklahoma, and the artist is now known.

This cool drummer made form car parts is at the Ralph’s Auto Parts Route 54.

Rose on Yellow is a rose made from cut pieces of car bodies. It was made by artist Michael Kalish.

The Chevy Truck Hatch Table looks very well made and would fit nicely in any bar. This is a design by Joel Hester.

This salvaged antique yellow pine bench is the original rear seat from the 1969 Ford Mustang, made by Jesse Hooker.

Walking Miss Daisy and her dog are made from many car parts, by James Corbett. It is located in Queensland, Australia.

Tu y Yo, the antique armchairs, was designed by Betsabee Romero.

Pendiente-de-un-Hilo is an amazing piece of vintage art, made from a hub cap. Betsabee Romero signs this work as well.

Another piece by Romero, this bus has been covered in live plants, and it is called Greening the Environment.

This greenhouse is covered with old broken windshields of old cars. It is a project of Sebastien Ramirez, located in Nancy, France.

The Earth Mother is in Bondi, Australia, and it is made from car body frames.

The last three pieces of art are abstract mirrors created by artist Graham Caldwell. The Compound Eye was made in 2008, from car mirrors, steel, and hardware. Round Out came in 2010, and it has silvered glass, lacquer, and epoxy. Lastly, the Glimpse Mechanism is another 2010 work, made with hardware, epoxy, steel, and glass.

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