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5 Ways To Drive A Car Without Owning One

If you’re a car enthusiast, you probably also love driving cars. Sometimes, you may not have a car but still want to get around. Or, you’re a city dweller who doesn’t need a car but would like to take advantage of the many benefits of owning one. If this sounds like you, there are ways to drive without owning a vehicle.

Here are five ways to drive a car without owning one.

1. Month-To-Month Car Rentals

Month-to-month car rentals are an excellent option for those who don’t need a car permanently. Depending on your needs, you can rent cars for a month or two, as Drive Fuze includes in its monthly package. With this type of rental, you can choose from different models of cars, such as luxury cars, economy vehicles, or SUVs.

This is especially helpful if you move frequently or work in an industry where vehicle types change often. The monthly package for these cars on Drive Fuze ranges between USD$549 to USD$953, depending on your choice of car.

2. Hour-To-Hour Car Rentals

The hour-to-hour rental is another type that allows you to choose from different kinds of cars. You can rent vehicles by the hour or day and return them when you’re through using them. This type of car rental is ideal for those who need a vehicle only for short trips or don’t have time to commit to a long-term agreement with a company.

You can use this service for running errands or going on vacation. You can rent cars by the hour or day from the company, with average prices ranging between USD$9 and USD$121 per hour depending on the car choice and hours of the day you plan to use the car.

3. Peer-To-Peer Car Rentals


Peer-to-peer car rental is a type of vehicle sharing that allows people to rent out their vehicles to other individuals. This is usually done through an online platform, which works similarly to how Airbnb works with hosts renting out rooms in their houses. There are several peer-to-peer car rental companies that offer these services. They allow you to rent a vehicle from a private owner who has decided to use their car for extra income.

The pricing system is based on the choices of individual car owners. Some charge as little as USD$10 per day to as much as hundreds of dollars per day.

4. Point-To-Point Car Rentals

Point-to-point car rentals are another option for travelers who need a car. These services typically provide vehicles in major metropolitan areas and allow you to pick up and drop off the cars at any location within those cities.

Most of these point-to-point car rental services are usually found in airports, train stations, or major metropolitan areas across different countries. As a car owner, you can become a member by paying the sign-up fee for as low as USD$5. As a renter, you can acquire this service for USD$15 per hour or USD$59 per day.

5. Borrow From A Friend Or Family

There are many ways to drive a car without owning one yourself. One of the best ways is to borrow one from a friend or family member. If you have someone who owns a car, you could ask them if they’d let you use theirs for a while.

This is an excellent option if it’s just for a short period or you need only occasional transportation. If you’re going to be using the car for an extended period, it’s best to ask if you can borrow it for a week or two. This way, when the owner needs it back, they won’t have to wait too long.

Benefits Of Driving A Car Without Owning One

Aside from being able to get around town, some other benefits come with driving a car without owning one. Here are a few of them.

6. You Won’t Have To Pay For Maintenance Or Repairs

Driving someone else’s car can be a great way to save money on repairs. You don’t have to worry about paying for the parts needed to fix it or for labor costs. As long as you can get around town without any damages resulting from you, this is one less expense that will come out of your pocket.

In addition, maintenance costs are eliminated if you’re driving someone else’s car. This saves you from the hassle of keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance needs. You won’t have any cause to set money aside each month to pay for things like oil changes, new tires, and other services vital to keeping your vehicle in good working order.

7. You Save Money On Car Insurance

When you own a car, you have to pay for insurance. This can be expensive, especially if you have an older model that depreciates quickly or has some features that add to its value. But when you drive someone else’s car, you can be driving without paying for car insurance because the owner’s insurance company is responsible for all the costs associated with it.

8. You Can Avoid Parking Space Fee

You have to pay for parking space at home and at work if you own a car. This can be expensive, especially if you live in an urban area where space is limited and parking meters charge premium rates during peak hours. But when you drive someone else’s car, you don’t have to worry about paying for long-term parking, especially if you’re only using it for a day or two. Even more so, you don’t have to pay for parking fee if the car is moved away by the company it’s rented from as soon as you arrive at your destination.



A car can be a great asset, though not everyone can afford to get one or deal with the costs of owning a car. If you don’t own a car but want to be cruising with one, you should consider renting or borrowing one. This is a great way to experience driving a car without worrying about maintenance, insurance, and other costs.

However, if you’re considering renting or borrowing a car, you should also be aware that it takes more work than it seems. You must consider the costs of using someone else’s vehicle and ensure that the terms are agreeable for both parties involved.

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