Electric Scooter Rental vs. Ownership

Electric Scooters have become a very popular driving vehicle around the world. However, many people do not know the fact that there have been some electric scooter models even in the 1990s. Their rising popularity is not so unusual because they are very effective for different purposes. People of all ages are driving electric scooters nowadays, from kids, students to even the elderly. They think that this vehicle has many benefits, especially in busy and crowded cities. People can get quicker wherever they want without worrying about the bus schedule, traffic, or gas for the car. Best of all, there are so many various models on the market, so there is an option for all individual needs and performances. If you are interested, you can click here and see the model differences from a big selection that is offered.

Setting aside the unquestionable advantages that electric scooters provide, people are more curious to find out whether it is better to rent an electric scooter or to own one? For that reason, in this article, we will discuss this topic and give you an insight into the pros and cons of both options.

Both of the options are eco-friendly

Let’s start with the best advantage that both options provide – they are both promoted as green. However, one of them may be a better alternative for Mother Nature.  Many of you have probably heard that they are beneficial for the planet because they do not produce carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides. Interestingly, the number of pollutants is enormously smaller than those that cars cause. Also, when electric scooters are recycled, they will produce a smaller carbon amount because of the smaller amounts of aluminum material.

However, let’s turn back to the part that one option is more eco-friendly. More precisely, rentals are not so good for the environment as owning an electric scooter. All business companies that distribute these electric scooters are driving them in trucks and cars and transferring them to other locations. This is somehow ironic because they advertise that scooters are better replacements for cars. Also, as they are driven all day, the lifetime of the rental scooter is very short, this goes from 30days to 9 months. When they are broken and damaged, they are usually thrown away in the landfill, instead of being recycled.

Renting an Electric Scooter – benefits

Let’s start with the advantages that renting an electric scooter provides. When we are talking about the cost of renting, you should know that is it very minimal and the cost depends on the distance you are driving it. Another benefit of rental is not having an obligation about maintaining it. You do not have to worry about the functionality and the condition of the scooter. Despite that, charging can be one more benefit that renting an e-scooter brings because you do not have to think about the electricity that the scooter uses. The last benefit is related to the various models you can choose. That means you can have fun and enjoy different models with different features every time you decide to rent them.

Renting an Electric Scooter – disadvantages

The two biggest disadvantages of renting a scooter are convenience and lack of gear. When we are talking about convenience, you need to prepare yourself that you can not simply pick the scooter and go. Instead, you need to search and find the one that is available for use at the moment. On the other hand, when we are talking about gear that will keep you safe and secure, you should know that many rental services do not offer this kind of equipment. They rather advise people who rent e-scooter to provide their safety gear. Logically, people do not care about this, so most of them drive scooters without a gear.

Despite these two disadvantages, there are two more of them that deserve your attention. Choosing the right model for your needs can look like a fun experience each time you are driving. However, this can be a problem if they are already rented. In that way, your choice depends a lot on the rental services that other companies offer. The last disadvantage of renting is surely lack of freedom because sometimes you need to put a big effort into finding the nearest available electric scooter.

Owning an electric scooter – benefits

Owning an electric scooter brings many benefits as well. For instance, when you have your own e-scooter you can have the freedom to personalize it and design it in a way that suits your taste. Despite that, you can choose the model you like the most with features that will suit your needs. Best of all, you do not have to walk around and search for the nearest available one; you can use your own scooter whether you want.

Let’s talk about the cost. When you rent a scooter, even though it sounds pretty cheap to pay only $1.50 per mile, it can turn expensive in the long-term. For instance, you drive the scooter 10-miles a day, you will need to pay $15 per day. On the other hand, when you own an e-scooter, it will cost you only 9cents per mile. After you drive 10-miles, it will be only 90 cents per day. As you see, buying the scooter is cheaper in a long way. When you are having your own scooter, you will have safety gear with you all the time, which will keep you safe and secure from any potential bad traffic scenario.

Owning an Electric Scooter – disadvantages

When we are talking about the disadvantages that owning an e-scooter brings, we need to highlight charging and maintenance first. You need to pay attention to charging the scooter and ensure it has enough electricity. On the other hand, you need to take care of it and maintain it properly. Choosing a model can be a good thing, however, you can be disappointed when you are stuck with the same model for a long time. Despite all of these, you need to make sure you are keeping your e-scooter in a safe place wherever you are going.

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