What Is a Total Loss Car & What to Do With It?

A car that has been totaled no longer has a fancy body, rims, or even dark quality film on its windows. Selling such a car conventionally is extremely disheartening.

Perhaps, it has been sitting in your garage or backyard for months. By the look of things, there is no sign it will be back on the road again. You no longer pay the policy as the company deemed it a total loss.

A common question with car owners is whether one must notify the insurance company before selling it to a cash for cars service. The answer to this will depend on several factors.

What Is a Total Loss Car?

When the vehicle is irreparable, the policy provider will depose it as a total loss vehicle. If it was involved in an accident, a fire, or a natural calamity, and sustained extreme damage, this is what normally leads it being called a totaled car.

If in any case, the amount to repair surpasses the worth of the car, it is confirmed as totaled. The best way to deal with such a loss is to sell it to a cash for cars company.

What Should You Do With a Totaled Car?

Once the insurance provider declares it totaled, what next? If seeking compensation from the company is not an option, opt to sell it as junk.

In some cases, the company will not pay the relative worth as expected. Do not despair and instead, sell it to a cash for cars company where you can get value for it.

How Will You Sell a Totaled Car?

Selling such a car privately or online will be a daunting task. If you are targeting individuals, you will waste time and money trying to do so. There is no one looking for a totaled car unless it is a one-off case, and this is rare.

The easiest solution to getting rid of the wrecked car is contacting a local car removal company who buys unwanted vehicles. Companies such as purchase all makes and models regardless of whether they are drivable or not.

Due to how stressful it can be getting a buyer, they make the entire process easy for you. Once you contact them by email or phone, your quote comes in minutes, and you can be paid within hours.

The other thing that you do not need to worry about is the make of the totaled car. Whether it is a Lexus, Toyota, Subaru, Audi, BMW, or Mercedes, you can sell it stress-free.

Is it necessary to inform the policy provider when selling the car?

Whether to inform the insurance company or not depends on two factors. Is the car actively insured or not?

If it has insurance coverage, it will be necessary to inform them but if not, there will be no need.

Once the insurance company has stated and recorded the car as totaled, they do not have any obligation.

When you decide to sell it, look for reliable cash for cars company. Keep in mind that you must be the lawful owner for you to sell it which is proven by a title.

To prepare for selling, cancel registration if it is still registered. Remember that you cannot sell the car if you opted to file a claim with the company.

What Is the Value?

When the car has been proclaimed totaled, and it seems to have no value. Is it worth anything? The answer is yes.

The car could be worth more than you expect. Before the cash for cars service provider makes an offer, they will first analyze it.

They will consider the pre-damage value, the mechanical issues, the extent of the damage, and its current market demand. Are there parts in good shape and can still be used?

Also, they will factor in the model, make, year of manufacture, and mileage. With all these factors, they will come up with the actual value, and it is what they offer to you.

Why Should You Sell the Totaled Car to a Cash for Car Company?

Are you stressed that you have nowhere to park the totaled car? You feel guilty when you think of sending it to a landfill or abandoning it on the street.

Parking it in your driveway or garage is not an option. It is time to send it to a cash for cars company where it will be well taken care of.

Besides the service being environmentally-friendly, you get a free quote. All they will need from you are the details of the car, and you can opt to take or refuse the quote.

Also, a good company will cover the towing costs. However, you need to confirm if they will cover it or you will have to pay for it.

It is a hassle-free way to dispose of a car. Once you have requested a quote and you are comfortable with the offer, there is nothing much that you need to do.

The company will set up an appointment with you. They will be there to pick up the car and pay you on the spot. The whole process takes less than 48 hours to be completed.


Cash for cars company will purchase the totaled car if you prefer not to claim it with your insurance company. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to get rid of it.

In such a case, you will not be obligated to inform the insurer. The advantage of these removal companies is that they do not check how best the car is maintained.

A totaled car will make you money, and it is an excellent option rather than having it sit in your backyard. Instead of putting up adverts and talking to unwilling people, this is the best way to retire it.

There are not many places to sell a totaled car, but these companies are always willing to purchase such. If you have one sitting somewhere, it is time to get rid of it.

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