Essential Motorcycle Gear for Starters

Even a seasoned motorcycle rider spends on his biking essentials not just to be on the upbeat side of motorcycle fashion, but also to make the riding experience one for the books. It is a no-brainer that newbie riders should do, too.

Remember that you should ride and be safe at the same time. That’s non-negotiable. Aside from your bike, you have to dress from head to toe. The pieces are not just accessories. They were created for every rider’s safety, reducing the risk of accidents and minimizing injuries. Hence, we have compiled the essential motorcycle gear for newbie riders.


The helmet is the most crucial piece of equipment. However, some newbie riders make unreasonable disregard on its use. But the truth is, it will not be required if it is useless.

Helmets protect your head from injuries, debris, and objects brought about by the wind. High-quality ones are made of fiberglass and better absorb shock and impact. This is the basic reason why you get a ticket when you are riding without it.

Helmets can cost anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars, depending on your chosen features. There are stores offering motorcycle gear sales where you can get this badass equipment at a much lesser cost. You can check Pandamoto’s website for more details.

Also, make sure to get one with a Department of Transportation certification sticker to guarantee its passing standards for safety.

A quick tip, the more expensive helmet is lighter and more comfortable to wear as it should not interfere with your hearing or vision. You can choose an open-face, 3/4-face, or half-face helmet. But because the majority of head injuries from accidents occur around the jaw, purchasing a full-face mask is a good idea.

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are not just to make you look like a motorbike rider, but honestly, it completes the look. On the better side, it is intended to protect your fragile palms, wrist, and fingers. It can minimize injuries if you figure in an accident and fall off your bike as we tend to extend our arms and protect ourselves from a hard fall.

These gloves have integrated abrasion-resistant armor enhanced for a long ride. You can choose from a variety of features and design but the primary thing is that, it will help ensure that you still have your fingers complete after a hard fall. Some also have knuckle protectors to avoid serious injury, further covering your hands’ skin and fingers.

You can also buy weather-proof gloves that keep your hands cool in the summer months or warm in chilly months. Long rides are definitely not too friendly on your hands that guide your direction. Regardless, it takes you where you want to go so, better protect it.

There are leather, denim-style or thick-clothed gloves seamed for extra protection at the points where your hands need it most without putting discomfort while you hold on to your handlebars. It is available in different sizes so you won’t have to worry about its fit.


Those new to motorcycle riding might only consider this clothing to protect themselves from sunburn, windburn, or road rash. But it is more than that.

Men’s motorcycle jackets are often made of durable synthetic materials like the ones available. Some are made with leather, and some even have Kevlar. These are delicately designed protecting the body from injuries during accidents. It can alo complement the style you like while strategically covering your body from serious harm. Add a reflector, and you are good to go.

Whether you are riding under the sun’s heat or with the freezing breeze of fall, there are specific jackets you can choose from. You can go for a full leather jacket, a perforated leather jacket, or one made of ballistic mesh. It does not matter what the weather is because you will have the right coat for your riding.


Did I mention that reflectors on your jacket are as crucial as reflectors on your pants? And those precious knees of yours holding you up when you stand will deter common injuries like scrapes or cuts.

Rider jeans often have Kevlar panels in specific places to avoid ripping a hole, especially the knees. The Kevlar is woven into cotton material and is designed to feel comfortable. You can buy from a hundred to thousands of bucks.

Skip the denim pants and choose abrasion-resistant material with body armor and ventilation for better protection. Armor pants are available for both men and women and there are different styles you can choose from.


Your feet are as important as any part of your body. Wear riding boots made of reinforced armor to protect you from foot and ankle injuries. Some shoes have a steel toe and leather body to ensure ankle stability and a good grip on the footpeg or ground surfaces. Your toes will also be protected from heavy things falling on it or

Since the feet are the ones near the ground clearance, there is more tendency to have twisted ankles or broken bones during accidents. It can get caught under the bike when you fall so, to avoid this, cover it with sturdy boots that will make serious injuries less likely to happen.

These boots further protect joints and other essential contact points without making it hard for you to operate the gear shifter or rear brake lever.

High-Performance Gear Enhancements

Integrating high-performance gear can significantly elevate your motorcycle riding experience, especially for beginners aiming for both style and safety. Brands like Arc’teryx, known for their cutting-edge outdoor equipment, offer materials and technologies that could be adapted for motorcycle gear, enhancing protection and comfort.

Arc’teryx’s expertise in crafting durable, weather-resistant clothing is highly applicable to motorcycle apparel. Their use of Gore-Tex in jackets, for example, could provide riders with unmatched waterproofing and breathability, essential for facing unpredictable weather conditions. Similarly, the potential application of their innovative V80 foam technology, currently used in climbing helmets, to motorcycle helmets could greatly enhance impact resistance while keeping the helmets light. For those interested in exploring the range of technologies and materials Arc’teryx offers, and possibly imagining their application in motorcycle gear, more information can be found on their official website

This link leads to a wealth of insights into the high-performance features that could redefine safety and comfort for riders.

Riding Safe

First-time riders should remember that safety and protection are the priority when motorcycling. You cannot really enjoy the ride when you have someone at home thinking of your safety. So, create a little less worry and ensure your loved ones that you are protected from head to toe.

Have fun and look good during your first tour without compromising the proper riding attire to protect yourself. It is still better to practice extra caution to prevent injury than miss out on the necessary accesorries and clothing and make yourself open to serious wounds. Even if you are a newbie venturing this new-found passion, you can still exude the style of a seasoned rider. So dress appropriately and ride safely.

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