9 Essential Motorbike Accessories for Every Rider

Essential Motorbike Accessories

Whether you’re a pro or beginner motorbike rider, having the correct accessories can make a lot of difference in your rides. They help enhance safety and comfort.

Other accessories can also help make your bike more functional. Discussed below are nine essential motorbike accessories for every rider.

1. Helmet


Motorcycle helmets are a crucial motorbike accessory that helps enhance safety, with statistics suggesting that helmeted riders have up to a 73% lower fatality rate than unhelmeted ones. Helmets with clear face shields can lower the possibility of:

● Eye injuries
● Dental injuries
● Facial road rash

Helmets containing built-in visors can safeguard your eyes from harmful sun rays while preventing road glare. This boosts your visibility, avoiding the risk of accidents and other road dangers. A helmet will also protect your eyes from debris and foreign objects. Wearing a helmet will ensure you remain compliant with state laws, preventing the risk of legal trouble.

Considering the many motorcycle helmet options available, maneuvering through the different features, styles, and certifications can be challenging. Click here to learn more on how to choose the right motorcycle helmet.

2. Motorcycle seat pads


While motorcycle riding doesn’t strain your spine much, hitting bumps can shock it, jarring and compressing it. This can cause riders to experience pain. Additionally, long rides can be uncomfortable if your seat isn’t comfy enough. A comfortable motorbike seat is crucial regardless of whether your rides are short or long.

This is where seat pads or cushions come in. These cushions promote weight distribution, providing a comfortable ride and ensuring pressure points don’t erupt in pain.

Riding without seat cushions causes numbness and pain due to the various vibrations and shocks your body gets, which tires your muscles out and leads to poor oxygen circulation. With the best motorcycle seat cushion, you can ensure a smoother, more comfortable ride and better circulation.

3. Motorcycle protective jacket

Motorcycle protective jacket

Motorbike protective jackets are an essential safety accessory that helps safeguard a rider in case of a crash. It lowers the severity of injuries suffered in a collision while protecting you against weather elements.
A motorcycle jacket is made using materials that absorb the effect of a crash (abrasion-resistant materials), preventing severe injuries. Many of these jackets have padding in high-impact areas like elbows and shoulders, which helps prevent abrasions and burns in the event of a crash.

4. Gloves


Motorcycle gloves provide considerable protection to a rider’s fingers and hands in case of a fall or crash. Your hands are vital for safe motorbike riding. Wearing gloves protects them from various elements, enabling you to ride without difficulties.

Riding can numb a rider’s hands, which is uncomfortable and dangerous because they must feel their hands to operate the motorbike correctly. Motorcycle gloves help prevent this numbness. They also ensure a good grip, which is vital for safety.

5. Motorcycle cover

Motorbike covers come in handy when looking to safeguard your investment from snow, rain, moisture, tiny dings, and more. They also keep the paint job dust-free while protecting against damage from UV radiation, preventing the risk of fading. A cover will help keep your motorcycle clean and in good condition for a long time.

6. Motorcycle helmet lock

Motorcycle helmet lock

While motorcycle helmets are vital safety gear, securing them when not in use is a major challenge for most riders. This is where a helmet lock comes in. It’s a vital accessory for motorcycle riders meant to secure the helmet to your ride when you aren’t riding it. There are two main helmet lock types, including:

● Portable locks: These are compact, and you can easily carry them in your pocket or bag when not in use. They’re perfect for those who ride in various locations or change bikes frequently
● Fixed locks: They’re permanently attached to your bike, providing a more convenient and robust solution for regular bikers

Using a helmet lock ensures your helmet isn’t stolen and makes it hard for someone to grab and run with it. It also makes it easier to take your helmet anywhere because you aren’t worried about securing it.

7. Motorcycle toolkit


A motorcycle toolkit is a must-have accessory for every rider. Having the right equipment at the right time reduces the risk of getting stuck on the roadside for too long due to a puncture or any other issue.

Besides getting your motorbike running again, a toolkit helps save money that you would have otherwise paid someone else to repair your bike. Since most motorcycle toolkits are compact, carrying them on your bike is easy. There are various types of motorbike toolkits, such as:

Hard Case toolbox: It comes in handy if you wish to access many tools, as it can solve various problems. However, it’s more ideal to have it at home because it can be bulky to carry around
Rollup tool kit: It’s easy to keep on your bike as it consumes less space. Also, it may not have as many tools as other toolkits
Motorcycle multi-tool: This option comes in handy for those who don’t have sufficient room for additional cargo on their motorbike. A multi-tool is small enough to fit in your pocket and is usually used for emergency breakdowns and maintenance.

8. Motorcycle GPS tracker

A GPS tracker is the best solution to ensuring your bike’s security. This accessory offers multiple benefits to a motorcycle rider, including:

● Instant mobile phone notifications: A GPS tracker sends silent alerts to your phone upon detecting suspicious movements, such as the bike leaving your compound. The notifications come in the form of push alerts, SMSs, and emails, letting you respond quickly before the bike is lost
● Lower insurance premiums: Considering how costly motorbike insurance policies can be, adding a GPS tracker results in reduced insurance premiums because providers consider you a less risky biker
● Monitor your bike’s whereabouts: When your bike goes missing, time is essential because criminals may soon disassemble it, sell it, or use it for crime. A GPS tracker enables you to track its location and recover it in no time

9. Motorcycle backpack

Motorcycle backpack

A motorcycle backpack helps keep your possessions as you ride, lowering the risk of damage or loss. You can use it to keep the supplies you require when on the road. When looking for a backpack, ensure it fits well and is made from durable materials. It should also have functional pockets to store your belongings.


While motorcycle rides are fun, there’s always something you can do to enhance safety and comfort. Familiarize yourself with the essential motorbike accessories for every rider.

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