How does hearing protection work for Motorcycle Riders?

Hearing protection of motorcycle riders is a very important issue so every riders need hearing protection against the unwanted sounds. As a result, you can save your hearing from severe damage. As far as ear protection is concerned, you can choose from three options: tactical hearing devices, earmuffs and earplugs.

Earplugs: They provide a better fit and block the external noise. If you want to use earplugs, make sure you get a pair that fit your ear. A dirty pair or a loose seal may not provide the protection you need.

Earmuffs: Since earmuffs fit over your ears sealing the entire canal, they can block the whole canal. A headband holds them in place but they may not be the right choice if you are going to put on other protective gear, such as headwear or eyeglasses.

Tactical hearing devices: They allow the riders to communicate with each other while offering protection against outside noise. This type of devices are used in military or combat situations in which communicating with each other is important for safety reasons.

According to experts, you should use hearing protection if you have to deal with a noise level higher than 80 dB. A regular conversation between a few people may produce a noise of around 60 dB. Power tools, such as lawnmowers are 90 dB, give or take.

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How to choose the right hearing protection?

For your safety and comfort, it’s important that you opt for the right type of hearing protection. If you are finding it hard to choose the right protection, we have described the pros and cons of different types of devices below to make the choice easier for you.

Pre-molded Earplugs

Usually, pre-molded earplugs are made from rubber, plastic or silicone. You can find them in different sizes, but there is also a one-size-fits-most option. Once fit properly, the earplugs won’t cause any discomfort and seal your ear canal.

Disadvantages: You may have to give a go to different sizes to find one that fits you well.

Advantages: They are easy to use, affordable and reusable. They are a good choice for those who work outdoors. Plus, they are easy to clean than other types.

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Canal Caps

Primarily, this type of device is flexible and can be worn under your chin, behind the neck or over the head. The tips of these devices are formable or pre-molded.

Disadvantages: They may cause discomfort as they have bands. Moreover, their tips may not be able to block all the outside noise.

Advantages: They are versatile and comfortable. In a quiet environment, you can remove the band and let it sit on your neck. As soon as you reach a noisy environment, you can stuff the tips of the plugs to block the noise.


Earmuffs cover all your ear blocking intrusive noise. You can opt for a large model or a low profile one based on the level of noise you need to deal with.

Disadvantages: if you have sideburns or a thick, long beard, earmuffs may not be an ideal choice for you. Similarly, they may not work for you if you wear glasses. Your glasses or hair may loosen up your earmuffs. As a result, you will still be exposed to a lot of noise.

Advantages: You can find earmuffs in many sizes and types. They are a good fit for most people. Plus, there are earmuffs that can help you block impulsive noises.

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What are the best motorcycle Custom earplugs?

Custom earplugs for motorcycle riders, as the name suggests are designed based on the needs of the user. Often, they allow you to hear important sounds and block the unwanted one, such as the traffic noise. If you are looking for a few good custom earplugs, you can check out the one on the list given below.

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