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10 Things to Expect From a Full Car Detailing Service

Decent living space and a well-maintained car are two indicators that your life is generally going well. Although there are gradations and levels, not all houses, apartments and cars are of the same quality and price, but they can be considered valid indicators of orderly and comfortable life.

Car owners are known to be specific. They have various types and profiles. We can divide them into extreme lovers of their ‘machines’, then those who are responsible, so keep them technically and keep them tidy, but are relatively indifferent and those who do not care about cars, but drive them to exhaustion and decay, without any special maintenance. The first and second mentioned category of drivers take care of the correctness of each part, take them to regular service, and repair them themselves. But when it comes to the domain of tidiness and aesthetics, things have progressed in recent years and there is a completely new type of service in terms of car maintenance.

Ordinary washing, at home or in the service is no longer enough. The term car detailing has emerged, which differs from the simplest removal of dirt from the car.

What is car detailing?

Given that the car industry is still dominant, that there are more and more cars on the streets and that households often have two, the sectors that accompany production have also developed. The quality of all the vital segments that make up the car, then the auxiliary equipment, electronics that make driving easier and looks like a cockpit, interior design, paint of all possible colors, shades, effects and quality – all this has progressed to unprecedented proportions. Accordingly, maintenance itself has changed radically.

Car detailing and car washing differ in the whole range of services they offer you. Car washing involves washing under specialized jets, where the car passes on a lane. In addition, the floors are vacuumed and the windows are wiped on the outside and inside.

Usually there are different packages of car detailing as you can see at

Car detailing includes a full range of different services:

-Exterior – washing the chassis, windows, tires, wheels, filling scratches with paste, polishing, polishing, extracting high gloss.

-Interior – thorough washing and cleaning of every particle in the interior of the car. Vacuuming, degreasing with steam, thorough wiping with adequate means, treatment of all materials present with the means provided for them.

Exterior car detailing:
  1. Washing and drying – unlike car washing, where the vehicle is exposed to strong jets, car detailing involves hand washing. There are specialized car cosmetics, so that a special shampoo sprays the body and hand washes all parts. Body, wheels (rims of car), lights, windows. Washed with special sponges that cannot damage the surface or the color of the car, special cloths, with which the surface dries well and polishes.
  2. Claying – it’s time to use a clay bar that removes everything that the shampoo and wash have bypassed. Any speck of dirt or unwanted traces will be removed this way.
  3. Polishing – as the years go by and the car is exposed to various weather conditions and everything it faces on the road, it is natural that it loses its factory shine and becomes obvious that it is used. For this purpose, various polishing pastes are used. Both micro scratches and damage. They flatten the surface of the body and make it smooth as glass. They are produced in different colors, so that with this intervention, the car is closer to the original factory look.
  4. Sealing – this process involves the type of impregnation and application of the final layer. It is wax that is heated and applied, then polished. This layer of wax protects the metal from rain, snow, sun. Contributes to the striking and radiant appearance of the car, so are brand new.

Interior car detailing:
  1. Vacuuming – the interior of the car is carefully and thoroughly vacuumed. Seats, floors, mats, corners… cargo area, trunk .. It is best when the mobile parts are pulled out and then vacuumed almost every inch. And who some parts cannot be vacuumed, a compressor is used to blow away dust and dirt.
  2. Cleaning – these methods are used to clean carpets II mats on the floor. It is most effective to first brush them well, what can be, it is best to take out and shake out, and then steam disinfect and refresh. Dust, mud, grass, leaves , dirt from the street, various types, all this is deposited in carpets and rugs and makes an ideal soil for mites and buds. These are sources of not only unpleasant odors in cars, but also dangerous allergens that endanger health in the car.
  3. Washing the glass – as well as the outside, so the inside of the glass is washed with products intended only for that, then dried, wiped and polished to a high gloss.
  4. Cleaning skin or fabric – if your car is a more luxurious option, so it has a leather seat, leather upholstery panel or some other part, then special soaps and cloths clean these parts as well. Carefully apply skin cleanser and wipe, without much forces and compressions.
  5. Vacuuming again – this is the final part, when vacuuming again, so that even the smallest dust particles or some crumbs are eliminated, and the car stays clean, as if it had just been bought.
  6. Perfuming – the final action is perfuming, which is agreed with the owner. Does he want perfume at all, because he may be allergic to a substance, if he decides, he chooses the type of perfume he likes.


It would be good to adopt the thinking that good maintenance, earlier intervention and investment, is better than waiting for something to break, damage and age. Investments in car detailing are not unavailable, nor too large, and they provide a lot. Numerous services have been opened specializing in this type of car maintenance, they are very professional, efficient and fast, so check where it is closest to you and take your ‘pet’, he will be grateful and drive you long and comfortably.

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