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Silver Car with White Rims- Do They Look Good? (Pictures attached)

Pristine look with a sleek tone to it, silver cars have an aura of certain regalness about themselves. Moreover, you can cut down on maintenance. Scratches and dirt don’t show up as strongly on color as neutral as silver. Plus, you get the added advantage of a superior resale value.

For an achromic hue like silver, it is hard to get a rim color wrong. With even silver though, there are always exceptions. And will white do the job? Read on to find out.

Do White Rims Look Good On A Silver Car?

Silver is such a neutral color that it yearns for some contrast. However, white isn’t exactly the clash it so desperately needs. The difference in opinion regarding this choice is incredible, to say the least.

Ending up on a silver car, these rims can look imbalanced for some while they may look gorgeous combo for others. Most people don’t go for it, but some do believe that white stands out exceptionally on a silver car. 

Personally, I wouldn’t go for it, but you get to decide for yourself on this one. The overall look, nonetheless, we believe depends on the car itself. In some cases, it may look alright, but in some others, it can look straight-up trashy. You decide for yourself:

White rims on a Silver car- @munozk1901
White rims on a Silver car- @jdm_passioncars

Sportier cars can be better subjects for white rims as compared to, let’s say, minivans. Also, a darker tone of silver can rock white much better than a fainter one. We discuss all that in further detail in the article What Color Wheels Go With Silver Color Car?

With white rims, however, be prepared for tedious maintenance sessions. But since the wheels are going to be under a silver beauty, we say you bet it on a chrome finish. Only chrome can have the luster to suit achromatic silver, while fending off a bit of your maintenance stress.

White Wheel Recommendation: Konig Lightning

If you do decide to go for a white wheel, you are most welcome to do so. Here we have recommended a white wheel that looks really good with any shade of vehicle. Cherry on top, the machined lip on these perfectly blend in with a silver car.

With a relatively grounded white color, the Konig Lightning rims can truly complement your car’s outfit. These rims entail a 10-spoke pattern with a snap-in centre cap and a machined lip.

If you own a silver sporty car, these might be one of the best additions to the car gear. The engineering of the wheel makes them considerably lightweight, which helps enhance the performance with the looks to complement.

Can I Paint My Rims White Color?

Sure, you can. Start by washing and sanding. Then apply some primer, by dabbing on three to four coats of it and waiting between each coat. Spray the paint in the same way. Be careful to spray from a distance, though.

Finally, add a 30-minute gap after the final coat, before applying a clear coat (consider putting on wheel wax). If you find yourself a complete stranger to such processes, without being absolutely sure, avoid doing this yourself since you might even end up ruining the wheel altogether.

What Rim Colors Actually Look Good on a Silver Car?

Two color options are provided here which will look great on your silver car, whichever way you go. Alternatively, you can head out to our dedicated article on the topic: What Color Wheels Go With Silver Color Car?

1. Gunmetal 

To cut it down short: gunmetal rims and silver cars are quite literally made for each other. The duo can be enigmatic, and radiate a remarkably powerful aura. Have a look:

Silver car with Gunmetal rims- @bakerscustomdetail
Silver car with Gunmetal rims- @tibcu.r32_svk

Moreover, if you despise maintenance, this pair is definitely for you. Gunmetal wheels conceal most of the scrapes and dust, as does a silver car, making it a win-win situation. To ease your search here’s a gunmetal-tinted masterpiece:

Gunmetal wheel recommendation: Liquid Metal Shift

The split-spoke pattern of the Liquid Metal Shift is nothing extraordinary, but the accentuated dimensions provided by the machined cut-outs can add the aggression pretty smoothly. This one is a true aesthetic masterpiece, to say the least.

The design itself is smooth and classy, while the engineering marvels add durability. However, the weight of the wheels is not the proudest of aspects for these. These tuner wheels come with a pop-in center cap and a 10-spokes.

2. Bronze Rims

Few colors in rims can look as staggering under a silver car in a crowd as bronze. Many people would root for bronze among all other colors, simply because it has the unique ability to stand out with looks that glue gazes. Don’t believe me, take a look:

Bronze rims on a Silver car- @e210society
Bronze rims on a Silver car- @e210society

Also bronze is able to achieve that coveted contrast few rims are able to provide for a silver car without looking trashy. Sure, gold does that, but at what cost?

With a matte bronze finish, although maintenance being bit tougher than gunmetal, the looks can probably make up for the time. Here’s the perfect for the wheel job:

Bronze wheels recommendation: Black Rhino Arches

Although specifically designed for SUVs and crossovers, Black Rhino Arches‘ features can be a downright dynamic pairing for a silver car; doesn’t really matter which vehicle category we’re talking about. We obviously do not recommend getting this wheel for other vehicles, though.

The rim portrays a 7-spoke design, with a snap-in centre cap and a concave profile enunciating the depth of the spokes. Furthermore, you get the resilience that comes with it. This wheel is my personal favorite on the list, considering its ability to give a silver car the edge it deserves.

This bad boy can get a little pricy, but the cost is definitely justified as few wheels boast the simulated bead lock as well as this does.

If we share a taste in color, check out my other color recommendations:

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