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Helo He 878 Wheel Review

There is an overwhelming demand for strong off-roading wheels that bring the best performance fused with genuine reliability and durability on the road—keeping that in view, Helo struck the market with one of the best footwear for your vehicle. As a perfect epitome of innovative fashion meeting matchless quality, the wheel has a reputation, it rightly named its own.

These wheels turned out to have a breathtaking design coupled with unmatchable performance, and the certainty that it won’t turn out as a poison for the pockets either. Helo proudly presents its loyal customers with the gift of He 878 supremacy, a reign with car enthusiasts in the disguise of loyal subjects.

Detailing- Aesthetics:

Talking about Helo He 878, this mega off-roading strength carrier offers eight prominent spokes along with the Helo logo located at the center of the rim. The logo itself is covered in a glossy finish, making it look like it wrapped itself in a premium glass coat. The rim is sufficiently but not too aggressive which is not easy to achieve because there is a fine line between aggression and blowing it out of the waters. Overall the color and the size and the offset somehow just works and paints the perfect picture. Numerous compliments were received with people going as far as calling this wheel “perfect”.

Preserving all the tastes, Helo He 878 comes in two different shades, a subtle matte black finish and a glossy chrome finish. Depending upon the preference, truck type, and taste, one can choose the best from these two color options. Helo He 878 comes with this matte black finish to deliver a subtle yet aggressive nature to your offroading pickup truck. However, the chrome finish exhibits more prominence and authority to your truck on the streets.


The bolt slots are also divided into eight slots, distributing one for each slot. Speaking of the noticeable color tone, Helo He 878 comes in a satin matte black and a chrome finish that takes the modern aesthetics to a whole new level. 

To complement all types of offroading needs for every Helo customer, Helo builds He 878 in various sizes that make it coherent to almost all types of available sizes. The following mentioned are the available sizes for Helo He 878 wheels for your vehicle:

  1. 16” x 8”
  2. 16” x 9”
  3. 17” x 9”
  4. 18” x 9”
  5. 20” x 9”

All common blot patterns are available easily and we recommend double checking before making any purchase. The variety of sizes that Helo offers its customers covers almost all of the off road vehicle types and is suitable primarily for light pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers. All sizes offer an offset of -12mm and a lip size of 0.94. This amount of offset is perfect for most vehicles and does not push the tires out too much, thus not requiring any lift or other modifications to clear the hubs.

Helo He 878 is meant to carry greater loads with lower self-sustaining weight. Hence, the following information depicts their range per size:

  1. 16” rims carry the load around 2200 – 3200 while weighing itself around 26 lbs.
  2. 17” rims carry the load around 2200 – 3200 while weighing itself around 29 lbs.
  3. 18” rims carry the load around 2500 – 3640 while weighing itself around 32 lbs.


The tensile strength of this wheels is immense, to say the least. You never have to worry about it bending or cracking under stress. The same, however, cannot be said about the finish. The scratch resistance on this thing is more than sufficient to get you through the lifetime of the wheel but if you intend to take it regularly off road, there are high chances, scratches will appear. Worth mentioning here that the wheels cups are prone to falling off.

To back up their durability promise, Helo offers a solid 2-year solid warranty only on the finish of the wheel along with a limited lifetime warranty on the structure of the wheel.


Helo He 878 could have focused on almost all off-road vehicles. This set of wheels works its best with its compatible vehicle type. Although not meant for every kind of vehicle, the Helo He 878 targets specifically the heavier pickup trucks that carry heavier loads of the car itself along with any additional carrier (if required). 

Some of the heavy-duty trucks that go well with Helo He 878 are the famous Ford F-150 (also the Raptor variant), Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Ram, and Chevy Silverado. However, the Helo He 878 wheels are not only restricted to these heavy pick-up trucks. When talking about offroading, it perfectly fits Jeep Wrangler as well.  It is also meant to serve the high-end luxury SUVs which include the renowned Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota 4runner, Sequoia, Land Cruiser, and Prado.

Why Choose Helo He 878?

Although there is an enormous variety of off-roading pickup truck rims available in the market, the Helo He 878 is different from the rest. This is a present of its innovative design with a futuristic touch.  As mentioned earlier, the Matte black finish delivers more of a “modern vibe” to your off-roading truck, enhancing its overall charm while suppressing its details. Whereas, the chrome finish delivers more than what is asked. 

As far as the design is concerned, one of the primary features that were mainly focused on this product is its compatibility with all the terrains. The design has been carefully architected to make it match both on the asphalt roads and bumpy off-roading tracks.  However, the main concept still lies in delivering more meaning to your off-road truck and setting more ambience than its regular stock wheels. 


As a disclaimer, these are fairly light on the pockets, so you went need to break the bank. A regular Helo He 878 will cost you somewhere around $150 to $250 per rim.  However, the pricing depends on the type of marketplace you visit for it. It can either be a physical marketplace or an online store, but the prices remain around these tags.  With such an affordable price tag, one should consider going for a Helo He 878 rim if he or she is just starting to levelling up the rim game in their off-road truck. 

Helo He 878 is also the big fish for people who usually do not like to spend too much on their truck’s rims. Or those who simply cannot afford to go for a better, more premium set of rims. Either way, choosing Helo He 878 rims is a complete win-win situation.

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