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American Racing AR172 Baja Review

If you are an American to the bone, you would have heard about American Racing anyway. American Racing is a leading wheel manufacturing brand that has been ruling over the industry for over half a century now.

Originally designing wheels for dragsters, American Racing still holds true to its roots in the making of wheels for muscle cars, hotrods and even modern off-road vehicles. Over time, it has topped the list of the most reliable wheel brands, with millions of dedicated customers at present.

This American Racing AR172 Baja review intends to answer all your questions regarding this specific wheel and more. Hope it helps.


American Racing never disappoints when it comes to the aesthetics department. Intended for off-roaders, this AR172 Baja wheel is built on modern lines, with a finely balanced look that is aggressive yet elegant.

It has 8 stylish spokes with oval cut-outs that can instinctively catch the viewers’ attention. The AR172 has an oversized lip compared to its more mainstream competitors.

It looks very modern and classy and still manages to retain their vintage ancestry. Although available in two finishes; satin black and polished silver, this off-roader specific wheel seems much in sync with its persona in the satin black finish and are surprisingly easy to clean.

Here’s what a few of the customers had to say regarding the design:


The AR172 Baja lives up to all the expectations when it comes to performance. It is made of top quality materials which make this wheel perform superbly in a multitude of conditions, along with preventing it from rusting or cracking.

The frame is designed to be lightweight, which makes it exceptionally easy to handle and allows for brilliant cornering while providing adequate feedback.

An interesting feature of this wheel is that it also contains chromium, which is a unique addition for a wheel and further adds to its robustness.

Since it is mainly designed for encountering unfriendly, poor off-road driving conditions, the exterior of this AR172 Baja has also been adapted for the job. It can withstand a substantial amount of assault from sharp objects such as stones, thorns or plants without scratching or getting peeled off.

The stability of the wheel is adequate and on par with some of the best off-road wheels available today. As it does not feature a bead-lock technology, tire flex is considerable but we reckon that most users will never push their vehicles to such limits.

Another great quality of this wheel is that its mounting and installing is fairly uncomplicated. For a wheel of this caliber, this ease of installing and handling is a rare yet utterly desirable quality.

Sizes and Configurations

The AR172 Baja by American Racing is specifically designed for trucks and SUVs or other off-road vehicles. It comes in diameters ranging from 15 to 17 inches, and widths between 7 to 10 inches.

Various bolt patterns are available with 5,6 or 8 lug-nut configurations. Keeping in view the range of vehicles that this series serves, this AR172 Baja is available in a huge range of offsets ranging from +20 to -43! You can check them all out here.

Load Capacity:

In terms of load capacity, this AR172 Baja is an absolute champion. It can handle a great deal of stress, and a tremendous amount of load of up to 3640 pounds with unmatched ease.

So if you intend to perform heavy duty tasks without the fear of your wheel crippling under the pressure, this might be one of your best shots.


The durability and longevity of wheels by American Racing is not a secret. The same stands true for this AR172 Baja which is constructed using advanced manufacturing techniques and innovative ideas that intend to increase its life.

It has a cast aluminum frame that provides it with unparalleled strength and allows it to resist cracking and tensile damage which is a hallmark feature of a great off-road wheel.

Moreover, the material used for its construction also effectively resists corrosion, which allows the components of this wheel such as the lug nuts to last for many years without posing any threat.

Apart from its body, the exterior of this wheel is also highly durable. The polish of these wheels is also capable of resisting scratches, even when faced with harsh weather conditions.

Like any reliable and authentic brand, American Racing offers a generous warranty with this wheel of up to a year, which in a world filled with cheap Chinese rip-offs is a great sight indeed. Here’s a comment from a verified customer:


For a wheel that comes from a famous and reliable American brand with a superb off-road potential and a myriad of great features, one would expect a hefty cost.

The AR172 is available at Discount Tire for prices between $180 and $227, which is pretty impressive and tells you that the wheel was designed to sell in huge numbers. I have personally noticed this wheels on a great many trucks which speaks volumes regarding its value.


The AR172 by American Racing is a great off-road performer with the looks and durability to match. Its light-weight construction and that too from premium materials also adds to its value.

Considering the tremendous potential and reliability of this wheel, it is easy to conclude that the value offered for this price is adequate and the wheel is definitely reasonably priced.

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