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Enkei EDR9 Review

Not very long ago, Enkei shook the wheels industry with its mastery in the field of alloy wheels. It quickly made its way to the list of everyone’s favorite Japanese rim brands, and caught everyone’s attention.

Since then, this Japanese brand has only risen up in the list to become one of the best wheel manufacturing brands, ever. One of few that not only create magnificent looking products, but also deliver an unprecedented quality.

Enkei Wheels is particularly known for the rigorous testing procedure that its rims go through before being launched into the market. This not only speaks for the standard of the brand, but also creates a deep rooted sense of trust among its customers, who swear by it.

The Enkei EDR9 is one of the most popular performance wheels that hit the market. It is built along the standards of Enkei, with top notch materials and premium features. It is also one of the best looking, in my opinion.

Advanced technology and modern ideas have been employed in the construction of this regal wheel, which allow it to not only look sharp but also perform impeccably.


In terms of aesthetics, Enkei beats most other wheel manufacturing brands that go overboard with their designs, in the race of coming up with unique products.

Being no exception, the EDR9 is an image of elegance while maintaining an element of modernity and style. It has a finely balanced, 9 spoke design and exposed lugs, that have the ability to complement any sort of vehicle, whether aggressive or classic luxury.

The spokes of this wheel are noticeably sleek and adequately spaced, which makes their cleaning easy. It comes in silver and matte black finishes with the latter being a personal favorite. EDR9 comes with a compact center cap that features the brand logo. 


The EDR9 wheel by Enkei is a dedicated performance wheel, and lives up to all the expectations that one has of a rim of this category. It is built to provide a great deal of control to the driver, which accounts for stability and superior handling.

The ride with this EDR9 is noticeably smooth, as it glues perfectly to the tire and prevents undue vibration or loss of balance, over time. These amazing qualities make life easy for the driver, and result in an overall excellent ride.

Another interesting quality of this wheel is that it is surprisingly easy to mount, and presents no complications in the entire installation process. 

The EDR9, like other wheels by Enkei, undergoes a series of tests to ensure that its life and performance is of an exceptional standard. Thus, one can make the choice of picking this amazing wheel with complete peace of mind.


The durability of most performance wheels has been a matter of serious concern in the past few years. However, this EDR9 by Enkei stands out due to its longevity. It is made of premium quality one piece alloy steel that the brand has become known for, and has a remarkably long life.

The EDR9, in particular, has been engineered in an unconventional way, with a thick lip which allows it to deflect possible damaging objects to some extent. Similar to others, it is built using advanced MAT technology, which not only reduces its weight but also provides a substantial amount of strength to this wheel.

Unlike a lot of wheels today, its center cap is also made of great quality material and does not fall off. Enkei has paid special attention to the rest of the exterior as well.

Both the silver and matte black finishes have the ability to survive for long periods of time without peeling or getting scratched, which can save the driver from a lot of hassle. To ensure customer satisfaction, this EDR9 wheel is backed by a generous lifetime structural warranty.

Sizes and Configurations

You can get the Enkei EDR9 with diameters ranging from 15 to 18 inches but the width remains the same at 7 inches. It also serves all the common bolt patterns. Two offsets are available to choose from; +38 and +45

Load Capacity

Since it is made primarily for performance vehicles, the load capacity of this EDR9 wheel is limited. It can handle loads of up to 1521 pounds, which means that this wheel is not suited to performing heavy duty tasks but has the sufficient strength to handle all corners on a smaller car.


EDR 9 is one of the more affordable wheels by Enkei and it simply blows out its competition in terms of value. Starting from 149$ at Discount Tire, the price point is pretty much unbeatable.

Sure, you may be able to find cheaper Chinese alternatives in the market but they are notoriously known for having to be replaced every 3-4 years.


Going for EDR 9, you are losing out on nothing. It has the looks with the performance to match. The lifetime structural warranty and a durable exterior finish add to that peace of mind.

For an in-depth review of other great options from Enkei, check out the Enkei Ekm3’s review and Enkei J10’s review.

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