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21 Hottest Police Cars Ever Produced

If you get pulled over by police, don’t try to run away because they probably have a better car than you do. They will chase you down and what you can do after that is pray that there is a God. Here are the hottest police cars ever made and they come in different shapes and forms.

21. Italian State Police Lamborghini Huracan

The Highway Patrol from Italy has received a second Huracan, which, just like the first, will be used for “normal police operations.” Moreover, they will use this car in case there is an urgent transport of blood and organs. This Huracan is no different than the standard model, and it uses a V10 engine that delivers 610 bhp. Other than that there are just some normal police goodies such as sirens, radios, a video camera, lights, etc.  Go “NEXT” to see UK Police Ford Mustang V8

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