How to Get a Mercedes Extended Warranty in 2020

The allure of acquiring a new luxury car is tempting not only because it establishes a prestigious reputation but also it ensures pristine quality. For example, Mercedes is a brand that has made its mark, not only in terms of caliber but also because of its opulence. In obtaining a Mercedes, it is important to consider not only its premium price but also the after-sales cost. Its upscale price will definitely require high priced maintenance as well as repairs; thus, it is essential to prepare for it.

So how can this premier figure be managed in the future? Protection, from unprecedented repairs, especially with a Mercedes that has high-end spare parts, is offered as a solution by getting an extended car warranty. The extended car warranty lessens the financial worry on the risks as well as the future servicing of the vehicle, especially after the manufacturer’s warranty wears out.

How to get a Mercedes extended warranty in 2020?


Before deciding on the extended warranty to buy for your Mercedes, here are the key points to consider:

Know what to insure


It is vital to know your car by heart. It is not just how it runs or how it gives comfort for your ride, but also the principal features that may have delicate parts, which may cause problems. It will be beneficial to study your car as you use it and read some resources about it. Online forums will also help you determine the common repairs other people had on their cars, so you would know what to include in your extended warranty option. Plus, keep a record of the repairs done on your car or maintenance replacements so you will have an idea of which common parts tend to wear out the most.

Be informed of extended warranty options


Car dealers offer a diverse choice of plans for the extended warranty of your vehicle. Based on the knowledge that you would already have acquired about your car, choose the plan that is best suitable for your car’s needs. If you have the capability to splurge, you can also opt for full coverage for unplanned circumstances and be fully assisted from towing to repairs and even with the car rentals. At the same time, you wait for your car to be fixed. Choosing specific parts coverage is an alternative to lessen the cost of the warranty.

Compare prices


Purchasing a high-end vehicle like the Mercedes unquestionably costs a hefty amount of money. Although the extended warranty may add to this spending, you are not narrowed to limited choices on price. Aside from choosing the coverage of your car’s repairs to match its warranty price, you can also take advantage of promotions the warranty provider offers from time to time. For example, prepaid warranties may cost less but give the same peace of mind to the car owner.
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Length of the coverage


Since extended warranties take effect after the normal manufacturer’s warranty expires, it is crucial to contemplate on how long you would like the warranty to be extended—considering that by that time, the vehicle will have been driven already and will probably start to show some signs of mileage.

Talk to professionals


According to Optimalwarranty, getting first-hand information from your trusted car professionals may still be the best step to gaining the optimal warranty for your Mercedes. Since they are well acquainted with this subject matter, they can help you to decide on what is ideal for the car that you own. And for extended warranty companies, this will be your first point of contact with them. In this way, you can gauge how they handle your inquiries, as it is essential to notice the quality of the customer service being provided. Remember, they will be the first people you will call once you need help with your vehicle, so a good support service is a criterion for choosing your provider.

Restrictions of the Warranty


A warranty is a contract between the car owner and the warranty provider that ensures the car and the owner is safeguarded against heavy expenditures on repairs. This contract, though, comes with a responsibility for both parties to keep the end of the bargain. As the owner, this means that you keep away from voiding the warranty of the vehicle. As you speak with your trusted provider, it is crucial to discuss the reasons that may invalidate your extended warranty to make sure it does not happen to your car. It is futile to obtain an extended warranty, only to nullify it because of unfamiliarity with these restrictions.

With all this information grasped about extended warranty, you are now equipped enough to decide on getting one for your Mercedes. So, how do you start?

Request for a Quote

This first step will give you a ballpark figure of the possible cost it may take to get an extended warranty for your Mercedes.

Choose a Plan

After asking for the estimate of the warranty that you requested, you will receive plan options to choose from for your car. Select the one that is most fitting for your car and your fund allocation.

Customize your plan

After choosing a plan, you can review the benefits that are included, and you may request for it to be custom made to your liking.

Pick a payment option


Now that the best plan has been selected, discuss your alternatives for settling the bills. The provider may have options such as prepaid, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and you can choose depending on what is applicable for you. Go for the one that may offer you bigger savings.

  • Settle your premiums
  • Pay according to the schedule that you chose.
  • Relax and be at ease that your car is protected.

Enjoy your ride better by not worrying about costs that may come from unforeseen events along the way.

Getting a Mercedes is an investment; thus, it is necessary to shield such an exorbitant piece of property to maintain its renowned stature as well as its worth.

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