What safety features are available in Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki cars have dominated the Indian automobile market for over decades now. One car which has further cemented the place for Maruti Suzuki is the Swift. The car, since its launch, has been a crowd favorite. Be it the overall style and aesthetics or the power performance, the car scores impressively to attract consumers. The latest Maruti Suzuki 2024 carries on the legacy with a unique design and power of Advanced K Series Dual Jet, Dual VVT Engine.

While when it comes to design and performance, the car has set the right benchmarks, but what about the Maruti Suzuki safety feature?

Here is your answer:

  • ESP with Hill Hold Assist

This feature especially comes into the picture while driving through steep terrains. It offers confidence to the driver as when they release the brakes, the ESP with Hill Hold Assist continues to apply brakes for another 2 seconds. This gives the driver sufficient time to change from brake to accelerator without having to depend on handbrake which otherwise only causes skidding if you are not well trained.

  • Dual Airbags

Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with Dual bags to minimize the impact of the collision. The two airbags in front of the driver and the person sitting next absorb the high collision impact to minimize the damage.

  • ABS with EBD

At times, when you are driving at high speeds and apply sudden brakes the wheels get locked. The ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) along with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution in the Maruti Suzuki Swift ensures that there is an equal distribution of braking force on the four wheels. Thus, ensuring that the car can move around corners and not continue in a straight path.

  • Reverse Parking Sensor with Camera

Be aware of your surroundings when in reverse gear. No need to ask the passerby or be in constant doubt while parking or reversing the car. The reverse parking sensor with a camera provides the perfect view for safety.

  • Heartect Platform

At the base of Maruti Suzuki is its Heartect Platform which has been designed with Ultra & Advanced High Strength Steels. The smooth continuous frame built with Ultra & Advanced High Strength Steels offers stability, strength, better impact absorption, and fuel efficiency.

With the above-mentioned safety features, Maruti Suzuki cars prove to be a leading contender in its class. You get to enjoy a comfortable driving experience with the various safety features. Hill Hold assist, for example, comes to the rescue when driving through hill stations where the terrain is steep, and you need a reliable car to pass through.

How to buy a used Maruti Suzuki Swift at an affordable price?

With a wide range of exciting performance features and unique designs, Maruti Suzuki Swift is always in demand in the market. If you are looking to explore the used car market, it is better to go online and find the top options of Maruti Suzuki cars.

The best part of going online is that you can access all the necessary information without any hassles. Be it the price certification, performance report, or the overall vehicle history records, all the information is readily made available for the users to make an informed decision. And, if you are worried about the price of a Maruti Suzuki car in India, you will be glad to know that you can buy your favorite car at a Fair Market Price.

However, there are still few things you need to be clear about before you go out to buy your favorite Maruti Suzuki car.

  • Set your budget

The first and foremost is to set the budget. Once you decide on the budget, it becomes easy to navigate through the available options to find the right car for you. If you are looking for a loan, it is better to evaluate the EMI breakdown to adjust your monthly expenses.

  • What type of car do you want to buy?

Once you decide on the budget, the next is to know the car type best suited for your requirements. For example: if you are a college student who largely travels inter-city routes, according to the budget, you can go for hatchbacks. Sedans are best if you are looking for a stylish and spacious option, then there are sedans and SUVs for you. Herein, for an off-road journey, SUV is a better option than the sedans. Accordingly, you can find out the type of car best for you based on functionality.

Maruti Suzuki is one brand that has created a niche for itself in all the class segments. So, be it Baleno, Swift, Brezza, Ertiga, or Dzire, you will have plenty of options within an affordable price range to explore.

  • Fuel type

The three fuel types available in cars in the market are Petrol, Diesel, and Electric. Based on individual choice and use, you can choose any out of the three. Though Maruti is yet to launch an electric car, check out Diesel and Petrol variants which are a hot favorite in the pre-owned market as well.

While with diesel you get better fuel economy with the Petrol version you get instant acceleration and a smooth driving experience minus any sounds.

Besides the above, if you are relatively a beginner and do not have much confidence in your driving skills, check out the automatic transmission options which eliminate the troubles of the manual transmission. Especially, in heavy traffic when you must be on your toes constantly to move from clutch to acceleration, and brakes in between, automatic transmission makes it easy to enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Maruti Suzuki cars are known for their reliable performance. Even if you have any trouble with the car after years of use, you will not have any difficulty in finding the service centers or spare parts/components. With its extensive network of dealers and service centers, Maruti Suzuki is one brand that has established itself as a leading automobile manufacturer in the country.

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