Top 9 Tesla Aftermarket Accessories That Owners Love

So, you recently acquired a Tesla and are exploring the options to enhance your electric car? First, congrats on your new ride! And second, don’t worry. We won’t try to sell you anything.

That’s a listicle post written with the intention to:

  1. Show you some cool Tesla aftermarket accessories.
  2. Tell you why many Tesla owners buy and love these.
  3. Let’s get into it without any further ado if that sounds good to you.

What Are the Tesla Accessories We’ll Cover?

There’s a whole world of aftermarket accessories to choose from, regardless of which Tesla Model you own. In this article, we’ll cover 9 of the most popular options to help you enhance the looks of your car, make your trips more comfortable, or boost your EV’s performance.

Exterior Tesla Accessories

Most folks start their Tesla customization journey with window tints and exterior wraps. These are great mods for personalizing your car and protecting its paint and interior. Now, let’s look at the top exterior aftermarket Tesla accessories.

Wheel Covers

Wheel covers are the favorite accessory of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners, with plenty of patterns and designs you could buy. In general, people install plastic covers to hide their ugly steel wheels, but when it comes to Teslas, this simple upgrade has more purposes. These are:

  • Repairing a damaged wheel is pricey, so wheel covers are a great way to protect your rims and car’s resale value.
  • Most covers are also designed to improve the aerodynamics of your Tesla, which gives you a slightly better range.
  • Finally, the affordable cost allows you to change your vehicle’s appearance anytime you want to.

With some research, finding the best wheel covers for your Tesla will be easy.

Carbon Fiber

The market is flooded with carbon fiber modifications for every Tesla Model. In this article, we’ll tell you about the most impactful ones and give you a piece of advice:

If you’re looking at carbon fiber upgrades, go for genuine products rather than imitations

With that being said, the three exterior accessories Tesla owners love the most are:

  • Side Mirror Covers – will give your Tesla a stylish appearance regardless of body color.
  • Turn Signal Covers – a great addition to mirror caps and protect your side camera.
  • Trunk Spoiler – makes your Tesla look sporty and potentially more stable at high speeds.


We don’t think anything is wrong with the factory Tesla taillights, but if you want your EV to stand out, there are some nice aftermarket options. You can choose from different color combinations and sequential LED patterns.

The most popular tailight upgrades for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are AlphaRex, Eagle Eye, Cyber, and the Knight Rider, which also includes a trunk stripe. Of course, there are more options if you aim for uniqueness.

Interior Accessories for Tesla

There are many ways to make any car’s interior look better, and that’s the case with Tesla vehicles. We think many of the accessories aren’t very useful, so again, we’ll stick to the three most popular products among Tesla owners.

Cup Holders

While the Tesla Model X and S now come with cup holders from the factory, the Model 3 and Y only have those for the passengers. But no need to worry. You can get relatively cheap and very easy-to-install cup holders. Those are designed to be inserted right next to your center console storage.

Floor Mats

All Teslas have floor mats, but these are not the greatest in terms of style and protection. That’s the case with most automakers, so there is no reason to get upset with Elon. Instead of wasting your time making angry comments on social media, spend it online to find suitable mats.

You can get just a pair for the front seats, order a full set, and even include mats for the trunk. It depends on your personal needs. One thing worth noting is that some sellers of aftermarket Tesla accessories speculate about the price. So once you find the right product, compare the prices.

Instrument Clusters

This upgrade made it to our list because it’s essential for all Teslas.

The Model 3 and Model Y don’t have a dash screen at all. We believe you’ll agree that being unable to see the speedometer and other gauges right in front of your eyes is odd.

As for the Model X and Model S, they do have a display on the dashboard, but many owners have reported that their screens bubbled. The good thing is that there are high-quality aftermarket replacements.

Performance Aftermarket Accessories

Finally, let’s talk about some performance tips and tricks to help you take your already quick EV to the next level. Since air intakes, turbochargers, exhaust systems, etc., are not a thing with Tesla cars, we’ll talk about better handling and braking.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are a common upgrade among all car guys as they’re inexpensive, easy to install, and offer several benefits. The ones worth mentioning are:

  1. Give your ride a better stance without changing the wheels.
  2. Allow you to install wider wheels without rubbing the tires.
  3. Allow you to replace your factory brakes with a larger kit.

You can find all sizes made of high-quality, lightweight materials. We recommend buying spacers specifically designed for your Tesla Model rather than going for cheaper universal options.

Big Brake Kits

Going from 0 to 60mph in 3-4 seconds is no joke. Tesla’s factory brakes are good, but if your foot is too heavy on the accelerator pedal, consider upgrading those.

FIY: If you plan to buy a Performance Model, you should know that Tesla no longer uses Brembo brakes on the rear. You’ll have to pay extra for those.

You can get individual components like thicker rotors with better venting, bigger calipers, and pads. However, if you really want to increase stopping power, a complete big brake kit is the way to go.

Suspension Mods

A variety of suspension upgrades are available for every Tesla Model, with the most popular being:

Lowering springs – the most simple and affordable modification that will get rid of the enormous fender gap and make your ride look more sporty.

Lowering springs + Sway bars – The installation of sway bars will also provide better grip and improve handling on turns. It’s the perfect combo for a street car.

Coilover kits – Some people choose this suspension upgrade as it allows them to adjust the ride height. In our opinion, paying for coilovers is only worth it if you take advantage of all the performance benefits they offer, in other words, taking your EV to the track.

Final words

We hope this article will help you start on the right foot when choosing accessories for your Tesla. Remember that there are many aftermarket options, so taking your time and researching will increase your chances of getting the best for your money.

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