8 Things Bikers Hate About Motorcycling

Motorcycling is an adventurous thing that one can do. Every biker has a different experience of driving a different motorcycle. When you go on a ride after a hectic day, then you will feel relaxed and stress-relieved. Riding on two wheels is a pleasant thing, but some things are there that motorcyclists do not like at all. is a great social network for bikers, where they share their stories and information about different bikes. Riders also mention things that they hate about biking. In the following write-up, we will discuss those things and know their condition well. Let us step into the reality of motorcycling.

1. Frustrating Traffic

Traffic is one of the irritating things that no biker wants to face. If you want to go outside to chill with your friends and suddenly, you get traffic, then that condition is quite painful to imagine. You are standing in long queues between stationary buses and cars.

The awful fumes will suffocate you, and therefore, traffic is the hardest thing that every biker wants to avoid. Every rider wants to go out on a free road in good weather for traveling. They want to breathe fresh air instead of harmful fumes out of cars and other vehicles.

2. Pain and Discomfort in Long Rides

Even when you are quite comfortable riding a bike but when you ride it for long hours, you will experience pain and discomfort. It is hard to drive for a long time, and it is better to take short breaks when you are on a long journey. It is important to consider silica-coated seats to make yourself comfortable and plan long tours. If you want to ride and enjoy your trip, you have to take care of your comfort level.

3. Rain

Rain can ruin the mood of a biker. Suppose you are on a road trip and suddenly, rain comes, you will get drenched with water. You can barely see anything because visibility gets low. After spending long hours in the rain, you may suffer from cold.

You cannot even change your clothes until you go back to your house. Another worst thing that bikers hate, i.e., car drivers splash water on pedestrians and bikers. They do not know how other people feel when anyone splashes a bucket of water on them.

4. Carrying Helmet Everywhere After the Ride

After a ride, when a biker parks his vehicle, he gets confused, whether to take his helmet along with him or not. Many people prefer locking their helmets with a bike, but some do not feel safe to leave anything.

Therefore, many people consider taking a helmet along with them, even if they are going to work or a restaurant. But after that, they have to reserve an extra seat to keep their belongings. It is hard to manage for many bikers, and they hate this thing a lot.

5. A helmet can Ruin Your Hairstyle

If you are going to a party or a date, you have to pay attention to your hairstyle. A biker needs to wear a helmet, and it can ruin the hairstyle. The solution is that you have to reach the destination a few minutes before to correct your hairstyle. You will get sticky hair when you remove the helmet.

Therefore, you have to prepare yourself to get a good hairstyle. You can also tell your problem to someone who can understand you and suggest better solutions. Many bikers hate this thing when it comes to motorcycling.

6. High Scope of Accidents

If we compare the scope of accidents, the bikers face a lot of accidents than car drivers. It is important to protect yourself while riding a bike. If you ride carelessly, then no one can save you from accidents. You have to be cautious when you are on the road.

You must spend enough money on maintenance so that you do not face any accident due to faults in your vehicle. While meeting an accident, it is not only dangerous for your body but also your vehicle. It is important to ride carefully.

7. Flat Tire

There is no spare wheel in a bike like cars and scooters. Getting a flat tire is another irritating condition that many motorcyclists hate. If you get stuck in a place without mechanical help, you have to drag your vehicle a long distance. It makes you quite tired and exhausting.

It is important to carry an air pump, a tubeless tire, and a puncture repair kit. You might feel overloaded, but it is necessary to have these things if you are going on a long journey. You must also know how to repair a tire because sometimes, you do not get any mechanical help.

8. No Space for Luggage

If you are going on a tour, then you have to carry little things in a bag. Unlike cars, you cannot carry the bulk of necessary things on a trip. If you are riding with your partner, then it is quite hard to carry other things. You can consider a bike only when you have to go on a short trip for one or two days.

You cannot carry luggage at a great distance because there are chances of slipping objects from your bike. There is another option to carry the luggage is tank bags. You can keep a lot of things but at the limit. But these tank bags can make your bike bulky, uncomfortable, and ugly. As a motorcyclist, you have to suffer the problem of carrying luggage on long distances.

The Bottom Line

Bikers love to ride a bike, but at the same time, they hate many things. We have listed all the problems that a motorcyclist suffers when he is riding his vehicle. Every problem has a solution, and it is fine to try out different things to figure out your issue. As a biker, you can also face the problems mentioned earlier. If you are planning to buy a bike, then it is important to consider these problems.

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