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Surprisingly Affordable Sports Cars with Very Reliable Features

Everybody desires a car that will impress in every aspect; appearance, performance, and luxury. The first thing that comes to mind considering the top of the line features for modern automobiles is sleek sports cars. The only downside is that many covet having a lavish ride but fall short on finances. In 2020, you will be amazed by how cost-effective some sports car models have become. The only catch is knowing the specs to review to ascertain that you get an affordable model that gives you your money’s worth in the long term.

Getting to the bottom of the exorbitant price tag attached to sports cars, it all comes to the issue of maintenance. Getting a reasonably-priced sports car only becomes a steal if the maintenance obligations on such a vehicle are flexible and budget-friendly. The main advantage enjoyed by sports car owners in busy cities in states like California is that they can liaise with the best automotive professionals who can deliver car-specific service. Those sports car owners living in San Francisco and its environs, can always maintain their priced automobiles in optimal condition and get instant services from expert auto locksmiths whenever they lose their vehicle keys, get locked out or if they need to upgrade their vehicle locks.

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List of some of the most reliable sports cars

Mazda MX-5 Miata

This unique sports model is one of the bestsellers in the world. There is no doubt that the 1989 car is probably the best performer at its price range. The machine is designed with straightforward functions hence is user-friendly and requires little effort to maintain and repair. It uses a manual transmission system despite its simple and light design, making it fashionable for young drivers. Moreover, it comes in a seamless convertible design with a soft-top cover.

If you like getting rugged when fixing your machines, this would be an excellent choice for grease monkeys since there are several online DIY tutorials to help solve the most common issues. The vehicle has a small-sized body to provide a pleasant sporty experience alongside a smooth handling capability. Spare parts are widely available thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of Mazda MX-5 Miata models in the modern market.

Even better, the latest technology is incorporated into the Mazda design to provide luxurious comfort features and cutting-edge entertainment.

Porsche 911

Porsche 911 is one of the most respected vintages of all time. The car is easily recognizable from its simple yet unique look that never fades. The German machine is a long-term investment that seems to retain its value even in the fast-changing automotive market. This means you can still sell at a considerable price years after using it, as long as you are keen on maintenance.

In most cases, users prefer not to sell this model due to its rare attributes, such as engine power. Consequently, prices are always rising, even for the used ones. Perhaps, the key reason this car never runs out of time is the continuous modifications made on recent models. The most recent trends refurbish the old machines making them relevant and adaptable.

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most practical popular vintage cars of our time. The American machine has a stylish old sporty look that offers the ultimate sporting experience.

This model is considered an engineering masterpiece owing to its engine options ranging from a four-cylinder to a 6.2 V8. Despite the fierce competition from other vehicle brands, the machine remains affordable but still high-performing sports cars available in the market. Its compatibility with spare parts made for other models makes it even cheaper and more reliable. Unfortunately, the vehicle is getting produced less frequently as time goes by.

Mitsubishi 3000GT


During the 90s, Mitsubishi decided to take a leap of faith and develop the most featureful sports car in the market. This is where the sensational 3000GT model was conceptualized. The vehicle is a complex heavy-weight machine that offers the utmost comfort. Although the vehicler can provide 394 HP, there are alternative non-sports cars that offer better output.

Oldsmobile Aurora

This vehicle manages 250HP support and has a higher crash withstanding than most 90s sports cars. It, however, has excessive weight, which partly contributes to its relatively low speed. Although the vehicle recorded impressive sales during its reign, it’s fan base has steadily declined over the years. Nevertheless, owning this model is more passion-inspired than performance-oriented. However, based on words from the wise, old is always gold, especially considering how unreliable some modern car designs are.

The recommended brands have spent substantial resources to boost durability, performance, and luxury features, and that is why they are still relevant to date. The described list of sports cars is most suitable for car enthusiasts working on a budget but are unwilling to compromise on quality for appearances.

Lotus Elise Sport

The Lotus Elise has one of the world’s best-handling exquisite steering and chassis. But this Lotus is old and could be seen as overpriced if you look at your cars objectively. Yet many of the Elise’s disadvantages can be ignored when you’re wrapped up in the tactile act of driving it.

5 Reasons Men Are Obsessed With Sport Cars

It’s better not to try to understand the reason why men are in love with sports cars. In short, men are obsessed with sport vehicles because they are cool, fast, strong, powerful and always attract attention. And that’s actually everything men are, or at least wish to be. Anyway here we want to least 5 common reasons of this obsession:

1. Way of self-expression

It is not a secret that a sports car is a men`s way to show his true nature. Not everybody is good looking, buff or lean as he would like to be, and owning a sports vehicle makes you feel much better about yourself and your life.

2. Way to proof yourself that you are successful

If you don’t have the opportunity to fulfil all your dreams, you always desire for more and wonder if you have achieved enough. With a potent and visually attractive sports car, you are more confident you have reached success.

3. A way to show you are cunning

It’s a mistake to think that in order to buy a sports car you need to sell a kidney on the black market. Some cars are more affordable than you suspect. So, successful research and purchase of such a car will prove the world that you are cunning, resourceful and good with money.

4. A way to get busy

One more amazing benefit of sports vehicles is just how enthralling they can be – you can work on your car for hours: come up with new exciting paint colours, textures and tones or pimp its rims.

A way to get what you want

Even if everything goes wrong in your life, your car will always stay by your side. It’s a best friend, listener and a collector of your secrets and dreams without any judgements. We give names to our cars, we consider them as our best friends and sweethearts. Your vehicle provides you with protection and comfort. You can rely on your vehicle even if you need a place to sleep at night and you have nowhere to go.

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