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Top Cars in Floyd Mayweather’s Garage 2019

Floyd Mayweather is a wealthy man, and he is not afraid to display his riches. The boxer is obviously living life to the fullest, and he often posts photos on Instagram with loads of cash in his hands which he later simply throws away at scantily-clad women. While some people find this way of life unappealing, Floyd obviously doesn’t mind.

Celebrities who earn a lot of money love to buy expensive cars, and Floyd Mayweather is no exception. Some costly vehicles are sitting in his garage and with Mayweather’s net worth of $340 million according to Forbes, buying the latest cars, and high-end models are nothing to be surprised about. We present you some of the top vehicles in possession of the popular boxer. (one of the best cars collection in the world)

7. Lamborghini Aventador


The Lamborghini Aventador is the perfect vehicle for Mayweather. It is beautiful and aggressive, and we had a few opportunities to see the boxer behind the wheel of the Italian supercar. This model is equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 engine, and it is one of the best you can find in the market. Although the Aventador is the vehicle that would be one of the most expensive cars in someone else’s garage, don’t forget that we are talking about Mayweather here. The white Aventador is one of the least expensive that he owns.

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