Vw E-Golf Autumn Launch with the Range of 200 Kilometers

Battery capacity has been pushed further to 35.8 kWh, but we are getting the same slow 3.6 kW charger. These are the specifications of the new generation VW e-Golf. The package owns 48 percent more capacity, which should be enough for a range of about 200 kilometers on one charge. That’s more than originally expected and for those who are interested in electric cars, this is a great thing. The current model has a nominal range of 130 kilometers.

The good news is that the future customers will not wait long for an improved electric VW e-Golf. The new model should be on the road this autumn in newly restyled form. The higher capacity of the battery is possible thankfully to the improved lithium-ion cells of 37 Ah, unlike the current 25 Ah. However, the new Golf will retain the current charger of 3.6 kW which is a real shame. This simply means that you will need at least 10 hours to fully charge the battery.

VW e-Golf batteries

An additional 70 kilometers of the range is going to be enough for a larger number of customers that will examine the possibility of buying. This way we are sure that VW will be able to attract more customers to their EV’s.

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