What’s So Special About Motorcycle Boots – 2024 Guide

Unfortunately, traffic accidents often happen, especially when you do not have adequate equipment. An important part of the equipment are motorcycle boots, because people in the accident mostly injure their feet and legs. It is very frivolous to ride a motorcycle with light footwear, because without firm shoes you expose your feet and lower legs.

Research shows that motorcyclists are at the highest risk of accidents on the road compared to other road users. If you want to be completely protected in such situations, it is necessary to wear all the equipment, ie helmet, clothes, gloves and boots. In the following, we will discuss the types of motorcycle boots and how important they are as part of the equipment.

What features should I look for when buying motorcycle boots?

Since the boots are exposed to various shocks, it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which the shoes are made. You will know that you have found the right model if your footwear is resistant to other external influences such as heat and wear. In this case, leather proved to be the best option or the strongest material. Regardless of the shape of the boot, make sure that they contain a special reinforcement so that they are not destroyed due to occasional rubbing with asphalt. This is especially important for certain parts of the boots, such as the toes, the heel and the ankle. Remember that your footwear has two most important roles.

First of all, they should increase safety, but also make it easier to brake and change gears. Every man has a different foot and legs, make sure your boots have adjustable options. For example, these can be buttons or zippers that will provide a better snug fit. Other characteristics, such as water resistance, are also desirable. If your shoes are waterproof, you can wear them in all weather conditions. Pay attention to the sole of the shoe, because it must be resistant to slipping. That way, you will always have a secure grip. In that case, you can choose between different materials, such as rubber, leather or even steel. Remember that boots must first and foremost be flexible. Otherwise, you will have a problem changing gears.

Types of boots

There are several different variants of motorcycle boots. Today, you will find various manufacturers on the market who have adapted the design of boots to the requirements of the average motorcyclist. There are several types of motorcycle boots. These are touring boots, sport boots, biker or city boots, and off-road or enduro boots. The first type of boots is a great choice for people who enjoy long rides. They are usually made of leather, have a minimum of protectors and mostly have a zipper. Sports shoes are used during sports driving, the material can be synthetic or leather, and they are closed with buttons or a zipper.

Biker boots are more suitable for those who do not like high-ankle motorcycle boots. In that case even military boots can be useful and you can see examples if you check
The calves and lower leg are exposed, the material is mostly a combination of leather or textile. You will notice an extension of the material on them, which provides exceptional protection of the ankle. This type of boots is very urban and popular outside of motorcycle circles. They are available in different versions, and most models give the appearance of a pointed front foot. Some even extend to half of the lower leg. Many have small heels to better control the pedal and will therefore remind you a bit of cowboy boots. Their design is very simple which will make you look very relaxed on your machine.

Most models have no reinforcement but a slightly thicker layer of leather. Although they fit loosely when pulled over your feet, they will be very useful while driving. Hiking boots are definitely the best option for long trips, but they are suitable for every motorcyclist regardless of the route. They are mainly used on tours or during excursions. Since they are made of leather, they come in black which means they fit easily into any outfit. This type of boots can also be adjusted in width, and they contain velcro or a zipper.

The rest of the equipment

Although boots are a very important part of the equipment, we must not neglect the rest of the clothes. We definitely put a helmet that protects the head in the first place! In the city we can often see someone riding a motorcycle or scooter without a helmet. This is a really big mistake because it represents an unnecessary additional exposure to the risk of injury when falling. First, let’s start with the most banal thing for which you should wear a helmet. Each type of helmet (full face, jet, flip up) has a visor. Another important piece of equipment is a jacket. Jackets for motorcyclists made of durable materials resistant to tearing when sliding on a surface. In addition, almost all jackets today are produced with protectors on the back, shoulders and elbows.

Another benefit is that pants and a jacket can often be joined via a zipper or buttons. This is very good in case that if there is a fall, the jacket will not rise and leave the body unprotected, and the pants will stay in place. The first reflex thing every driver does when falling is to place his hands to protect himself. This is where the palms and fingers immediately come into contact, which in contact with the asphalt immediately become skinless, and often there is an injury to the joint. So you have to use gloves.


Don’t make a huge mistake like some motorcyclists who invest all their money in buying a motorcycle and set aside very little money to buy equipment. Although buying equipment is not as interesting an experience as buying a motorcycle, it is necessary to pay equal attention to them. It is the boots, helmet and the rest of the equipment that will protect you from minor and sometimes more serious injuries. In addition to all the equipment, it is important that you respect the traffic regulations and that you carry the equipment constantly. Equipment helps you save serious injuries, respect yourself and others, and strive to be an exemplary driver.

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