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14 Easy Car Maintenance And Repair Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Keeping a car maintained without any professional help is not that difficult as it seems to be. However, some easy hacks and repair tips can help you best to keep a car tip-top. Timely fixing of the car can reduce the hassles of expenses, and extend life as well. Here are fourteen car maintenance and repairing tasks you can do yourself.

1. Replace Wiper Blades:


People think wiper blades need pro help, but it is simple and easy, which takes just a few minutes with no hassles. Just press the washer button and check if the blade wipes clean the car glass efficiently if not time to replace them.

You can buy wiper blades from reliable companies such as ANCO, Trico, or Bosch, as are affordable options with quality. Moreover, the UV protection rubber wipers give extended usability. With wiper blades, the installation instruction is also printed, that provides easy replacement technique.

2. Replace Engine Air Filter:

Prior is to check the engine air filter if it needs any kind of repair or replacement. For easy replacement, just unscrew the air filter box and remove the filter. The best way to check the filter blockage is to see if light passes through it. If it fails to pass out at least 50% of light through it, then the engine air filter needs replacement. You can follow the air filter changing steps to fix these car issues within a few minutes.

3. Replacement Of A Pickup Bumper:

Bumper with dents and rust can deadlock the entire look of the car, and changing at car service station needs significant investment. But you can do it yourself and can save a massive amount. However, it is tricky yet not challenging. On, you can find the car repair manuals of your vehicle and self-help over such problems.

4. Dents And Small Door Dings On Car:

Dents on vehicles are common, which often patch with scratches as well. To deal with all such dings and dents, sandpaper, auto body filler, creams, etc. are available. First, you need to use sandpaper then over the edges for the perfect finish. The use of auto body filler wax or cream will give your car smooth and light skin coating.

5. Brush Out The Air Vents Of Car:

The louvers in air vents also need efficient cleaning, and maintenance as a layer of dust just settles over them. A simple vacuum cleaning is often insufficient, so it needs the perfect technique to remove dust. You can buy a simple artist paintbrush for more reliable cleaning on air vents. This is even a pocket-efficient option wipe dust from louvers.

6. Vacuuming and Cleaning Of Car Interiors:

It is just impossible to rush for a car vacuum and clean at the service center, and the best and affordable is to buy a small vacuum cleaner. Your one-time investment in the vacuum will offer efficiency anytime for cleaning and maintaining. Within a few minutes, you can wipe all food debris and dust particles out of the car. Notable is buying a vacuum cleaner that is power-efficient, good in performance, and multi-functional to clean car interiors.

7. Tire Change and Air Pressure Check:

Timely check on air pressure on tires enables the hassles of puncture or low pressure while driving. If you need to pump up the car tire, just detach the lug nuts carefully by the electric wrench. You can buy an electric wrench from any car store, and it is even available in online stores.

8. Keep All Essential Lubricants:

According to professionals from this site, timely lubrication is essential for vehicles to keep all parts maintained and functioning. Buy all required lubricant products to save service charges for such small repair tasks. As a car owner, you need the necessary chemicals and lubricants as follows:

  • Lithium grease to lubricate car locks and hinges.
  • Chemical-based cleaner for removing oil and grease from internal parts.
  • Rust removal and cleaner are also required.
  • Metal lubricants and cleaner for removal of corrosion.
  • Anti-seize lubrication spray.
  • Di-electric grease oil electrical components and removal of rust.

9. Easy Change Of Engine Coolant:

It takes no time to remove and change the engine coolant. All you need to get the air-powered refilling tool to detach the air pockets from the engine cooling system. This will crucially save the right amount of service charges and save time as well.

10. Rubber Band Bolt Holder:

Unlike pro mechanics, you need to invest and use magnetic sockets to prevent bolts from falling. A simple rubber band works the same after placing it into the strips of the sockets. Just insert the bold head, and this won’t affect bolts from falling and losing.

11. Cleaning Of The Car Headlights:

Cloudy headlights of cars and even other vehicles are always dangerous. You need to replace or else maintained them frequently. To avoid road accidents and safe driving at night, headlights are so crucial in automobiles. You can buy quality headlights in pocket-friendly charges, within all instructions for easy replacement.

12. Easy Replacement Of Car Struts:

After an estimated average of 80,000 or more miles, car struts need replacement and significant maintenance. Struts are, however, quite expensive, and additional labor work makes it worth high in price. Easy online tutorials and steps can help you to change car struts efficiently and effortlessly.

13. Finishing Of Wheels And Wheel Covers:

Wheels are the most affected part of any vehicle, fledged with dust and rust. Even the wheel covers are also crashed with many dents and scratches, that loses the finish as well. Apart from regular visiting to the car service station, best it to fix such small maintenance issues by self. All such efforts of removing rust, dust, and finishing with paints can take a whole day, which saves the right amount. All such required supplies for refinishing wheels are available at any car store.

14. Car Washing And Car Polish:

Removing car dust and washing is a little massive task, but still, if you want can do it yourself. You can buy car washing and cleaning products. Even if you prefer to polish, get quality car wax and polishing cream for a pretty good shine. But before you polish prior is to follow scratch repair steps, for the more effortless task.

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