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2017 Honda Fit – Fit Guy Playing Jazz

2017 Honda Fit

Whether you call it Fit or Jazz, depending on where you have settled on this globe, you probably know about it. Honda introduced it in 2001, Americans were patient till 2006, and it had an idea of offering lots of space in smallest city car package, so it wasn’t ashamed to flirt with MPV features, bringing slightly different styling in its class. And not to be forgotten, always special, Magic Seats were offering additional trunk under rear seats, making possible the idea that family can carry proper luggage in this segment. Today 2017 Honda Fit is in its third generation, and three years has passed from its introduction.

2017 Honda Fit STYLING

It looks Honda like, so it’s decent. Lines are pretty sharp, as with brand in question, and decreasing line at the side makes interesting addition along with sharp hips at the back.

2017 Honda Fit

Rear lights are Volvo style, and they fit well, while headlamps are classic Honda, no special buzz. Some parts add to feel of sportiness some not, and it is hard to conclude something in general.


Styling is hard to comprehend, as is glitter and glare of Tokyo streets to the stranger. Dash is a mixture of everything and it hardly make sense to non-Japanese eyes. Front seats are acceptable, not much more than just that, materials are far from refined, and noise is sometimes questionable. But it has Magic Seats.

2017 Honda Fit Interior

The brilliant system in which the Fit’s rear bench seat can flip up to open a highly useful cargo space. Choose a “tall” mode and it locks the base cushion into a vertical base to allow your child to stand inside of the car, but don’t do that while driving. The second option is to go with “long” mode that allows the front and rear passenger seats to lay nearly flat and create a space big enough for you to transport much larger objects like surfboard or ladders. Third and finally the “refresh” mode tilts the rear seat backrests for improved long distance comfort if you want to take a quick nap. Simply Magic.


Old but in same time new engine, as familiar 1.5-liter inline-four gasoline unit rated at 130 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque is offered. This engine comes equipped with direct injection and weight savings measures applied to its crankshaft and intake manifold. For gearbox, so far you can choose between 6-speed manual, which is very precise, and CVT that works well too.

2017 Honda Fit Engine

If you opt for 2017 Honda Fit with highest Sport trim offering, it will offer more direct throttle response although ineffective on acceleration time. Another interesting feature for this one are the paddle shifters that allow you to manually go through seven “gears.” Peak torque is rather high at 4,600 rpm meaning you will have to spin it to high revs quite ofter and sadly predecessor was more fun to drive, though this is acceptable also. For efficiency, this is one of the best vehicles in US market as you can count on 36 mpg combined consumption.


Honda offers the Fit in a three trim levels: LX, EX, and EX-L. Standard equipment is generous, at least for this segment, so count on power windows and locks, air conditioning, keyless entry, a rearview camera, a USB port, cruise control, Bluetooth with audio streaming, and a height-adjustable driver’s seat and everything said for $16,825 as a starting price tag. You will notice that that is more than some rivals, but the amount of equipment offered, make it profitable in the end.



2017 Honda Fit is less lively than ancestors as ride joy is concerned, but it is offering more appealing looks as MPV design features are softened, and Magic Seats are still here. It is by far most spacious subcompact car, so feel free to forgive awkwardness of the interior and usual Honda’s quality of plastic.


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