2017 Jeep Luminator – Light Show

2017 Jeep Luminator

We mentioned that Jeep was quite busy around Easter Jeep Safari happening. The special off-road event taking place around Moab in Utah has become one of the most important 4×4 events in the world, and Jeep has been treating us with various concepts revealed for this occasion in the last 15 years. The same story applies for this round, and we have no less than seven of them. The majority of these are tied to Wrangler, as CJ66, Luminator, Quicksand, Switchback, and Safari, while Grand One is factory restored 1993 Cherokee and Trailpass is modified newest Compass. We covered Quicksand concept in details and now is time for 2017 Jeep Luminator.


In shortest – this is illuminated Wrangler. The main thing with this concept is obviously extreme night visibility as it is treated with an abundance of LED lighting. Headlights are in full LED configuration, we have two light projectors mounted on the bumper throwing light in front but also to the side, while at the corners we get another pair of small lights, A-pillars house small double lights, there is a light bar behind the windshield, and even beneath the vehicle.

2017 Jeep Luminator

Everything is in pure LED configuration including turn signals and fog lights, but there is even more. We are getting big light bar mounted on the hood which contains night vision scanner that can detect people or animals and instantly turn on mentioned light bar in order to put a light on them, as presumably Jeep thought that all other lights might not be enough.

At the back, stop light has been treated with special attention as it shines different colors depending on the situation. It tries to tell about the vehicle speed as with speeds between 1 and 3 mph it shines amber, till 25 mph it glows green, and for braking, we have usual red, while it can also shine bright acting as a rear flashlight. Let’s sum up with the conclusion that something that has around 20 LED lights can maybe outshine the sun.

2017 Jeep Luminator Design

Lights, lights, and more lights, it’s all about this. But when it comes to paint job we have black and blue color theme over the body. The lower part of the car up to waistline is painted light blue along with the rim of alloys and spare wheel cover, while grille, hood, and area around the windows is painted black. And one more thing, the roof is white, and we have white stripes on the side. At the left tail light we have hidden 110-volt power outlet, and since we mentioned rear lights, there is something special about them.

2017 Jeep Luminator

They are borrowed from Ferrari and judging by the shape they could be from 458 Italia, FF or F12 model, so pick you favorite. The roof is not just differently colored it has solar panel to supply all that lighting and guess what? Drone landing pad. Rear window from driver’s side is replaced by the touchscreen, with which you can control the drone, along with other more usual stuff as surfing the Internet. Also, on the front fender, we have emblems depicting Moab’s most well-known off-road trails.



This concept is not just interesting sighting as it can move. We have standard 3.6-liter Pentastar naturally aspired V6 under the hood delivering 285 hp and 252 lb-ft of torque, which is the best thing that you can get in regular Jeep.

We still have low range gearbox as standard, lockers, while we have added special front bumper with Warn winch, hood carving with heat reduction in mind, Jeep Performance Parts beadlock wheels and huge Goodyear Wrangler MT/R mud tires, making this thing more than capable in all off-road excursions. In the end, the whole stance is raised, and fenders are especially thin, so it is easier to see some of the happenings under the vehicle.

We say that if 2017 Jeep Luminator gives up on the majority of that lighting, bring back rear window and ditch drone airfield, it could be a quite interesting special edition of Wrangler, but that is not going to happen, unfortunately.

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