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2017 Mercedes GLS – Plated GLE

Mercedes first introduced us with GL model in 2006, and now we are socializing with the second generation introduced in 2012. In 2015 refresh came and beside aesthetic changes, it also brought new name GLS. Whether you are angry with Mercedes forcing you to memorize its new nomenclature or you are emotionally attached to old names, you got to agree that it is more logical and it will make everything easier by time. GL and now GLS had always raised some suspicion as looking just as the up-scale version of ML now GLE, taking its interior among else, while Range Rover screamed with uniqueness and extravagance. While British fortress annihilates Merc in sales in Europe, German did the same to Britons on US market, which has much greater potential for big figures, and that was enough for 2017 Mercedes GLS to still sit proudly in its segment.


The first thing, it’s huge. And it looks huge. And it should be. Because it represents S class in SUV environment, but elevated body make it looks preposterous in its size. Refresh in 2015 was Germanic-like, nothing spectacularly new, but everything is a step closer to perfection. At first glance, you’ll notice modern looking new bumper, and at a second and further look, you will see a lot of other things, new headlamps, rear bumper, rear lights, new grill, and rest. It is face-lift in the literal sense, and it did a good job making it, even more, imposing on the street. Compared to rivals it’s not as sleek and interesting as Range Rover, but it is more attractive compared to Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator especially when looked from behind.

Mercedes GLS 2017 Interior

It is taken from GLE, and that makes it kind of sad. GLE is a class below, and although nicer materials were used, there is a sense that more could be done styling wise. Make a note Mercedes and next time give it S-class interior, the one that it deserves. On the other hand, if you leave styling aside, sublime build quality, only-German-can sturdiness, attention to details makes it Kobe beef-stake among regulars. It will also take seven people without whining, and it can swallow 94 cubic feet of cargo. Refresh brought COMAND touchpad so it can align with its new brand siblings that were introduced in the meantime.


Offer is satisfying. Entry would be 350D turbo-charged diesel with 255 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque, while petrol powered GLS400 and 500 follow, first with 331 hp and second with 455 hp. Least powered diesel take 7.8 seconds 0-60 mph, so you’ll newer worry about acceleration. If you ever wondered what would be if you just install jet power in a car, firstly you are immature, secondly, Mercedes thought of you and offered 63 AMG with 585 hp with a sprint to sixty well below 5 seconds, ready to take you to the moon. All non-AMG models come with with a new nine-speed automatic, while AMG is with old seven-speed automatic.


Ride just follows luxury ideas of the cabin. It is quite, serene actually, and gear box is optimized for comfort, so it will usually start from second gear to preserve smoothness. Sadly there is not much feedback from the wheels, but they mounted mountain on them, and we should maybe give them a break. Brake pedal could be more responsive, but it could also be that we are nitpicking now.

2017 Mercedes GLS Price

Price starts around $70,000 for US market, but add easily $20k more if you go for any extras. In overall, it is Mercedes biggest bid in SUV segment, at least until Maybach version of it comes, and we are refusing to elaborate on that anything further.

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