US Top 10 Best Selling Models (Infographic) – January of 2017

The cars are all about design, looks, power, performance, speed, all of those things. But, in addition to those traits which we already named there is one equally important. Yes, we are talking about sales and numbers in which those are delivered.

Top 10 Best Selling Models

Top 10 Best Selling Models @ US

The look of the car means nothing if it’s not selling well. During the years the bestsellers came from almost each and every segment, from trucks, minivans, SUVs to family cars, crossovers and sports cars. This year has brought a new trend wherein the top ten best-selling cars in January we have only one family car. SUVs and trucks dominate the list. See the full list bellow.

2018 Toyota Camry

10) It is not a surprise that on the bottom end of this we have a family vehicle. Toyota’s car is the only representative of this segment that made to this list. Camry is one of the best-selling models of this Japanese manufacturer, but it is nowhere near topping reaching higher positions.

2018 Ford Escape

9) Ninth place is reserved for Ford’s very popular crossover Escape. When it was first introduced it wasn’t expected to have such a good sales but in the recent years market shifted in the direction of compact SUVs, and Escape took full advantage of that. It is so popular that Ford has only one better-selling model.

2017 Toyota Corolla/iM

8) Another model from Toyota has an excellent sales ratio, and it is Corolla/iM. Very popular in its native Japan, and also in Canada. Its reliability made it successful in the States, not to mention that this model is available in almost every corner of the globe hence its place on this list.

2018 Toyota RAV4

7) First SUV on this list is Toyota’s globally popular model RAV4. This vehicle owes its sale results to its diversity. It is sold in petrol, diesel, and hybrid variants. Add beautiful design to it, and you get 22,155 sales trough the month of January.

2018 Honda Civic

6) Japanese manufacturers have good results with in the new year, and they surely deserved it. Honda has a lot of revamped models, but Civic holds a special place in hearts of both its customers and creators. The work put into this vehicle made it one of the most sought after automobiles this year.

2018 Nissan Rogue

5) Nissan Rogue always attracted admirers and made them into customers. This year more than ever. Compared to the January of 2016 its sales rose up by 45.5%. If there is a car that took advantage of crossovers newly emerged popularity, then that is Rogue.

2018 Honda CR-V

4) Remember last year when we waited for new CR-V which should be presented at the start of this year? Remember the way Honda surprised the world with late 2016 release? They obviously had a strategy and reason for why they did it. Whatever it was, their reward was 29,287 units sold during the month of January. Well done Honda.

2017 Ram Trucks

3) When you only make pickups, in order to have enough sales, you need to make them right. No, you need to make them excellent. That is exactly what RAM does with its trucks, and in return, they got the third spot on the list with 33,553 units sold in the first month of this year.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado
source: caranddriver

2) A few months ago test mules o 2019 Silverado were sighted, and we knew that new model is in the works. No, there is nothing wrong with the current version, it is good, but Chevy wants to make it even better. The ongoing truck is sold in 35,553 pieces from the start of the new year to the end of January. Excellent numbers, so what’s wrong with it? It’s good; it sells even better. Well, the first place on this list will give you the answer.

Ford F series

1) Number one. Numero uno. The best seller! Champion of sales. 57,995 units sold. Only one company, only one series could do this. The dominant car predator on the market. Ford F-Series.

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