2018 Mazda 6

2018 Mazda 6 – When the latest model of Mazda 6 hit the showrooms, it was evident that from the outside nothing much has changed. Most of the updates happened on the inside, and that was fine with us. 2017 model kept the look that was very appealing to the customers. But, nevertheless the time is right to make some exterior changes, and we think that small restyling is on schedule with Mazda 6 2018.

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07/03/2018. Update:

At Geneva’s grand stage Mazda presented its updated 2018 Mazda 6 Tourer. The changes are mostly found in the cabin. This was expected because when the Japanese manufacturer introduced this vehicle for 2017 MY, it’s exterior received a significant update. The saloon version of Mazda 6 was shown at Los Angeles Motor Show Last year. Now the Hiroshima-based company continued with a refresh of its lineup by showing Mazda 6 Tourer at Geneva.

New Tourer received the same treatment sedan version did during 2017. The changes are like we said mostly based on the interior, but there were small outside touches. New details include a mesh grille and chrome details around headlights. The more pronounced updates happened inside the cabin.

The dashboard was completely overhauled. Now, the entire cabin has more plain surfaces. Technology, switchgear, and seats are all brand new. The central part of the infotainment system is a new eight-inch touchscreen display. A seven-inch TFT display as instrument cluster is also available, but it comes as an optional feature.

2018 Mazda 6 Tourer

Under the hood, according to bestnetreview, 2018 Mazda 6 Tourer will most likely offer a 2.2-liter diesel and 2.0-liter gasoline units. These mills are what’s currently available with this model, but maybe the carmaker is preparing us a surprise. The engine options are not known at this moment. The only thing that Japanese manufacturer promised us are performance and efficiency. This leaves space for another powertrain. We’ll wait and see.

The updates on new Tourer include a couple of tweaks on the chassis. Mazda upgraded suspension setup which now gives more comfort and agility to this vehicle. I-ACTIVESENSE safety system was also incorporated on this model together with driver assistance tech and 360-degree top-down camera.

Now, with 2018 Mazda 6 Tourer, this carmaker completely updated its 6 range. In addition to this vehicle, they used Geneva to preview their Vision Coupe design study and Kai concept. The later one is a SKYACTIVE-X powered concept which previews new Mazda 3.

The SKYACTIV-X SCCI tech by Mazda

October 2017 brought us something rather interesting from Mazda, look here. Yes, the same company that brought us rotary engines and the one that kept challenging and evading the conventional. Japanese carmaker was always about bringing out the best in things, and they continued that by searching for the maximum energy that fuel can offer, but there is one important thing you have to note. They are also all about understanding the earth’s core environmental problems that call for an immediate reduction of CO2. This is thankfully achieved by Mazda’s “Wheel-To-Wheel” philosophy and innovation never seen before. Here is the company’s SKYACTIV-X technology and what you need to know about it.

For those of you that are not engineers, Mazda has so thoughtfully assembled a couple of videos explaining how this engine and technology works, and we will also try and simplify as much as possible. The gist of the entire thing is that you have a petrol engine that can run just like a diesel one. How? Well, thanks to something called Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition, it uses compression ignition to burn its fuel. But, the most magnificent thing here is that this is THE FIRST engine that can switch seamlessly between compression and spark ignition, depending on the amount of load you put on it of course. There is also one more thing that is new in this entire system and it is the split fuel injection system and an in-cylinder pressure sensor that are supposed to keep stable combustions and heat inside the cylinders in optimal ranges.

Here is the explanation that Mazda gave to the general public:
“The SKYACTIV-X controls the distribution of the air-fuel mixture in order to enable lean burn using the SPCCI mechanism. First, a lean air-fuel mixture for compression ignition is distributed throughout the combustion chambers. Next, precision fuel injection and swirl are used to create a zone of richer air-fuel mixture—rich enough to be ignited with a spark and to minimize nitrous oxide production—around the spark plugs. Using these techniques, SPCCI ensures stable combustion.”

What all this engineering mambo-jumbo translates into is the fact that Mazda’s 2.0 L Skyactiv-X engine has up to 30 % more torque, it’s throttle response is a lot sharper and most importantly, it brings a 20% improvement in fuel economy, and this is of course in comparison with company’s current 2.0 L gasoline engine. There is one more thing that the company boasts with and it is the fact that thanks to their innovation, at low speeds, you get even better fuel mileage thanks to the ability to run on a super lean fuel mixture. This new tech will be widely implemented in 2020, and it will make its debut in Mazda 3, which we all could see in the new Kai Concept that debuted at Tokyo.

If Mazda manages to implement this successfully (and we see no reason why not) then this innovation could mean one thing – internal combustion engines will remain relevant on the market, despite the fact that there are ever-increasing strict emission standards and economy regulations. This will also give the internal combustion engine a strong fighting chance against its most bitter rival – the electric motor.

24.02.2018. Update:

Turbo engine for 2018 Mazda 6 finally confirmed

It was rumored for many months that the Mazda 6 would receive turbo engine, and finally, we have official confirmation about this. On top of that, Mazda Canada delivered info about pricing for the significantly upgraded sedan.

Not only that the turbo unit will be added to the options list, but it was also announced that the SKYACTIV-G 2.5-liter unit would offer cylinder deactivation, making this one the first four-cylinder engine with that feature in North America. The only option here is the SKYACTIV-Drive six-speed automatic.

image source:

The new engine in the lineup is the SKYACTIV-G 2.5T unit that brings Dynamic Pressure Turbo and is capable of producing 227 hp when fed with 87 octane gasoline. If you want more power then you should know that with 93 octane fuel you will be getting 250 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque that is available from 2,000 rpm. We already saw this powerplant in the CX-9 crossover, and it received Ward’s 10 Best awards.

The price for the entry-level version is set to $27,000 while at the top of the list is the Signature trim that goes from $38,800. More options that top offer brings allows Japanese carmakers to compete in a higher class than usual. Things that you are getting here include Brown Nappa leather, Sen wood accents, Top View Monitor, seven-inch TFT digital instrument cluster, and front and rear parking sensors.

We still do not have all the info regarding the pricing, specs, and fuel economy figures. We expect these to be announced closer to the release date which has been set for April of this year.

07.02.2018. UPDATE:

2018 Mazda 6 Wagon Unveiled

We expect to see an updated version of Mazda 6 Wagon at the Geneve Motor Show that is scheduled for March, but the good news is that this model was unveiled to us slightly before that. More details will be offered at a later date, but for now, we are quite happy with what we are seeing.

image source:

Front segment of the wagon will be identical to what we are getting from the facelifted sedan that was unveiled in November last year. We can see new headlamps, grille, and fascia, but, currently, there are no images of the rear segment. Our predictions are that we will see slightly different bumper and taillights compared to the version that is present on the market right now.

Just like with the front segment, the interior will be taken from the sedan version, and we don’t mind that. New seats and upgraded dashboard are present while features like radar cruise control with stop and go system and 360 camera are included in the list of equipment. Japanese car maker brought changes that improve handling, but also, they worked on road noise reduction.

image source:

At this moment we are still a month away from Geneva so it is a question what will the company offer under the hood of this beauty. One thing we hope to see is the 2.5-liter I4 turbo engine currently available in CX-9 and sedan version. This unit is capable of delivering about 230 hp or 170 kW and 420 NM of torque. Interesting to note is that Mazda suggested that the “boosted SkyActiv powertrain performance” will be offered with the wagon but they did not explicitly say if that is related to a new turbo engine we mentioned here or if there will be some upgrades to the lineup of gasoline and diesel powerplants we have now.

2018 Mazdaspeed 6 And Possible AWD

The most recent report suggests that Japanese brand might introduce AWD option for the 2018 Mazda 6. Even the demand for sedans is diminishing there are still people that want a sporty vehicle in this segment but with all-wheel drive. This has been a noticeable trend and it appears that Mazda wants to attract more customers with this option.

image source:

All the way back in 2007 Mazdaspeed 6 was discontinued and the all-wheel drive model was erased from the lineup, but according to recent reports, things are about to change. Refreshed 2018 Mazda 6 has been tested by National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration, and in their crash test report, it was noted that there are two options when it comes to the drivetrain. One of those listed shows front-wheel drive and the other is with all-wheel drive setup.

During further investigation of this matter, the report of AWD version was removed. In an effort to clarify this, NHTSA was contacted, but no response came. Japanese carmaker spokesperson also declined to give any details about the report stating that they are “unable to discuss speculations.” The second question was about compression ignition engine and Skyactiv-X technology and the possibility for this to be included in the redesigned model. This one, again, was left with no answer.

It was stated that the company plans to organize press event at which Skyactiv-X tech would be introduced and explained in more details. It is also reported that press members will have the opportunity to drive a vehicle equipped with this engine and talk to the engineers that are responsible for the development. Hopefully, they will deliver more details about both of these burning questions.

16.11.2017. UPDATE:

2018 Mazda 6 With More Power And Improved Features

New details have emerged about the 2018 Mazda 6, and those are coming directly from the carmaker. It is said that more features and upgrades will be available while the new engine with more power will be offered in the lineup.

image source:

According to this report, it seems that 2.5-liter I4 turbo will be coming and it should better suit the aggressive appearance and driving dynamics of the vehicle. This unit will be borrowed from the CX-9 crossover, but it is not clear if there will be a power upgrade or it will offer similar figures like the one in bigger brother.

We are not expecting to see anything less than 250 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque on premium gasoline or at least 227 hp when regular unleaded is in your tank. Another thing that hasn’t been confirmed is the transmission of choice that will be paired with this unit under the hood of this mid-size sedan. Will it be the six-speed automatic like in the case of CX-9 or the Japanese company has something else in store for us?

Interior changes include Japanese Sen wood, synthetic suede, upgraded infotainment system (it should finally support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) and air conditioned seats. All these features represent a good leap forward to premium class and will certainly elevate the quality.

image source:

Just as always, safety is one of the most important segments, and there should be the surround view camera and cruise control that can completely stop your car and later on get it going in traffic.

The official unveiling of the 2018 Mazda 6 has been scheduled for Los Angeles Auto Show that starts in late November, so stay tuned as more info will be offered in the next few weeks.

25.09.2017. Update:

2020 Mazda 6 RWD Sharing Platform With Toyota RX-9 Rumor

All sources indicate that the new generation Mazda6 will come in late 2019 or early 2020 as we know that the current version has been introduced in 2012 with 2016 facelift. The big surprise might come in the form of the rear wheel drive allowing this sedan to compete with more premium offer on the market.

According to Car Sensor, Mazda could use FR platform that has been developed by Toyota. Another interesting thing about the underpinnings in question is that it will supposedly be employed for the highly anticipated RX-9 sports car.

image source:

In this mix is also the BMW 3 Series, and we know that some of the carmakers already had good cooperation when it comes to development. Things that point out in a direction that this might not happen are related to SkyActiv-Body Gen 2 and SkyActiv Chassis Gen 2 that are being prepared for 2019 Mazda 3 and will certainly come for 6.

Engine department will see the 2.0-liter SkyActiv-X unit that is also available in hatchback, but it is believed that mild-hybrid system could come here. The 48-Volt setup is a possibility, but we will have to wait and see. One more thing that has been announced is the SkyActiv-D Gen 2 turbo diesel engine that should be offered in 2020 and certainly will find its way to 6 for some markets.

When it comes to the new generation 2020 Mazda6, we still do not have any details about the possibility of the introduction of wagon model since the previous one was discontinued due to low sales numbers. Many asked about the MPS version and rumors point out that SkyActiv-X 2.5-liter powerplant could be under the hood of the sportier car.

We are still pretty far away from seeing the new vehicle on the market but to be honest, we are quite confident that RWD version will not come. Mid-size segment and models like this one are simply not attractive enough for the Japanese carmaker to justify the development costs.

image source:

60,000 Mazda6s Recalled Over Airbag And Power Steering Problems

A total number of recalled vehicles by Japanese carmaker surpassed 60,000 in U.S. and Canada. According to the company, there is a problem with power-assisted steering and passenger airbag.

Wires that go beneath the front passenger seat can cause an electrical shortage that affects power steering and airbag. This can happen due to wires rubbing that results in insulation stripping.

Even there are no reports of crashes caused by this issue it is possible for this to increase the probability of an accident. The first sign of trouble should be the various warning lights that will go off. Recalls are scheduled to begin on September 29. When you go to the dealers, it will be thoroughly examined, and the protective pad or insulating tape will be added to prevent problems.


Overview: – Source:

2018 Mazda 6 – 9 Facts

2018 Mazda 6 Changes

Exterior could be upgraded with the introduction of new tail and headlights and also with slightly different front and rear bumpers. The more aggressive style is something that was lacking on all previous Mazda 6 models. The sporty look would be appreciated by many fans of this vehicle because voices that demand Mazda 6 Coupe are getting louder. With the more aggressive exterior introduction of the coupe version would be easier. Interior is expected likely to remain the same because it is on a whole new level with 2017 MY. G-Vectoring control, I-Active sense, full-color TFT screen are just some of the things with which Mazda 6 is equipped, and we expect those to come in future versions.

2017 MY Shown – Source:

Price of new Mazda 6

With small changes that Japanese brand will certainly deliver with its 6 model, the price should stay at the same level. This was the case with 2017 MY that suffered only a minor increase in price compared to the 2016 Mazda 6. You should look for the new Mazda at various dealerships such as

2017 Mazda 6 Specs

Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase 111.4
Length 192.7
Height 57.1
Width 72.4
Weight 3179
Engine And Transmission
Engine type Inline-4
Displacement 2.5 L/152
Power/torque 184hp @ 5700 and 185 lb-ft @ 3250
Transmission 6-speed manual
0-60 mph 7.5 sec
Top speed 140 mph
PRICE RANGE: Base model starts @ $22,780
Competitors: Honda Accord, Chevy Malibu, Toyota Camry, Subaru Legacy


At this moment the only option for your Mazda 6 is to take it with a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine that is capable of producing 184 hp and 185 lb-ft of torque. This is definitely one of the segments where we want to see more, and to be precise, a lot more.

MazdaSpeed 6 would be an ideal solution for all those potential buyers that want little bit more power. If the Japanese carmaker packs twin turbo I4 or turbocharged V6 unit under the hood we are sure that more people would be swayed towards this vehicle and brand.

Those that are a bit on the extreme side would like to see 300+ hp, but that is quite far fetched since it would be a huge jump from the currently offered option. On the other hand, we can see many companies, especially Germans, delivering cars in this and similar segment powered by 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 units that are capable of pumping out 240 hp and even more. If Mazda 6 comes with anything about 220 hp we would be satisfied, at least to begin with.

You might or might not know anything about HCCI engines. In case you do not know what that means here is a brief explanation. These units use high compression to ignite gasoline in cylinders thus eliminating spark plugs, similar to what we get with diesel engines. This tech lowers fuel consumption but also improves performances. According to reports, the 2018 Mazda 6 will be the first vehicle to get this new unit under its hood meaning that it could approach that 200 hp mark.

We need to take a look at the other side of this coin, at least when it comes to a car that would be equipped with a lot more powerful powerplant. It is a good question if it could reach 35 mpg (EPA rated) on the highway and it could significantly reduce those numbers. One thing is for sure, it would be great to have the option to choose from, and hopefully Japanese giant will bring something hotter in the engine bay for this beauty.

2018 Mazda 6 Interior

As we already mentioned, the interior will bring minimal changes meaning that it will remain almost identical to the setup we had in 2017 version. This is just fine with us since we had a decent number of changes just recently.

image source:

There was a need to bring the cabin of Mazda 6 closer to other models in the carmaker’s lineup. In that effort, the company decided to offer slightly changed layout which resulted in the slimmer central console. The seven-inch display is located pretty high on the dashboard, and you can control it either by using a knob or by touch.

Not only that we are getting the prettier layout and higher quality of the interior, but we are also receiving setup that is more usable. Looking at the trims and equipment that each of those offer it is quite easy to notice that in most cases the 2018 Mazda 6 offers more than its main rivals.

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Can Mazda6 Compete Against Its Biggest Rivals Like Honda Accord?

Even the sale figures in sedan segment are dropping it is clear that the number of offered vehicles suggest that most carmakers still consider this as one of the most important market segments. As a result, we have a variety of choices consisting of Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Kia Optima, Chevrolet Malibu, Nissan Altima, etc.

image source:

We think that the biggest rival for the 2018 Mazda6 also comes from Japan and it is Accord. Even we still do not have official details about all features that will be offered in 2018 model we think that there will be no significant differences between currently available version and the next one as we already mentioned in our post.

Without a doubt, the Honda Accord looks nice, but, this is a segment in which Mazda takes a clear victory over it, and not just over Hondas offer as we think that it is a pretty much a clear winner in the segment. Check out this side by side photo and judge for yourself. The elegant and dynamic shape of Mazda is nicely supported by a 2.5-liter I4 engine that provides 184 hp and is on a similar level like the Accords that pushes 185 hp from 2.4-liter I4. Where the 6 shines is the efficiency as it returns 26/35 mpg over Accords 23/32 mpg city/highway.

image source: and

If you choose Mazda6, you will be getting an excellent balance between dynamic handling and comfort. Biggest advantages that the Mazda6 brings to the table include things like exterior style, efficiency, and slight hp advantage. Other segments are pretty close and are not deal breakers so we must give the upper hand to 2018 Mazda 6 in this comparison. For the shipping of your potential new vehicle, you can check the sites such as

Release date of 2018 Mazda 6

The release date hasn’t been confirmed, but this should happen by the end of 2017 as that would give Japanese car maker enough time to sell the current stock of Mazda 6 models and to carefully implement changes onto the new one. The delay of the release to 2018 also shouldn’t come as a surprise because Mazda has full hands with CX-5 and CX-9 models.

2017 MY Shown – Source:

Mazda 6 Competitors

Despite the growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers, the sedan market remains crowded. And this is the main reason why Mazda should hurry up with 2018 Mazda 6. Toyota is getting ready for it’s Camry, Honda is preparing a new generation of Accord, Chevy has its Malibu and the list doesn’t stop there. Subaru Legacy, 2018 Ford Fusion, 2017 Kia Optima, 2017 Nissan Altima are also in the mix.

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2017 Mazda 6 Sedan was named – Best Family Sedan:

Review of 2017 Mazda 6

2017 Mazda 6 – Forget about V6

Mazda stated that instead of focusing on future it will orient itself on today. That actually meant that instead of investing in the hybrid or electric technology, they would rather invest in improvements of the current solutions. In 2011 SkyActiv technology was born and all the praises go to the companies engineers. Japanese haven’t invented anything revolutionary, but they instead tweaked and improved almost every part of the car, which at first doesn’t produce “wow” effect, but with a second glance at new figures it actually does.

Mazda 6 - Skyactiv technology


When you sink deep into the topic and see how many parts of the engine, transmission, and chassis are enhanced, you will be amazed. All improvements brought the huge boost in Mazda’s sales, and we will try to see whether that is enough for 2017 Mazda 6, which is five years on the market now and some rivals arrived brand new lately.

2017 Mazda 6

2017 Mazda 6 STYLING

Along with better engineering, Japanese car maker had introduced new styling language “Soul of Motion” which turns previously dull and boring cars to handsome athletes. Same goes for their 6 model, with big grille, muscular fenders, passionate while elegant lines and coupe-ish shape of the body. Mid-size sedans are usually more traditionally styled and often boring, but besides being five years on the market, this vehicle is still quite a refined in terms of look and much more interesting than many rivals.



And believe or not, new technology and new alluring design of latest Mazda’s doesn’t conclude the story. We actually have the whole package here as our vehicle, same as other latest models, raised the bar of interior build quality to the level unseen in brand’s lineup so far. The Japanese manufacturer stated that it shoots for the premium, and it will be one day there for sure with this pace, but for today, let’s say that VW gets a proper rival in the non-premium area.


Cabin extensively lean on new found quality of fit and finish and doesn’t try to stun with visual exhibitions. In short restrained, elegant and refined.

PERFORMANCE of 2017 Mazda 6

In the US there is only one engine option, 2.5-liter I4 petrol delivering 184 hp and taking 7.8 seconds to 60 mph. That is fine, but if you want more power, Mazda can’t offer it, while most of the rivals deliver quite more powerful V6s under their hoods. In Europe, you can go less with 2.0-liter I4 and 165 hp while none of the petrol engines use turbo power, unlike turbocharged 2.2-liter I4 diesel with an output of 150 or 175 hp.

It is maybe not powerful as top models of other rivals, but it allows remarkable 30 mpg combined of fuel efficiency, and it drives quite vigorously. Seriously, besides the usual choice of 6-speed automatic, you can go for manual, lay your hand on sporty shortened lever and enjoy remarkably short and quick changes, along with quite potent cornering abilities. This is definitely a top choice in the segment for that kind of use. That does take its toll on comfort with some added harshness, but you have to choose eventually.

2017 Mazda 6 rear view


G-Vectoring actually becomes part of standard equipment now, making all models equally happy while cornering, along with 7-inch screen and a rearview camera. That was new for base trim or Sport, while the second, named Touring gets autonomous braking as standard, and finally top Grand Touring trim ends up with the lane-keep assist, traffic sign recognition, and auto high-beam control.

Add all these extras to already previously rich standard equipment which includes remote keyless entry, start button, 17-inch alloys and cruise control, among else, and you’ll see that you have a quite decent offer for the price between $23,000 and $35,000.


The fact that it is already five years on the market doesn’t reduce any shine from 2017 Mazda 6. Gorgeous looks, great driving pleasure, high efficiency in many areas, nice pricing, it all acts in its favor. This vehicle maybe doesn’t carry V6 under the hood, but rivals that do, don’t put power on the road that nicely as this one does.

Official Mazda 6 Site

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