Protecting Your Car in the Age of High-Tech Thieves: Stay Ahead of the Game

Protecting Your Car in the Age of High-Tech Thieves: Stay Ahead of the Game

Gone are the days when car thieves relied on hotwiring techniques to steal parked vehicles. Today’s cars are equipped with advanced features like keyless entry systems and start buttons, prompting criminals to adapt and become more sophisticated in their methods. One good example is the increasing use of signal amplifiers by tech-savvy thieves targeting keyless car systems.

Luckily, there are ways to safeguard your vehicle from this evolving threat. If you’re curious about the tricks these thieves rely on to target keyless vehicles and how you can outwit them, then read on.

How Easy Is It to Steal a Keyless Car?


To understand what you need to protect yourself against, you must first know how easy it is to steal a keyless car. All it takes is a device to amplify the signal from the vehicle’s key fob. A thief needs a device capable of amplifying the signal emitted by your vehicle’s key fob. Surprisingly, a cheap piece of radio equipment can do the trick. All the thief just needs to do is stand near the car, press the button on your key fob, and effortlessly unlock the doors. They can unlock and steal the vehicle without ever coming into direct contact with the fob.

Prevention Tips: How to Stay Ahead

Attempting to shield your key fob with tin foil may seem like a practical idea to block the signal, but in reality, it can have the opposite effect, amplifying the signal. Instead, here’s what expert 24/7 automotive locksmiths recommend:

Use a Key FOB Protector

A FOB protector is a device designed to block the signal from a key fob by creating a Faraday cage around it. This will stop thieves from amplifying the signal from the key fob and driving away with the vehicle. These devices come in different shapes and sizes. Some can fit into your pocket, while others can easily attach to the car’s gear shift or steering wheel. While not foolproof, they are a good first line of defense.

Invest in a Pedal or Steering Wheel Lock


These devices are excellent deterrents that can make thieves’ attempts to drive away with your stolen car more difficult, causing serious delays and increasing the risk of being noticed by passers-by or neighbors. You could invest in a lock for one of the four wheels, a lock for the pedals, or the diagnostic port. The latter can help prevent wired computer hacking.

Switch Off the Fob at Night

In some cases, the key fobs can be easily switched off when not in use, with special emphasis during nighttime while you are asleep. Consider using a motion sensor fob that can be used to prevent the fob from sending a signal when left idle for a certain period. This will deem it impossible to use the relay technique via wireless transmitters held up to the windows or front door of the house to capture the signal from the key fob.

Install a Good CCTV System or Smart Doorbell

Although a CCTV monitoring system will not physically stop a potential car thief from stealing your car, in many cases, it can be a solid deterrent that may convince a potential thief to look for a different victim. Exterior monitoring cameras, visible signage with a home surveillance system on, motion and light sensors, and a smart doorbell system like Google Nest Doorbell or Ring Video Doorbell Wired are also excellent deterrents that work similarly. In the event your car does get stolen, you will also have the possibility to share the footage with the authorities and increase the odds of retrieving your car.

Effective Car Alarm Systems


Modern car alarm systems have evolved to provide enhanced security against theft. These systems go beyond sounding a loud siren when triggered. They often incorporate advanced features such as motion sensors, glass breakage detectors, and even smartphone connectivity. Motion sensors can detect unauthorized entry into the vehicle, while glass breakage detectors activate the alarm when someone attempts to break a window. Some car alarms can send notifications to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your vehicle’s status remotely. By investing in a sophisticated car alarm system, you can significantly deter potential thieves and increase the protection of your car.

GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices are valuable tools for car theft prevention and recovery. These devices use global positioning system technology to pinpoint the location of your vehicle at all times. If your car is stolen, you can track its movements and provide the information to law enforcement for a faster recovery. GPS trackers can also include features like geofencing, which allows you to set virtual boundaries for your vehicle. If your car crosses these boundaries, you receive alerts. Additionally, some tracking devices offer smartphone apps, making it easy to monitor your car’s location and status in real-time, providing peace of mind and an effective way to combat theft.

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Participating in neighborhood watch programs can be a crucial aspect of car theft prevention. These community-based initiatives involve residents looking out for suspicious activities and collaborating with law enforcement to enhance security in the area. When neighbors actively engage in neighborhood watch programs, it creates a network of vigilant individuals who can deter potential thieves. By fostering a sense of community and encouraging open communication, these programs create an environment where criminals are less likely to target vehicles.

Keep the Car’s Software Updated


To prevent signal relaying or jamming, which requires using a device to jam the car’s signal, ensure your vehicle has the latest software version installed. Some manufacturers let you download updates from their website and easily transfer them via USB storage devices to the car. It is also possible to perform an update over-the-air using SIM cards. When in doubt, contact a professional car locksmith or your car dealer.

Final Thoughts

Car theft has evolved alongside technology, and protecting your vehicle demands a proactive approach..Understanding this new threat is the first step to safeguarding your car. By staying ahead of these high-tech thieves, you can ensure your peace of mind and the security of your cherished vehicle. If you need additional tips and suggestions on increasing your vehicle’s security and preventing other high-tech theft attempts, talk to a nearby professional automotive locksmith with experience in the field.

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