Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot – Comparison

Having a lot of appealing shades to pick from does not looks like a privilege anymore when your head gets stuck in between 2 shades. As it can not anymore inform which one to go with. Something that fairly frequently occurs when an f150 proprietor has to choose from these 2 very popular exterior colors, Abyss Grey Vs LeadFoot.

One has a reputation of being pretty PRETTY and also revealing wonderful UV defense efficiency! While the various other is a sweetie when it concerns absorbing much less heat as well as maintaining points cool down. However, there is likewise the dark component to both of these hyped F150 tones, and to make a choice, you ought to be cognizant of those. Precisely what we will certainly be helping you with today!

Abyss Grey vs. Leadfoot: What Is the Difference?

abyss grey vs leadfoot

It is worth mentioning that the recent Ford F150 models do not use exterior colors they previously used, such as Ruby Red, White Platinum, Ingot Silver, etc. After the removal of these colors, Ford brought some of the new shades, including Leadfoot and Abyss Grey.

Although, at first sight, these two colors might look the same, there is a significant difference, especially when you take a look at them in sunlight. In order to get a better understanding of both colors, we are going to point out some key differences between them.

The Abyss Grey is a much darker exterior color when compared to Leadfoot grey. It also gives us some metallic shades that work excellently with bigger vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. On the other hand, we have Leadfoot, which is a lighter shade of grey. There are no special shines or luster to it, and it is a much more neutral shade than its Abyss Grey counterpart.

You can find both of these colors on newer Ford models that have been manufactured since 2019. These new models also implemented sets of new cool colors such as Rapid Red, Iconic Silver, Stone Grey, and many more. The bottom line is that Abyss Grey and Leadfoot differ significantly even though they are similar grey shades.

Abyss Grey: In-Depth Analysis

abyss grey

Abyss Grey is a trendy shade that gives your SUVs a considerable dose of style with its fashionable exterior. Moreover, the metallic shade ensures that dirt or dust is less visible, especially in the sun. Generally, this color is highly popular among Ford truck users due to its darker tone and cool design, but it does come with its drawbacks.

This color is priced between 60 and 500 USD, but if you want it done by a professional, you will likely have to pay more than 600 USD. As we mentioned, Abyss Grey makes dirt and dust much less visible, so it is a great pick if you are a busy driver and often have to go off-road during your journeys.

Even though this is a chic choice of color for your truck, it has its drawbacks as well, and you need to know all the positives and negatives before opting for it. Here are the things you should know:

Benefits of Using Abyss Grey

  1. It protects your vehicle from direct sunlight while also resisting color peel
  2. It does an excellent job of masking dirt and dust
  3. Visually appealing color with a beautiful shade that adds some class points
  4. You do not need to spend much time and effort in maintaining it
  5. It blends well with other colors

Drawbacks of Using Abyss Grey

  1. Some users find this color too shiny and shimmery
  2. Scratches are much more visible due to the metallic look
  3. The fact that it hides dust and dirt well makes some users forget about cleaning, which is still a necessity, regardless of this cool feature
  4. It absorbs much more heat than its Leadfoot counterpart

Leadfoot Grey: In-Depth Analysis

leadfoot grey

The Leadfoot Grey color is a visually appealing choice that will definitely suit the needs of most Ford drivers. It is a more finesse and lighter shade of gray that provides a new and elegant look to your truck while also coming with several cool features and benefits.

It is one of the latest color shades Ford launched, and it is a replacement for the lithium grey exterior color that they removed. Feature-wise, this is an efficient and versatile color that comes packed with a set of benefits worthy of consideration. There are some minor drawbacks that you should keep in mind as well, so we have listed some of the most important factors you need to know.

Benefits of Using Leadfoot Grey

  1. It is a perfect color to add if you prefer a classy, stylish, and formal look to your vehicle
  2. This color absorbs less heat than its Abyss Grey counterpart and does not keep the sunlight in, making the whole surface much cooler for longer periods
  3. It does a very good job at hiding dirt, dust, and scratches
  4. It is much more cost-efficient when it comes to repairs
  5. Excellent blending ability
  6. This hue is a lighter shade of grey and enhances the appearance of the truck’s surface
  7. Superb reflection

Drawbacks of Using Leadfoot Grey

  1. Some users criticize the color for lack of vibrancy
  2. Quite expensive
  3. It has a lighter tint, so it is difficult to blend into other shades other than Abyss Grey
  4. Some users consider this color dull and feeble

Abyss Grey vs Leadfoot: Which One Should I Opt For?

f150 leadfoot grey

Choosing between these two shades is a rather difficult decision since every driver has his own preferences. If you go for Abyss Grey, you will indulge in excellent UV protection and characteristics that prevent color peeling. It is also quite effective in hiding dust and dirt, which is an excellent feature for drivers that tend to pass enormous milages.

However, the shiny and shimmery look is something that usually repels users from going for it, and the fact that scratches are much more visible on it does not help either.

Now, when it comes to Leadfoot, you get less heat absorbance and ease of repair, which are usually what draws the users towards it. The classy and stylish look is also something that you should not overlook. Yet again, the price is usually what draws people to its Abyss Grey counterpart, which is cheaper on today’s market.

Final Words

Essentially, both of these colors are a pretty good pick, and both come with a couple of cons that can be overlooked. Most of these negatives are nitpicking since the colors are quite versatile and well suited for use on SUVs and trucks. The bottom line is that it is you who needs to decide with which drawbacks you can live with and with what positives you absolutely cannot.

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