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Black Car, Bronze Wheels- Do They Look Good? (Pictures attached)

Black colored cars will always remain a timeless choice. Their popularity kept them on the top of the charts among car colors, so much that it has turned out to be one of the “luxury colors”.

In terms of aesthetics, it is true that barely any color can stand a chance against the confident yet poise shadowy tint. Together with its steamy and alluring look, almost any color of rims will look great on a back car. Can, however, bronze rims keep up with the posh appearance of a black car? Read on to know.

Will Bronze Rims Look Good On a Black Car?

Generally, as we mentioned earlier, you can have almost any color with black. But bronze is not just any other color. Black and bronze together make one of the hottest duo you may witness for a while even.

The contrast can be striking and pleasing to the eye at the same. Bronze on black will stand out in the crowd, and personally, I think this combo might be it!

Of course, the actual black needs to look good on its own before you can match it with bronze wheels. Wrapping your car in hypercare ceramic coatings guarantees that any set of bronze wheels will look good when matched with the beautiful dark exterior.

Bronze rims on a Black car- @auditt3.6
Bronze rims on a Black car- @saab.society

Maintenance might not drain all of your energy. Nonetheless, it might get you all worked up, considering neither of the two colors is easy to keep clean. Bronze is nowhere as hard to maintain as black but neither is it easy to.

You decide if the rims are worth the struggle. But while maintenance is inevitable, you can buy rims with a lesser number of spokes. I can’t promise a totally easy time, but for the love of bronze wheels, you can give it a try.

Bronze Wheel Recommendation: Method Race Wheels MR312

The fascinating bronze on the Method Race MR312 can certainly leave a lasting impression on viewers. The exterior is shiny, while the interior is somewhat neutral to balance the shades perfectly.

The brand’s signature Method Bronze on this certain wheel is darker and is exciting to witness on a black car; another head-turning aspect. Lastly, the design provides a classy yet sturdy appearance, while the engineering adds reliability making them worth the money. 

Can I Paint My Rims Bronze?

With a bit of research and care involved, you can paint your wheels a nice bronze color yourself! Take them off and wash them. Then use 220 or 320- grit sandpaper to sand away at the wheels, creating micro-abrasions (wet sanding is better).

Wash the wheels again, and repeat the sanding with 400 or 600-grit sandpaper. Apply the primer, and let the wheels be for half an hour. Once done, apply the spray paint in separate coats. Wait for two hours to let the paint dry up and you’re done!

What Other Colors Look Good on a Black Car? 

1. Red

For a black car, red is a bold choice but isn’t black itself a fiery shade? This dynamic duo knows how to steal and store away the stares of people like the back of its hand. The only drawback with red rims is that they easily get stains and dirt on them.

Red adds a bit of flare too. The complete package looks poetically similar to a red, raging fire leaving behind blackened ashes. I, personally, a, in love.

Red rims on a Black car- @loox09
Red rims on a Black car- @skullsandsnaps

Additionally red looks equally good on silver cars for which we put up an entire dedicated article Red Rims on a Silver Car – Do they look good?

Red Wheels Recommendation: Vision-Riot 

If you’re striving to find red rims with a sporty essence, you can easily find the Vision Riot here. Indeed, the brand provides the most affordable yet attractive options for the rims. From cars to minivans and trucks, the rims suit best for every model and make of cars.

The Vision Riot is a sufficiently durable wheel. The two tone milled pattern screams mayhem and speaks authority. As a plus, it is available in 6 or 8 lug pattern.

The price of Vision Riot is a bit too high, in my opinion. Vision wheels strives to deliver on quality and one of the ways they do so is by using one-piece cast aluminum or steel construction which does add to the cost.

Offering two most captivating colors of all time, the brand speaks versatility. Furthermore, we still are impressed with the Vision’s precision, plus the quality it inserts in the manufacturing process of its products.

2. Gunmetal:

Gunmetal rims are incredibly popular, especially with black cars. As achromatic of the color gunmetal is, it manages to flash its way on a black car. The pair looks well-balanced. Gunmetal rims go perfectly well for users who want their black car to look menacing without overwhelming it. 

This combination is so much sought-after that we wrote and entire article on the subject of Gunmetal Rims on Black Cars- Do They Look Good?

Gunmetal rims on a Black car- @kitt-tesla
Gunmetal rims on a Black car- @melmindamiddle

Plus, gunmetal is a relatively sturdy finish, in terms of dirt and scratches. All you’ll have to do, mostly, is wipe the rims with a wet piece of cloth, and they’ll be as good as new. 

Grey Wheels Recommendation: Vision Cross Wheels

When it comes to getting elegant yet sturdy grey rims for a black car, we are guilty of being glued to the Vision brand. Besides grey, Vision Cross comes in matte black finish which will also look exquisite on your black car as mentioned in our article Black Rims on Black Cars- Do They Look Good?

The classic blend of technicality and details around each spoke gives off an attractive and engages multiple eyes from afar. Most spirited drivers need authority on streets, and with this grey beast by Vision, you can rest assured. 

If these two colors are unable to help you make a decision, you can always check out black. The article Black Rims on Black Cars- Do They Look Good? has been specifically tailored to such people.

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