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Blue Car with Bronze Rims- Do They Look Good? (Pictures attached)

Blue cars have always had their fair share of loving audiences throughout the world. Overall, you can assume with fair reasoning that blue cars radiate a stable and calm aura, and reflect an owner with similar traits.

Also, you do get the characteristic serenity while choosing rims, since almost any color will suit the shade. But what if the shade is rustic like bronze, will it still match the tranquil blue? Well, find out below.

Why Choose Bronze Colored Rims?

It is considerably easy to choose a rim color for blue cars, and like most other colors, bronze sits well too. However, just saying it sits well would be an understatement. Bronze on blue can be quite the striking duo.

Although, it is easy for a blue car to blend in with its surroundings, pairing it with bronze rims enables the car to hold its ground. The car would stand out more in a crowd and portrays a retro look.

Bronze rims on a Blue car- @mk.4_st
Bronze rims on a Blue car- @mk.4_st

The rims can successfully add up on the aura of sophistication, in the most natural of ways. Furthermore, bronze lets detail shine through, while being an eccentric yet grounded color for the rims. You can witness the depth and lines in the design of the wheel clearly.

Bronze rims on a Blue car- @f12_m6

If you aren’t a fan of regular maintenance, bronze wheels can hold their own against dirt for quite a while. Also, we believe bronze wheels would look even better on darker shades of blue, although they do still look good on the lighter ones.

Bronze Wheel Recommendation: Method Race Wheels MR702

Method Race Wheels MR702 features a glistening bronze color, that is sure to turn some heads out on the streets. Infused with bead grip technology, the 10-spoke wheel has the traditional snap-in center cap.

However, the main attraction would be the inexpensiveness of these wheels. In addition to saving your wallet’s life, these wheels are relatively durable and lightweight.

Can I Paint My Rims Bronze?

You can paint your rims a nice bronze color by yourself, however, for pulling it off efficiently you may need some information that is stated here. The process should start with you taking off the wheels, giving them a thorough wash and placing them on a horizontal surface.

Do not try to paint your wheels while they are on the vehicle. It might seem simpler but you will probably end up ruining a lot of things, including the wheels.

Sand the wheels with a 1000-grit sandpaper, to smoothen out the surface and remove the previous coats. Apply the primer and give the wheels a 30-minute break.

Then comes the painting part. Use a highly adhesive spray paint to coat the wheels lightly, initially two times. Wait 15 to 20 minutes between each coat. The last two coats should be thicker, and after letting the wheels dry for 2 hours after, you’re done!

What Other Rim Colors Look Great on a Blue Car?

1. Grey

Many won’t be surprised to find grey on top of this list. After all, the grey-scale shade is almost universal when you think of it. A blue with grey rims will look nothing short of interesting.

Grey rims on a Blue car- @jdm_passioncars
Grey rims on a Blue car- @mmtarwheels

Grey can add fierceness to the otherwise serene shade of blue. Looking on the brighter side of things, you also find a relief in maintenance. Grey isn’t very hard to clean, and can last quite a while without a wash.

Grey wheel recommendation: Enkei EKM3 Gunmetal

The splendid EKM3 wheel by Enkei can transform the entire look of your vehicle. It is designed in a creative way that employs modern architecture and manufacturing technologies.

It has a classy 10 split spoke design that is sleek and elegant complemented by a finely brand-labelled center cap. The design of this wheel is carefully balanced to provide a little bit of both aggression and elegance to the vehicle.

The gunmetal grey paint that is used on its exterior speaks luxury and class, and can be a game changer for any car. Additionally, the finish of this wheel is highly durable and can resist damage for a long time.

The construction and strength of the wheel are as one would expect from a brand as reputable as Enkei. If you do decide to go for a gunmetal rim, this one must be on your radar.

Also you can check out a complete and dedicated in-depth review of this wheel here.

2. Blue

Talk about being well-matched; blue on blue might seem, theoretically, a trashy combination but once you try them on, you simply won’t have enough! This duo can actually look quite classy if done right.

Blue rims on a Blue car- @custom_toyota_chr_sharing

However, as ethereal as it may look, watch out for the maintenance. A blue car itself can be hard to keep clean, but if you own blue rims too, the workload will increase twice. So make sure you are also ready for regular cleaning sessions if you are up for this pairing.

Blue wheel recommendation: Konig Lightning

The Konig Lightning is one of the most inexpensive wheels you can get with satisfactory quality. Also, these are one of the few wheels that are available in blue, as per today’s market.

The design is a pretty nonconventional 10-spoke design and the trend does not end there, It is available in equally nonconventional finishes like Gloss Black, Gloss White, Gold, Blue, and Green, all with machined lips.

Konig wheels describe their wheels as jewelry and I am forced to agree with them. No other company has the audacity to come up with equally punchy colors or designs for their wheels. Konig does not play the safe game!

If we share a taste in color, make sure to check out my other color recommendations:

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