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Ion Alloy 174 Review

Ion Alloy ensure that quality is not supposed to come at an unrealistic price, which is the reason they have been an industry chief for almost 20 years.

On top of that, Ion Alloys have been constantly surpassing the highest expectations in the business while conveying extraordinary wheels with steady execution and huge stylish allure. They are especially known for the thorough testing strategy that its products go through prior to being launched into the market.

We have a dedicated review of Ion Alloy brand, which you can check out for further information on the brand itself.

The Ion Alloy style 174 series, although primarily intended for the light pickup truck and SUV market, can serve regular passenger cars as well. The versatility is not only limited to function but extends to the design as well.

It offers the appeal of buying American manufactured rims with a really high quality at a not so high price point. This wheels is a complete package and is rated above average in every aspect it was tested for.


The Ion Alloy 174 black wheel is a “single piece” alloy wheel that will give your vehicle a brand new look and the execution you’ve been wanting. The dazzling black/machined lip finish, especially, has the capacity to change your ride into something genuinely unique!

The oval cut-out design has become, over the years, a signature design language for Ion Alloy. It does add an element of uniqueness to them and make them stand out from the crowd. That being said, it does deviate from the mainstream alloy wheel design quite a bit.

I, personally, am a fan. Not many brands have the audacity to launch such a deviant looking product into the market and I appreciate what Ion Alloy has done here. Such a design is bound to produce opinions on the either ends of the spectrum, though.

The area between the lugnuts and the center caps is super busy with a lot going on. The push-thru center cap sits on a an elevated platform held in place with supports coming in radially. Also, the oval shaped holes between the spokes perfectly complement its looks.


It has been worked upon to give a lot of ease to the driver, which represents solidness and perfect control. The ride with this Ion Alloy 174 is observably smooth, as it fits consummately with the tire and forestalls excessive vibration or loss of equilibrium.

These essential characteristics make life simple for the driver, and result in a generally speaking astounding ride. Another intriguing nature of this wheel is that it is shockingly simple to mount, and presents no complexities in the whole establishment.

Sizes and Configurations

Ion Alloy comes in all the common sizes that a consumer might expect. It is offered with rim diameters from 15 to 20 inches and rim widths from 8 to 9 inches.

Additionally all the common bolt patterns that are used on the light pickups, SUVs and crossovers and even hatchbacks, sedans, sports cars and minivans have been catered to.

The offsets available are -38, -27, -5 and 0 mm. Larger widths have lesser offset. You can find all the sizes and bolt patterns here.


Iron Alloy wheels are designed and manufactured in the U.S. In today’s market which is flooded which cheap Chinese replicas, this is a pleasing sight indeed. That being the durability of Iron Alloy 174 in at par with the middle tier American brands’ products.

The tensile strength of the wheel is immense and the load capacity is rated at 2500 pounds for all sizes. The finish on the exterior, however is somewhat prone to damage and scratches and will definitely be the limiting factor for the wheel’s life.

Why choose Ion Alloy 174?

Picking the right wheel for your ride is critical. Regardless of anything else there are two sorts of wheels to browse: steel or alloy wheels. In case you are searching for wheels that are trendy and practically sound, purchasing Ion Alloy 174 wheels is the course to go.

The Ion Alloy 174 wheel is one of the most famous performance wheels that came into being and launched in the market. It is built along the given standards of an alloy wheel, with top of the line materials and executive features.

Innovative technology and advanced ideas have been put together in the construction of this Ion Alloy 174 black wheel, which allows it to not only look insanely attractive but also outperform all of its kind at no extra cost to the end consumer. You can check the updated price here.


The Ion Alloy 174 retails for around 600-800 dollars, depending upon the size, which is practically a bargain for American wheels. You can look up the exact updated price here. For the value to money, we would say that it is virtually unbeatable. It delivers on every front and has the additional peace of mind of coming from a reputable brand.

In comparison to other American brands like Mickey Thompson and American racing, the price is significantly lower. Even within the Ion Alloy family, this is one of the least expensive one out there with none of the compromises that come with cost-cutting.

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