How to Choose the Best Electric Vehicle Repair Shop

Best Electric Vehicle Repair Shop

The electric vehicle (EV) market is fast growing, and vehicle production is expected to hit the 18 million mark by 2026. With this rising demand and supply, there’s a corresponding rise in demand for associated services like EV repair shops, tools, and vehicle components. If you’ve found the right electric vehicle, the next worry is where and how to find a befitting EV mechanic.

The struggle to choose between the closest option to your home area and the best, most reliable one miles away can be exhausting. The good news is you don’t have to worry about the process. We’ll help you go through the tips on choosing the best EV repair shop so you can rest knowing your vehicle will always be in the right hands.

Check for Relevant Hands-On Training Certifications

electric cars certification program

One of the best places to start is checking for certification from accredited institutions. One such institution is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), which offers an electric cars certification program. While you won’t find many of these, dedicated and certified service centers like Harry’s Auto Collision are crucial to your EV’s well-being.

You might also want to check if they have a certification from the Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC), which trains mechanics on handling EVs and hybrids. However, these aren’t the only accreditations to check. You can ask your potential mechanic to take you through their accreditations and research them to confirm their authenticities.

Check if it’s Recommended on EV Driver Forums

One of the best ways to pick a reliable EV repair shop is to check for the most recommended one on your EV driver forums. Even without asking, members in these forums will always share stories of their experiences with different repair shops. If you have one in mind, search for its name in these forums to see what members say about it. These groups can also help link you up with other drivers of your EV brand and learn where they take their cars for repair.

Ask for Customized Services

EVs are somewhat choosy, and while they don’t need regular maintenance like traditional cars, they require specialized attention when they break down. If your EV repair shop offers customized services tailored specifically for your car model, then it’s an added advantage you should consider. With this offer, you can rest assured you’ll receive personalized solutions for your specific repair and maintenance needs.

Check if They’re Sufficiently Equipped

EVs need special equipment that can do the servicing and maintenance work effectively. You’d want to find out if the shop you’re interested in has invested in a wide range of this special equipment. Check whether they’re high-tech enough for your EV model and if they can seamlessly solve common issues like motor generator and resistance meter problems. Ask about the process and tools they intend to use to solve your problem and research if they’re doing the right thing before leaving your vehicle.

Check Their Passion and Drive

As obvious as it may sound, checking if your potential EV mechanic is passionate and enthusiastic about their work is crucial. A good EV repair shop should have a professional team that’s enthusiastic about working on your car. They’ll not just do the job to finish it but will go the extra mile to give your vehicle the best attention using the right technologies and resources. They’re determined to learn and implement new technologies and embrace the challenges of advanced EVs.

Ask for Multiple Repair Options

It’s important to ask your potential EV repair mechanic if they offer multiple repair options, as this could prove beneficial in the long run. You don’t want to enter a dealership or mechanic shop that replaces parts and sends you elsewhere for repair services. A good option should offer services and invest in the best technology and equipment to facilitate efficient service delivery.

Check Accessibility

EV mechanics

Since EV mechanics aren’t as widespread as the regular ones, finding one closest to you can be daunting, yet it’s important. An EV dealership might be located much further from your stay, while an independent EV mechanic could be closer and more accessible. In such instances, going for the independent mechanic makes more sense than a dealership mile from home.
In connection, well-established EV dealerships can be swarmed with activities, leading to long queues. If you can get a reliable, independent EV mechanic around your area, you may save money and time in crowded service centers.

Check for Warranty or After Sales Guarantee

A warranty or after-sales guarantee gives you the confidence that your car will be handled with care and that the services you’ll receive are top-notch. The workshop should be responsible for any problem directly associated with the repair work you received on their premises.

Before you rush into a shop just because they offer warranties and after-sales guarantees, ensure you ask about the terms and conditions. Ask about what qualifies for a warranty cover and how long the offer lasts after driving off the repair shop.

Ask for Costs

Maintaining and repairing EV

Maintaining and repairing EVs isn’t as expensive as the traditional gas-powered cars. This is because you will never have to take your vehicle for routine oil changes, tune-ups, and coolant flushes. Even so, the few issues that need mechanical attention and care are still significantly costly, and you need to verify costs beforehand.

If you’re taking your car to a dealership, you may spend more than when you take it to an independent mechanic. Dealerships charge higher rates to maintain their brand image and cover high operation costs. On the other hand, independent mechanics charge more competitive hourly rates that could be cheaper than you pay at the dealership.

While much of the maintenance work can be done by a conventional mechanic, it’s still important to find a specialized EV mechanic to do the job. This helps with the longevity of your car, and you could also save money spent on rectifying shoddy work from non-specialized mechs.

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