Top 10 Best Multiplayer Browser Games In 2018

Playing browser game on the web is the perfect way to kill some time when you are waiting for someone or something. At the moment there are millions of people who are playing multiplayer games on the bus station, at their home, even on their job. Some people on their jobs have gaming time on their breaks.

Most of the multiplayer browser game does not require a setup while some do. It the text below you can read about the most popular multiplayer games in 2018.



Spades is a popular trick-taking card game where players bid the number of tricks they expect to take, with spades serving as the trump suit. offers an online platform where you can play Spades with friends or strangers offering a competitive atmosphere for beginners and veterans alike. Ths site features digital scorekeeping and a guide explaining the rules and history of spades, creating a complete and interactive gaming experience.

9. Yahtzee


The classic dice game is available online to play here. Play either single player or multiplayer and aim to win by scoring the highest number of points. Players roll dice at their respective turns with each combination carrying a different value, the most coveted being being five-of-a-kind, Yahtzee!

8.  Pokemon Showdown


In this game, you can play matches with all kinds of different players. You can battle in a random or a custom team. You don’t need to raise and build up your Pokemon, and you save time for takedowns.



In this one, you are the shark in the ocean with the laser which you use to kill the other sharks. When you eat the other fish from the water, you gain extra energy for swimming. The main goal of the game is to kill sharks and stay long in the ocean.

6. Blast Arena


This is the multiplayer browser game which you can play with three other strangers on the internet. Your goal is to survive and destroy your opponents in an area which include rocks and walls. In the beginning, you just have one bomb which you must place down and destroy walls and rocks.

5. Transformice

This is all time favorite in which you are the mouse and desperately want to eat some cheese. To get the food, you need to work with other mice, and you have inferior mouse shaman.


Skyarena is aircraft shooter game where you fly in a plane and shoot down other players from the sky. It is very easy to fly an airplane as everything is done with your mouse.

3. Town of Salem


This is a great game for all the lovers of Mafia or Werewolf because you need to be the perfect liar or good town person depending on your given role. For every category and level of the game, you have different roles. Every role can be used in the night because then you have special abilities.

2. Vikings Village: Party Hard

This game we can call a battle of the Viking beards, you must kick and punch some ginger men. The goal in this one is a very simple you must kill enough Vikings or throw objects from the arena at them to stay at the top positions on the leaderboard. When you collect beer you gain extra health and more powers.



You are the snake, and you must feed with the small glowing dots. The more you feed the more you grow, that is simple. You can eat your enemies but when you force the enemy to crush into you, your enemy vanish, and you collect all of the dots. You also have an option to pimp your snake.

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