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Gunmetal Rims on Black Cars- Do They Look Good? (Pictures attached)

Sleekness and luxury etched in every single bolt, with the dark color hugging every curve and stroke on the car, black truly brings out the imposing side of a car. No wonder masses go for this color as, never mind the model, a black car can always look assertive without breaking a sweat.

Despite certain inconveniences, black is still a heartthrob. But to supplement the appearance of your black beast, you need to choose the right shoes for it too. You’ll have an easy time with it, as the color is relatively simple in that regard.

Do Gunmetal Rims Look Good on a Black Car?

It does, and I don’t even think anyone disagrees with that. One of the easiest decisions black car owners have to take is to throw on a set of gunmetal rims on them.

With that said, I totally dig the pair! A bit of a glimpse of the Dark Knight there somewhere, it is safe to say that a sportier car can rock this look even better than others. However, this combo isn’t confined to that and can work on almost any model and make.

Gunmetal rims on a Black car- @kitt-tesla
Gunmetal rims on a Black car- @metroplexwheels

All of us have come to fear the imminent danger hidden in caring for and maintaining a black car. You, at this point, probably yearn for some relief.

Gunmetal can give you just that. Dents and scratches get a nice conceal. Therefore, while the hot darker body gets regular washes, you won’t have to worry about its significant other as much.

Surprisingly, gunmetal rims aren’t only available for cars and work well for trucks/ SUVs as well. Once you’ve cleaned them thoroughly, line them up with a wax finish to further delay the next wash, as a pro tip.

Gunmetal Wheel Recommendation: CRUX by MB Wheels

We suggest opting for CRUX by MB Wheels, because well, why not? These rims have everything you need ready! A gorgeous 7 spoke design where each spoke kisses the lip, a durable finish and the brand panache!

Similar to the external appearance, the internal versatility of these rims is equally impressive. While the gloss finish is profoundly appreciative, the split-spoke pattern vanishing into the lip of the wheel gives a certain edge.

Every user yearns for long-lasting wheels that protect the vehicle on rough and uneven roads. Crux takes care of you in that regard as it is made using one-piece cast aluminum, like any other MB wheel.

Can I Paint My Rims Black?

If you want to revamp your car’s wheels with black color, you aren’t always obliged to purchase new rims when you can paint up the old one. You’ll need black paint, a primer, and a wet towel for the procedure (and some more research than stated here if you aren’t familiar with the process).

Initially, it would be best to clean the rim properly with a hose to remove any grim or dirt. Next, use sandpaper to sand your wheels. Again, get a hose to wash your wheels. A paper or plastic wrap is required to cover the areas of the wheels that you don’t want to let your paint run off to.

At this point, you should begin applying the primer on the wheel’s surface to prevent rust. Do it in three separate coats, waiting 15 minutes between each one.

Now, you’ll coat the rims with paint and repeat the process a few times, following the same coating guidelines as the primer. Let it dry and voila, you saved some bucks!

What Other Colors Look Good on a Black Car?

1. Red:

Usually, we associate red with confidence and we have many reasons to. And while black has all the confidence it needs already, red is still a brilliantly bold addition to the vibrancy. Black and red go perfectly well together and look lavish, to say the least.

I would go as far as saying that red rims on a black car are the best color combination there is in the car world. Just have a look at these gorgeous examples:

Red rims on a Black car- @loox09
Red rims on a Black car- @skullsandsnaps

Red rims might be an absolute success if you own a modish sports car. Red wheels require regular maintenance and occasional polishing because the scratches and debris are quite prominent on this color.

Red Wheels Recommendation: XO LUXURY LONDON  

London by XO Luxury features a minimalistic yet complicated multi-spoke wheel design. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s also probably the best way of describing this unconventional design.

I, personally, love the design. The rims are huge and the sleek spokes make them look even bigger. You are bound to be captivated by the way each spoke merges seamlessly with the lip. Also, the candy red finish appears fun and playful.

The rim contains 15 spokes, and each one of them is chiseled with thinner ball linings to highlight the details within the wheel. However, attractive design isn’t the only benefit you’ll get with the rims. Years of reliability serve as a cherry on top.

The only caveat to all the aesthetic glory might be the price. These rims are quite expensive, in my opinion but there are not many other good options available in red, to begin with. Also, these rims start from 19 inch diameters so they may not have a size for everyone.

2. Silver:

With a black car, silver is another great alternative for wheel rims. Not to mention, black is an already dark tone, but silver offsets its darkness while keeping its elegance alive. For making your car luxurious, silver is the color you should opt for.

The silver finish will look exceptionally well on well-maintained and well-detailed vehicles as it perfectly complements the mirror-like paint. It could even look better than red on older or larger vehicles. Have a look:

Silver rims on a Black car- @caddy_lucky
Silver rims on a Black car- @iggggi_46

Surprisingly, the silver color aligns perfectly with every car and still looks attractive even with a little dirt. Also, scratches and dents aren’t much prominent on wheels. So, all you need is to wipe them thoroughly with a wet piece of cloth, and they’ll revert to their original position.

Silver Wheel Recommendation: DRAG DR-70  

If you want to level up your street game with a hint of silver, DRAG DR-70 rims are precisely made for you. The DRAG wheels are specifically made with aluminum and are available in dual-drilled options. Five spokes in the center of the wheel speak compactness and make it an ideal choice for every user.

This wheel, due to a 5 spoke design, looks much better than other rims in smaller rims. So, if you want smaller rims, this wheel should be your best bet.

If these two color options did not help you decide, bronze might be a potential candidate as discussed in further detail in my article Black Car, Bronze Wheels- Do They Look Good? You can also check out my other color guides:

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