An Ultimate Guide for Car Cover Selection

Keeping your car in good shape by protecting it from damage is not an option but mandatory.

A car that’s been damaged not only doesn’t look good, but it may also develop several different mechanical problems. If you have a vehicle that has been damaged you don’t want to just put a band-aid over the problem.

There are many different ways to store cars, trucks, and SUVs so they look their best. One of the best ways to protect your car is to put a car cover over it.

If you live in an area prone to damaging weather, you need a durable vehicle cover that will keep you and your vehicle safe. They act as a barrier against dirt, debris, scratching, rinsing, rain, sunlight, and snow.

Getting the right car cover can be confusing. This guide to vehicle covers will help you buy the right cover for your car.

Sounds interesting? Coverland car covers are what every car needs!

Let’s dive into the topic!

Evaluate Your Priorities Before Buying

Do you know what your protection needs are? It is necessary to protect your vehicle from several different things if it will be outdoors. You might think you don’t need a car cover if it’s indoors, but different threats can damage your car indoors.

We can never beat nature. Yet the best outdoor car cover can help you in preventing your car from several external factors.  Here is the briefing on some outdoor factors that can damage your car’s exterior.


Nature seems cruel sometimes. For instance when you park a car outside in bad weather conditions. A hailstorm is the worst form of weather. It has enough power to break your car windows and windshield.

Snow and Ice

You will need a cover for the snow and ice. If you live in a place where it snows, you need to have a cover for that as well. In other words, a cover that won’t trap water inside your car is what you’ll want. It is a good idea to have a cover on your vehicle to protect it from the sun.

Stormy Winds

A good amount of damage to your car can be done by wind, as well as hail. Stormy winds carry heavy debris that can damage your car and create dents on the car’s body.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, on your bad day, stormy winds can also carry branches of trees and that will damage your car terribly.  You must have to keep this in your mind.

Heavy Rainfall and Sunburn

If your car is in the middle of a heavy rain storm you should always wash your car immediately after it has rained. Acid rain can begin damaging your car’s paint. If it’s not treated, it can do even more damage.

Although on the other hand, even the sun can harm your car if it’s left outside under harsh sunlight for too long.

Heat can be dangerous for cars and your car’s interior.

A good car cover is very important to protect your car from UV rays.

Living Creatures

You also have animals to worry about. Most people think that a car wash can shine their car just like a new one. But a bitter reality is, when birds leave droppings, it doesn’t wash out with water. It leaves some stains that don’t wash out with water. If the spilled eave droppings are dry, you can try using a vacuum cleaner to suction onto the droppings and pick them up.


Park your car under a tree. It’s a safe bet that you’ll be in the clear in a flash, but a tree limb can hurt your car. If you park under a tree during a storm, it can damage your car.

Cars sometimes get scratched and dinged up when a nut or piece of debris falls on them.


You can’t forget the dust. The wind blows a lot of dust onto your car. The dust will grind your car’s paint down even though it doesn’t seem that bad. You won’t notice it immediately, but it will fade over time. Dust can ruin your car’s paint.

Indoor Car Covers vs Outdoor Car Covers

Don’t assume that your car is fully protected from the elements when you park it in a parking garage or even on the street.

If you store your car indoors, it’s a good idea to cover it. One reason dust is an indoor concern is that you may not think it is.

Water can also affect your car indoors. Animals and insects can also wreak havoc on your car’s interior.

The best way to keep your car looking pristine is to ensure that it’s always kept clean and spotlessly tidy. If you have a lot of stuff in your garage, it’s best to make sure it doesn’t fall on your car.

Outdoor covers are usually heavier than indoor ones.

If you already have a car cover for your vehicle, and it fits well, that should be enough. It will keep the cover in place and will help protect your vehicle if there are dents or minor dings.

The outdoor car covers are designed to be more absorbent than the indoor ones. It is almost dry if you just shake it off. They are more resistant to the sun. Some car covers include hooks to attach to your car. It helps in holding the cover on your car in bad weather or stormy winds. It keeps the cover from getting blown away.

Choose the Cover Stuff according to your Region’s Climate

Your cover selection highly depends upon the climate of the region. In warm temperatures, you need a UV-resistant cover. In an area having frequent storms, you need a water-resistant cover.

Wrap Up

If you’re in the market for a quality car cover, consider picking something that goes perfectly with your car’s make, model, and year. Custom-made covers are even better if you need the perfect fit. And if you need help picking the right car cover for your vehicle, just check

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