Car Transport – Things You Need to Know

Today, almost everyone has a car, as it is the fastest and most effective way for people to move freely. In addition, we live in a globalized world and thanks to this, we can buy the vehicle, which best suits our tastes and needs, anywhere in the world and get them to bring it to us through an international vehicle transport company. The probability of having to transport a vehicle is becoming more frequent, either because you change your address from one country to another, because you want to send a car to another person or any other similar occasion.

Upon hearing about this service for the first time, one might think that transporting the vehicle from one country to another can be a very expensive service and not accessible to all budgets. However, there are currently numerous companies that offer this type of services at very competitive prices, since international vehicle transport is already part of the day-to-day transport.

So, if this is your first time moving car and you don’t know what to expect from all this situation, there it is – a guide for preparing your car transport without stress!

How to choose wisely?

If you need the services of an appropriate company to transport vehicles, it’s advisable to do a previous search of companies that offer the necessary guarantee to carry out the transfer in a safe and efficient way, regardless of whether the transfer is short or long distance. Both on the Internet and through other means, you can find a wide range of enterprises that perform this type of services and you can choose the one that stands out above the others in your opinion.

What would be the best solution? The one that offers a guarantee of quality in all the transport services of vehicles made. In addition to meeting all the necessary requirements to ensure that the vehicle arrives at its destination in perfect condition, the company should be able to meet the deadlines and provide you with continuous information and total transparency, generating a greater degree of security and trust in customers. Car transport companies offer many benefits, like locating your vehicle anytime you want thanks to logistic support agents or multiple payment options.

What things should you determine?

  • the collection point where the vehicle is located.
  • the destination point to which the vehicle must be transported.
  • the state of the vehicle – so that the professionals of the sector can define the budget of the transport of the vehicle
  • type of vehicle transported
  • type of car transport service you want to use (open or enclosed, multi-car or pick-up, etc.)

How much will you pay?

Vehicle transport is part of a competitive sector. Therefore, there is no such thing as standardization in the costs of moving cars. In addition, the price varies depending on the distance between the point of collection and the destination, the weight of the vehicle and dimensions of the unit you are going to transport. Also, on the truck chosen for this purpose. For example, you could spend around $500 if you need short-distance transports or around $1,500 for certain cross-country transports. If you need to transport your car internationally, the costs would certainly be higher. Generally speaking, it’s believed that this kind of service may require from $1,500 to $4,500 if moving your car to a more distant place.

Most agencies and companies dedicated to this type of service will require a deposit which would be 10% to 25% of the total amount of money you need to pay. One way to reduce your costs If you are moving house and also moving your car is to use the services of a firm that also runs a cars shipping service. So, to conclude, your total moving cost could depend on several components like destination, type of vehicle, etc. But if you want to obtain a rough idea about the costs anyway, just multiply the distance by the estimated cost per mile – this could provide you with the approximate amount you need to put aside for this.

What things do you need to do before car transport?
  • Make sure you have all the documentation you need. Typically, they ask you for a driver’s license, the papers that prove ownership, in addition to the insurance in force. If you travel abroad, outside the European Union, you may also be asked for the green insurance card – this document certifies the existence of mandatory civil liability coverage. In some cases, you might need a bill of sale in order to prove that you own the car, a sales tax proof, or original power of attorney if you aren’t the owner of the car and you’re doing all this for somebody else.
  • Examining your car is essential to claim any potential damage suffered during transport and receive the corresponding compensation from the insurer. Before carrying out this inspection, wash it thoroughly. So you can clearly see any scratches or bumps on the chassis. Take several photos from different angles with the capture dates included. Write down all the problems detected and make sure that the transport company personnel do the same before taking your car.
  • Remove all your belongings and valuable accessories. Collect everything you have inside your car. Do not forget to check the glove compartment and trunk. It is also very advisable to remove sound and video equipment, GPS systems and any other accessories. By taking the mentioned precautions, you reduce the risk of theft. It is worth mentioning that none of your personal items are covered by the insurer. You also avoid paying additional charges.

It might look like a complicated process at first, but slow down – there are much more complex things. As long as you bear in mind all the requirements from this list, you have nothing to worry about. With the right strategy, an affordable, safe and well-performed car transport process is a real possibility, not only a wish. Having all these things on your mind and making sure you have completed all necessary preparations means only one thing – it’s time for your car to hit the road!


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