Crossing Miles: 3 Ways to Ship Your Car Across the Country

When you need to move a car across the country, whether due to a job relocation, buying a car from afar, or a long term stay, car owners have a variety of choices, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

From hiring auto transport companies to employing driveaway services or even driving the vehicle yourself, understanding these options is crucial for making a decision that fits with  both budget and needs.

Method 1 – Auto Transport Company

Auto Transport Company

The most popular and convenient method for shipping a car across the U.S. is using a company that dedicates themselves to shipping cars. This method is favored for its safety, reliability, and minimal effort required from the car owner.

When choosing an auto transport company, customers can typically select between open or enclosed car transport options. Open car transport is more economical and is the industry standard, while enclosed transport offers additional protection for luxury, exotic, or expensive classic cars against weather and road debris.

It’s important to note that open carrier cross country car shipping  is safe for nearly all shipping of daily drivers, while enclosed is for vehicles that are usually kept away from rain and weather conditions.

Safety and Reliability

auto transport

A significant advantage of using auto transport companies to ship cars coast to coast is their commitment to safety and reliability. Vehicles are insured against damage during transport, providing peace of mind to owners.

Moreover, these companies adhere to stringent safety regulations governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), ensuring that vehicles are handled professionally and with care.

Cost and Convenience

Although initially can be perceived as expensive, when considering the costs of alternative methods—such as wear and tear from driving the vehicle yourself or hiring a professional driver—using well established car shipping companies can be cost-effective.

Auto transport across state lines can save on unexpected costs such as mechanical repairs from the extensive drive. Furthermore, the convenience of having your car delivered to your doorstep or a nearby terminal cannot be understated, allowing you to focus on other important parts of your move.

Not All Car Shipper are Created Equal

Be sure to check each candidate’s reviews and complaints before choosing which company you want to hire. Look at reviews and focus on those sharing both positive and negative experiences so you can determine how well they handle delays, damage situations, and more. Most importantly, how the treat customers who have had a bad experience. This will give you a solid view of who you are working with.

Method 2 – Driveaway Services

reputable driveaway service

An alternative to traditional auto shipping is finding  a reputable driveaway service. This unique service involves hiring an individual to drive your car to its destination. This can be a more personalized option, particularly if you need to move pets or personal belongings along with the vehicle.

You begin by finding a reputable company that handles this type of service. Always look at reviews and focus on complaints and how the company handles them. This will give you a good idea as to who to hire.

Benefits of Driveaway Services

One of the primary advantages of driveaway services is the ability to transport personal effects in your vehicle, which is typically not allowed with auto transport companies.

For pet owners, some cross country driveaway services offer the option to transport pets in the vehicle, reducing the stress of moving animals long distances.

Considerations and Risks

The major drawback of this option is the added mileage and wear on your vehicle, which can depreciate its value and potentially lead to maintenance issues.

Professional driver or not, accidents happen. If your driver crashes or gets into a fender-bender, this could cause serious delays as well as waiting for expensive repairs to be completed.

There’s also the inherent risk of entrusting your vehicle to a stranger, though reputable services conduct thorough background checks and provide insurance for the duration of the journey.

Method 3 – Take the Scenic Route and Drive it Yourself

If you are one of those people who love the open road, driving the car across the country yourself might seem like an attractive option. It offers an opportunity for a memorable road trip and can be a road of discovery, sightseeing, and overall fun.

Costs and Risks

However, the costs to move your vehicle yourself across the country can add up pretty fast. Long trips mean  stops for gas or charge, meals, and overnight lodging, not to mention the potential for roadside emergencies.

According to Investopedia, the average cost of food and lodging per day during a road trip can be significant, and that doesn’t include future  possible vehicle maintenance due to issues down the line from such a long trek.

If you have never driven across the country before, you may be in for some surprises. For example, timing your fuel or energy range can mean the difference between getting there quickly or stuck in the middle of nowhere without fuel or battery.

Being aware of bad driving habits can also help you make it safely. Make sure that you get plenty of rest between stops and are alert of your surroundings at all times on the road.

Time Considerations

The time commitment for driving across the country is also substantial. A cross-country trip can take a week or more, depending on the route and stops along the way. This time could be used for settling into a new job or home, making the option less appealing for those on a tight schedule.

Final Thoughts

transporting your car across the country

Choosing the right option for transporting your car across the country depends on various factors, including budget, time, vehicle type, and personal preferences.

Whether it’s the reliability of auto transport companies, the personalized service of driveaway options, or the adventure of going the DIY route yourself, each method has its benefits and drawbacks.

By carefully sitting down and figuring out what is best for you, this can make sure the decision you make  is the best for your situation.

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