Interior-Transforming Nissan Concept

The car industry is developing in the direction of self-driving cars, and a giant such as Nissan will certainly not remain outside this trend.

With its concept of IDS, Nissan wants to reduce the possibility of human errors that are the main cause of traffic accidents and at the same time offer a clean and efficient way of transport. In addition to the regime for an automatic drive, the driver may control the steering wheel also.

Interior Transforming Nissan

However, in the automatic mode of driving, the driver don`t even have to look at the road, because instead of him vehicle is doing that.

In this mode, the steering wheel is moved, and in his place is lowered console with instruments in the form of a large touch screen. During this “transformation,” all four seats are slightly turned inwards for easy conversation.

Interior Transforming Nissan

Of course, all the applied technology aimed at the safety of passengers and other road users. One thing is for sure – this car will not be quick.

Interior Transforming Nissan

The Nissan IDS concept certainly needs a lot more work, and the company says that the technologies that are used in it will find its way to mass production in the 2020’s and not before that.


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