Ford Bronco – Created and Assembled on Two Continents

The news that Ford is planning on renewing the old Bronco spread fast across the planet, but it is not happening just yet and certainly not in 2017 as the new vehicle is still only being talked about. There were, however, some attempts of linking the Bronco to the cars that had their debut this year. Some say that Ford’s Troller brand in Brazil launched an SUV that will closely resemble the new Bronco.

That is the new Troller T4 Xtreme which has the same silhouette as the old Bronco and the same boxy shape. When it comes to the platform, Ford chose the T6 ladder platform which the Ranger also uses.

Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco production

The testing of the new SUV has already begun at the You Yang proving ground and in charge of the project is Ford Australia, or more specifically the company’s Asia-Pacific Product Development Center. This information presents a concern for some people, but it is reassuring to know that the new Bronco will be assembled in Michigan. This decision comes from the renewed contract between Ford and the United Auto Workers.

This agreement also includes the Ranger which will also return to the U.S. after four years of absence. On the other side, the last Bronco was made in America 20 years ago and now almost has an iconic status.

Ford Bronco

So, one might wonder why the Bronco is developed in Australia, when it will be assembled and sold in the U.S., This concern might be justified if we look at the sale numbers of other vehicles that were developed in Australia and sold on the soil of North America. None of them have really sold too well.

The upcoming Ford Bronco will most likely have its debut in 2020 which means that many things can change during that period. The new SUV is expected to run on four- or five-cylinder diesel engine, though the U.S. version might come with a gasoline V6 and lineup filled with few EcoBoost units.

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