Car Parts That Need Regular Maintenance

Having a car these days is no longer a luxury but a bare necessity. It is estimated that the average family of 3 to 4 members owns a car. What used to be a just a thought a long time ago, now is available to almost everyone.

How To Choose A Car?

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A large selection of car models, whether family, sports or jeeps – everything seems like an easy choice. However, in the variety of models and brands on the market, the decision will not be so easy as it may seem. We always try to choose a good, safe car that is also a small consumer. We also take into account the cost of maintenance when choosing our 4-wheeler. These are all the things that we need to keep in mind before deciding which car to buy. Maybe you should seek the advice of some car connoisseur?

How Do We Decide Which Car Is Right For Us?

Options should be put on the table, and we must see if we can afford ourselves a new or a used car. Although the options for buying a new car are relatively affordable today – the decision is still up to you. Usually, we first look at the price and the age if it is a used car. We have to keep in mind that not everyone can afford a new vehicle.

Buying A New Car

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You have decided to buy a new car. You have selected a model and decided on the payment method. The car dealership decided to give you some of the accessories as a bonus. Most often, this bonus includes free car registration service, winter tires, a 5-year vehicle warranty, first-aid kit, etc. These are all the things that only speed up the purchasing of a new car. A new vehicle certainly has its advantages. At first, you will not think about the extra or unforeseen expenses, which is good for your budget.

Getting A Used Car

You are not able to buy a new car and you are not eligible for leasing. You have decided to set aside a certain amount of money and go in search of a well-preserved used car. Often, we will include our family members or friends who know more about vehicles, mechanics, etc. When buying, you will pay attention to several factors. Of course, we will start with the price, then the age of the car, the mileage, the tin condition of the car, etc. You will also check to see if all the necessary services on the car have been completed. It should be well checked if the used car you are interested in was accidentally damaged. These are just some of the questions you will ask your dealer.

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Awareness Of Possible Car Breakdowns And Repairs

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When owning a used vehicle, you must be prepared in advance for certain unforeseen circumstances. In addition to standard costs such as fuel, oil change, replacement of filters or tires – sometimes you have to be prepared for higher expenses. We call it unplanned expenses. All we have listed so far are mostly supplies that represent standard costs. Every car owner has to be ready for this after a certain number of miles. Besides, the older your car is, the more often certain breakdowns will occur. There are also many unforeseen expenses that, unfortunately, over some time when a major malfunction occurs – we need to be prepared. The fixes we need to count on are the following:

1. Engine

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Engine repair is very complicated as it consists of several parts. The engine is mostly repaired mainly in cases of major or general car service.

The Head Of The Engine

During major service, the cylinder head is machined on the lathe and the main gasket is replaced.


The crankshaft is also machined on a lathe and a check if it has cracked somewhere. Afterwards, it is inserted into special oil.


Depending on the strength of the car, there are four, six or eight of them. The valves must be replaced completely even if only one of the valves has failed.


There are also four, six or eight of them, and they must all be changed. Care must be taken to ensure that the cylinders are positioned correctly. Why? Because not every cylinder is equal, and each of them has its own place.

2. Gearbox

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Depending on whether it is manual or automatic, the transmission is one of the main items on the car. Make sure to lift the car and check the transmission bearing, gearbox and oil. If you do not have a farm jack for lifting vehicles – make sure you get one because you will need it in many situations. Which one is the best and will it support the weight of your vehicle – you find out on specialized websites. If you want proven advice and expert opinion, is the best website to learn about farm jack information.

3. Electric Power Supply

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Electrical parts include:


It should be checked frequently, especially if we have trouble starting the car. The brushes may be dirty so they need to be cleaned, and if any of them are defective – make sure to replace them.

Spark plugs

They should be checked from time to time, cleaned from grease and replaced in case of a failure.

The Accumulator

It provides power to the lights and serves to start the engine. It should be supplemented occasionally with distilled water, and if it is emptied it should be connected to a charger.


All electrical lines and cables should be checked to see if they have been damaged or may have been broken. In case of failure, of course – replace them.

4. Shock Absorbers And Engine Mount

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When you have already hoisted the vehicle onto the crane, it is necessary to check the engine mounts – 4 on the side and 1 at the centre. See if they have cracked somewhere, have the screws loosened, etc. In case of malfunction – replace them. When it comes to shock absorbers – their correctness is best checked during the ride itself. In case of a malfunction, it is advisable to replace all four shock absorbers.

5. Clutch, Gas And Brake Cables

The tension of these cables should be checked periodically. They should be tightened or loose as needed. If you notice any damage – be sure to repair it.

6. Brakes

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The brake system on the car should be checked frequently. This is especially important. Pay special attention to the thickness of the brake discs. See if the brake pads are worn out and check the brake oil. Replace any of these if necessary.

7. Sheet Metal And The Underside Of The Vehicle

Lift the vehicle to the crane and check if the underside is protected or if there is any damage. You need to protect the sheet metal from corrosion, or if you hit the car somewhere – replace that part with a new one.


The list we provided you is long, but do not let it discourage you. All of these things are general vehicle repairs. However, you don’t do them every day or at the same time. If you want it to last longer, treat your vehicle the same as you treat yourself. Therefore, have it taken to a mechanic for a routine check-up at least once a year. You will most certainly reduce the risk of further breakdowns and prevent any unpleasant situations.

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