Try not to Overspend When Renting a Car-Here Are Some Tips

When you’re big on travelling around the country or if a rental car is the best option for you, you should keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to break the bank for it.

Experienced travelers know how to search high and low for the best airfares or hotel rooms and they’re only willing to take car rental rates at face value. It’s the hidden charges that increase the final price most of the time so you should never take a stab in the dark when renting a car.

It should be set in stone that rates do vary (and by a lot) between both destinations and companies. Do due diligence and try the comparison shopping, making notes on possible scenarios. Joining a loyalty program isn’t a bad idea at all, especially if you fancy a specific company.

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Stay away from the hidden fees and extras

Various fees and taxes may increase the advertised rental rate pretty fast so make sure you’re completely aware of all the charges when you’re shopping. Even though sales tax may be standard in a specific place, some companies may also add the energy surcharges, vehicle licensing fees and even battery recovery fees, so don’t forget to pay attention.

Unless you specifically refuse some offers, you may end up being charged for the GPS navigation system, additional drivers, satellite radio and useless insurance for covering theft of your belongings left in the rental car.

It’s quite common for the car rental companies to charge a very high price in order to balance the spending on the gas tank after you give back the car. Play it safe and go with a full tank, returning it to the companies in the same way.

Keep an eye on the cleaning fees that may be added on the final bill. You can find companies that are ok with the normal wear and tear, without having you to pay additional charges. However, if you’re planning to take the car to the beach, it’s common sense that you should vacuum it before returning it to the company.

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Say “no” to the insurance

Even though you may plan to refuse the company’s insurance offers, keep in mind that they’re highly trained so they’re not going to back down with just one simple “no.” Companies do win a lot of thanks to the insurance fees and some of the companies actually train their employee to create anxiety for the customers that are saying “no.”

Some may sugar up the whole thing explaining nice and clear that the insurance covers some loopholes. After all, a story about a customer whose credit card or auto insurance didn’t cover the damages from an accident never gets old. The “loss of use expense” is also a common reason to use and it’s reimbursing the rental car company for lost gains on a car while it’s been replaced or it’s going through some repairs.

We’re not saying that the stories aren’t true. We’re simply reminding you that the chances for you to go through those experiences are quite slim. There are many personal auto insurance policies that are going to cover car rental so get in touch with your agent for more details.

Don’t forget to find out more from your own credit card company as some offer automatic collision coverage and various benefits when you’re paying with their card for the rented car.

If you’re planning to rent a car outside your country of residence, it’s better that you check it with your credit card company/auto insurance agent first. International rentals aren’t as clear as one may think and you should read carefully between the lines.

Even though the company is in Spain, it stands out with its 30 years of experience and offers more than 109 tourist spots all over Europe. So next time you’re planning a trip to Europe, remember to check their prices and offers!

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Stay away from the airport rentals

Renting a car at the airport is really tempting, but you need to remember that the convenience does come with a price. Not only that you’re going to get higher daily rates, but the airport car rentals often come with the “concession recovery fee”, which reimburses the car rental company for the fee that they pay to the airport for their business there.

You may save a buck by choosing a car rental company near your hotel or a hotel that offers transportation to the rental drop. A drop car off at the hotel is also another option to keep your wallet full.

Simply taking a cab from the airport to the nearby car rental company may work just as well.

Get the smallest car available

Truth be told, North Americans do like the larger cars. This why the rental companies include mostly mid-size and full-size cars in their stock.

You may get a better chance of finding a compact car in a smaller facility/non-hub airport. If you were wise enough to plan ahead and to reserve a compact, it’s even better. Especially if the rental car company doesn’t have one on hand when you get there as they’re going to have to give you a free upgrade. If you’re lucky enough, you may even move up two categories without paying an additional charge.

You’re not going to be that lucky though if you choose a larger facility. Forget about this strategy when travelling outside the US too. Most countries out there do prefer smaller and fuel-efficient cars.

Goldcar is a rental car company with more than 30 years of experience in the car rental sector in Spain, with Alicante, Mallorca and Malaga being our most veteran destinations, to which we have added more than 109 tourist destinations in Europe. They offer more than 50,000 vehicles of which more than 80% are renewed every year, which makes them one of the biggest fleets in Europe. If you find yourself in the situation when you have to rent a car, don’t forget to check these Goldcar daily deals and offers.

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Take a look at the quirky deals

Even though it may sound impossible, reserving a car for a week may cost you less than going with a daily rate.

Don’t hesitate to try all sorts of combinations when you’re going with a rental period. For instance, you may get a better price if you get the car on a Wednesday, even if you’re not going to need to use it until Friday. Due to weekend surcharge, the chances are that you’re going to pay more if renting it on Friday.

Don’t forget to look for the discounts that you may get through various memberships organizations. Look for coupons in your local promotional mailers and also online. You may even get travel points through your credit card, lowering the final costs on your car rental.

Look for the special offers too

The internet is loaded with amazing rental rates on the “Special Offers” pages. Take your time and seek the best option for you. Planning ahead is fundamental especially if you’re travelling a lot.

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