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2016 Jaguar XF – Made To Impress

The XF history began in early 2007 when the company has unveiled the first model at the Frankfurt Motor Show and announced the beginning of the sales of this luxury sedan the following year. Since then, the XF has been widely successful and completely satisfied the manufacturer’s anticipations regarding the profits and sales volume. Also, the 2007 model became the Jaguar’s most awarded car in history when collected numerous appraisals and awards from different competent organizations. Now, nine years have passed since the model has first come to the market, but no overhauls have been initiated by the manufacturer. Clearly, the XF is long overdue for a redesign, so Jaguar has finally announced the completion of the change at the 2015 New York Auto Show, where the vehicle was presented as the 2016 year model.

Even though some reviewers have said that the design was not changed significantly, the new vehicle is a much more comprehensive update due to the company’s latest solutions and added technology. For example, the weight of the new 2016 Jaguar XF has been considerably reduced thanks to manufacturer’s commitment to designing the platform entirely from aluminum and lightweight materials instead of steel. Although very light, these metals are very strong and showed great results in collision tests; moreover, use of the new materials has positively impacted the acceleration, speed and handling capabilities of XF.

Weight has been lowered to 3770 pounds for a base version and when compared to equivalent model from the previous generation we can see that it brings about 150 pounds lower weight. Some of the essential elements, such as engine, were left untouched, but there is a plenty of new stuff to talk about. Keep reading to find out more.

Exterior Design

According to the company statement, the latest XF is the first model where the new exterior design language is used. Since the introduction at New York Auto Show, the fans and reviewers have provided mostly positive feedback; we also liked it because it combines new aggressive features and classic Jaguar refinement. For example, the front features the new LED headlights, larger lower air intakes, and central air intake, which looks aggressive and modern enough. Along with these greatly redesigned elements, the front still has the classic muscular bulges stretching towards the windshield. The profile of the vehicle also maintains the look of a classic Jaguar four-door coupe. However, the rear has undergone some changes, such as redesigned taillights that also bring LED technology.

As it was mentioned above, the manufacturer has replaced steel with aluminum as the main constructing materials for the vehicle’s platform. Another benefit of redesigned chassis is increased wheelbase. Underpinnings are made up of seventy-five percent aluminum and have a number of advantages; for example, the weight savings were estimated at 132 pounds on RWD configuration and 265 pounds on the AWD setup. Moreover, the architecture changes contributed to a new sporty design of the body and crisper steering, as reported by many reviewers. This is very important because not matter what you think about 2016 Jaguar XF it certainly goes like a sports car on the market.

Jaguar XF interior

Given the new 2016 Jaguar XF has been produced with a longer wheelbase and more efficient architecture, the interior features list has also been greatly expanded. Specifically, the designers have been able to provide more legroom, knee room, and headroom, which prompted some of the company’s representative to claim that XF was the best in the segment of luxury sedans in the regard of interior comfort.

The cabin of the vehicle is also equipped with various gadgets and innovative solutions. For example, Jaguar claimed that XF was added with the latest and most advanced infotainment system, which had lots of luxury features, such as compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones, remote control, and InControl Touch system. The system is managed through a standard 8-inch touchscreen display that could be upgraded with the introduction of the 10.2-inch unit, which has even higher quality graphics and millisecond response time. In addition to these features, the interior is complemented by Ethernet connection, TV, DVD, 17-speakers premium audio system, laser head-up display, and 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster.

Overall, the interior design looks impressive and provides all features necessary to compete with other luxury sedans. This is one of the segments where it will be able to compete successfully with German limousines.


There were just two options for the customers of the 2007 XF to choose in terms of engine. Although they both are 4.2-liter eight cylinders, there was a power difference between them: one was reported to make 300 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque while the second one was capable of generating about 420 horsepower and 408 lb-ft of torque. Over the years while this model was in production Jaguar introduced new engines to the lineup, but 2016 model will come with few differences in this segment also.

The latest XF can be equipped with some different engines to meet diverse needs of the customers, including 2.0-liter inline four turbocharged diesel offered with 180 horsepower. This unit will not come to the U.S. market which is a real shame. There is also a possibility to see 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged diesel powerplant that is capable of producing between 250 and 300 hp, but this is most likely to happen with one of the future versions.

When it comes to North American market two supercharged 3.0-liter gas engines will be available, producing 340 and 380 horsepower respectively (the customers will have to pay an additional $2,050 to get more powerful engine). The standard 3.0-liter 340 horsepower unit in XF takes the vehicle to 60 miles per hour in 5.0 seconds and 100 mph in 12.6 seconds. The fuel economy for this car is estimated at 20/30 mpg city/highway and remains on the same level if you opt for the more powerful option. Adding AWD system highway figure slightly drop and you can expect to see 20/28 mpg city/highway.

There have been some rumors that the manufacturer plans to install an additional supercharged V8 and hybrid engine, but they were not confirmed.

2016 Jaguar XF prices

The starting price for 2016 Jaguar XF is $51,900, and the customers have a wide range of upgrade options. For example, for $8,750 you can get the vehicle with R-Sport trim level, which adds some impressive features, such as lane-keeping system, 19-inch alloy wheels, blind spot monitoring system, and forward-collision warning. The Prestige trim starts at $56,550 and includes an all-wheel-drive system, parking sensors, heated steering wheel, voice recognition audio system, and leather seats. The XF version with a more powerful engine, say, 3.0-liter supercharged V6 producing 380 horsepower starts at $62,700. Moreover, it is possible to purchase various packages, such as Luxury Interior ($2,700), Driver Assistance ($3,100), and Convenience ($2,000).



The model goes on sale this fall and has many things that can impress. Overall, the things are looking good because manufacturer ensured the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the redesign; tech is cutting edge, the cabin is larger, the engine is more powerful, and the body stays great-looking and very attractive.

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