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2017 Lexus CT – Normalized Prius

CT model was first introduced in 2011, and it became the new entry point to the Toyota’s world of luxury. It was also first one to feature now famous Spindle Grille with the refresh in 2013, which with further evolutions became the most baffling thing with Lexus’s cars, and believe us when we say that there are lots of things to be baffled with inside Toyota’s luxury division. Also, Lexus wouldn’t mind if it happens that you are not a fan of its signature grille, its sales has risen 42% since 2010, so then the thing in question must be doing its job correctly. Now back to our model, since it will be replaced soon, these are last chances to review it, so 2017 Lexus CT is down below for all you readers.


Lexus CT is witnessing near end of its cycle, but the styling is pretty much fresh as much as it can get after five years on the market. On the bright side, almost all competition from German premium trio and Volvo with its V40 suffer from the similar amount of time in the market. When it was introduced it was kind of bland looking, which connected it to the current Lexus lineup, but happily in 2013 it pioneered Spindle Grille, which was just a hint of future craziness from the company. At the front, refresh brought almost nothing else besides mentioned grille, but it was well enough to make it incredibly fancy and modern. At the rear, clear taillights appeared as aftermarket tuning solution, which could be due to the well-known Japanese obsession with styling modifications.

Lexus CT Interior

Dashboard has an interesting design. Between the premium rivals, it definitely appears as biggest one, styling wise it sits between that and upper segment. It features lots of buttons and knobs in an attempt to assure you that it has plenty of luxury features to offer and their design appears outdated in these days. We praise vast dimensions of the dash and shape in resemble of higher trim models, but build quality and refinement is just not on the same page with competition.

Audi A3 feels as Audi, and that is good, while CT doesn’t manage to conceal penetrating feel of Toyota spoiling overall impression. It feels as upmarket Toyota, and it isn’t enough for competition, its refinement should return Lexus like and that needs to stand as unique sensation detached from everything. On the practical side cabin also has few issues as back seat are more suitable for two and boot is decent but high load floor prevents stuff to be stacked up.


Powertrain stayed the same from the introduction date and it is well known from the Prius. The engine in question comes as 1.8-liter inline-four delivering 98 horsepower, and it is a part of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system. This setup makes possible travel solely on batteries at low speeds, it helps traditional engine when the pedal is pushed hard, and it collects energy during regenerative braking. Fuel efficiency is below Prius’s 56 mpg, but 42 combined mpg that it offers is staggering compared to the rivals, as for example Audi A3 e-tron returns eight mpg less.

2017 Lexus CT Price

It comes in only one trim level, while there is a long list of features. Standard equipment includes, among else, keyless ignition, satellite radio, Bluetooth hands-free pairing for voice and audio streaming, the Lexus Safety Connect system and iPod control. Optional feature F Sport actually contain so many options in its self it could be easily considered as separate trim and some of them lets you play with exterior styling bits. Base price is under $35k, which is highly competitive with other premium rivals.


2017 Lexus CT is occupying the space while new generation arrives, but there are some things to be considered. The famous grille is keeping it looking fresh and while driving dynamics and lack of wheel sensation is below competition it is on the high level for Toyota’s standards. If you want a proper hybrid with the good pedigree and you can’t deal with Pius’s appearance and cabin cheapness, this would be the only logical solution. And sorry Germans, we know that when we come to pedigree you have a lot to present, but for the hybrid area, Toyota is leading the game.

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