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10 Custom Car Parts You Can Make with Your CNC Machine

The implementation of CNC systems into the automotive industry represents a revolution in terms of faster and improved quality of production of vehicles. Modern CNC machines provide manufacturers with the ability to create parts with increased accuracy quality that leads to cars with better performances. Since the introduction of production lines and machines, this technology is developing and combining other modern solutions like AI, programming, high-quality materials, and more. The modern car production that we have today is capable of producing over 90 million per year worldwide. With modern production lines that are using CNC systems, producers can avoid any sorts of mistakes that were common when people were making parts by hand.

Also, the whole system is much faster and more reliable. Besides the production, the great advantage of CNC machines is the production of spare parts. The process is quite simple for each product, and you only need to add a scheme to a program to produce any type of spare parts. In that matter, a lot of people that own their CNC machines choose to make car parts for themselves. However, you will need proper resources, like materials and equipment that are necessary for a particular part of the vehicle. You can visit Hamill Metals if you are interested in materials needed for the creation of spare parts, such as metal plates, beams, bars, tubes, and more. Here are some custom car parts that you can make with your CNC machine.

1. Dowel Pins

Dowel Pins serves as tools that can connect various parts of your vehicle. Since it represents a simple round piece of metal, you can easily create one on your CNC machine. You will need proper materials like zinc, brass, aluminum, or steel. We can see a lot of dowel pins used in cylinders, engine blocks, and some other parts. Also, this item is very cheap, and you don’t need much material to make it. Therefore, you should consider creating hundreds of them and selling them online.

2. Sleeves

There is a variety of sleeves in every vehicle. For example, you can make a Pee Cee Cylinder sleeve, synchronizer sleeve, inlet sleeve. excavator bucket sleeve, automotive liner, and much more. The main use of sleeves is to protect cylinders in engine. Also, mechanics are using all kinds of these devices for repair, especially when it comes to the engine block.

3. Custom Headlight Housing

A lot of people are interested in the customization of their vehicles. In many cases, that also includes headlight housing. While you can easily take off the headlights and paint the housing in any color, you can redesign and make a new housing if you own a CNC machine. That way, you can make something unique and improve the appearance of your car even more.

4. Suspension Components

When it comes to suspension components, there are many parts included in that system, such as steering system, linkages, tires, electric power steering, shock absorbers, bearings, and more. This system is very important for security during driving since it can absorb bumps, support the vehicle during braking or making intense curves, and more. When it comes to various parts that are included, you can make most of them on your CNC machine. For example, bearings and joints won’t require a lot of resources or some complex program, but you can also create linkages, absorbers, and many other metal parts.

5. Aluminum Wheels

One of the most common parts of the vehicle that most people decide to replace with more attractive ones is wheels. The great advantage of having a CNC machine at home is that you can create aluminum wheels by your preferences. If you are not so familiar with processes and programs that are necessary for the design and determination of resources, you can easily find some wheel-creating program online.

6. Fittings

Fittings are very important for the connection of various cables in the engine and other parts of the vehicle. It is always good to keep spare fittings in your garage all the time. Also, you can make most of them by using a CNC machine. Some of the most important fittings are SAE 45-Degree, inverted flare, compression fittings, AN fitting, brake adapters, hose fittings, Teflon tape, and more.

7. Bushings

People who are not so familiar with car mechanics would think how a part that has a size of bushings, which is very small, cannot have a big role in the proper functionality of the vehicle. However, bushings are playing a major role when it comes to steering and suspension. The purpose of these parts is to reduce the interference of two parts and help them to last much longer. Worn-out bushings can cause problems with steering and loud noise of the vehicle. Considering that this part should be replaced after every 100,000 miles, creating a set of them on your CNC machine can save you some money.

8. Transmission Cases

The main advantage of having a CNC machine is that you can save a lot of money in case you have some serious issues with your vehicle. For example, if you have a malfunction related to the transmission case, you can create a new one on your machine. While most people are using CNC to create this part for car toys, there is a possibility to make one for your vehicle, but you will need all of the proper equipment and resources.

9. Shafts

The main purpose of shafts is to connect differential and transmission and share torque from one to another. There are different versions of this part, like 1-piece and 2-piece shaft. In case you have issues with your shaft, you might notice problems with turnings, annoying noise, vibrations, problems with acceleration, and more. The process of making any sort of shaft with a CNC machine is not complicated at all.

10. Timing Cover

Having a proper timing cover is very important in terms of preventing dirt from getting inside the engine, which can cause failures and malfunction. Moreover, it provides a timing chain and belt with security to work properly all the time. Any sort of leaking or dirt getting inside and disrupt the belt and chain can cause serious damage to the engine of the vehicle.

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